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What’s going on Nation? I’m going to demonstrate for you how to do a dumbbell Push up to a row what you’re going to do is get down into a push-up position Get your feet a little bit wider than shoulder length apart so you have some stability and keep your core nice and tight And what you’re going to do is come down As low as you can like you were doing a push-up All the way up row down, up, row down, up down, up That’s how you do a dumbbell push up to a row hope you guys enjoyed this video and as always more good stuff coming soon. See ya

97 thoughts on “How To: Dumbbell Push-Up into a Row

  1. i did this earlier on today with my lats workout … damn, do it at theend ofyour workout and it is a killer, just trying not to fall on your face is hard enough !!

  2. i was reading the previous comments and it was said that its a chest and back workout move. so do these on a chest day or what?

  3. @stfaulk89 Women don't have to change much in the routine – You wont look bulky even if you're doing heavy weights .. Learn the fact

  4. Does it matter if your hands are turned away from you? I've been doing them with the dumbbells turned vertically.

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  7. can you make a video for Beginners plz
    a Beginner's bodybuilding program
    Training days
    How to start
    how to finish
    You R The BesT

  8. i think it would be helpful if you mentioned what body part the exercised targeted. keep up the good work.

  9. do you work the same muscles on the row if the dumbbell is parallel to your body? i think it would. i've seen it done with the dumbbell parallel more than perpendicular to the body.

  10. i was wondering is there a way to make sure your at a 90 degree angle cuz i always seem to put it too wide or close

  11. Hey Scotty,

    Tried this several times. but I think I don't do them at a good time. the combo is difficult, however I can't crank out more that 5-6 reps and that's frustrating. Should these be done before or after working the upper back?

  12. @SixWinger6 Have you tried this? It works not only the upper back and chest, but engages one's core. Not a "stupid idea" at all.

  13. These are also known as Renagade Rows There is one point in the form of this And thats if you want to really target core you need to keep hips even through out the rowing phase or movement one hip will want to rise Switch on core and keep even

  14. These are also known as Renegade Rows There is one point in the form of this And thats if you want to really target core you need to keep hips even through out the rowing phase of movement, one hip will want to rise so switch on core and keep even

  15. Thanks will try. My muscles (Latissimus Dorsi I think) is still sore from doing the Dangling Duo the past Friday. But I have a pair of 30lb dumbbells.

  16. Thanks Scott for taking the time to make these videos and posting ,its super informative and as a female Ive been experimenting with sum of your routines and Im seeing results, thank you

  17. @sixwinger6 here's the best way I can explain it, you'll feel a deep burn WHEN YOU DO THESE CORRECTLY, and you'll know what muscles it's working out. If you're doing them incorrectly, you're not going to be doing yourself any favors and you're not gonna be working out ANY MUSCLES AT ALL.

  18. @xuipscq So stoked I've got rock hard abs and it didn't even take that long. You won't get anywhere without proper workouts and food plan. I ignore all other advice beside Daniel Murray, he's a god when it comes to the gym. I'd get it now before he starts charging =>

  19. Thanks so much for your "how to" videos! I'm new to training at home & all your videos are extremely helpful! Thanks for all your hard work!

  20. I've tried push up exercises like this with dumbbells. Maybe it's because I am a beginner, but I find my wrists are hurting whenever I use dumbbells with push ups. I know the phrase "no pain, no gain," but this pain is in my wrists and I can tell it's not "the burn" I'm looking for. It's worse. What could I be doing wrong?

  21. instead of holding the dumbell how he does it try doing to in hammer position like you would doing a hammer curl i have the same problem doing it the way scott does it also try using less weight if not just dont do it make no sense getting injured

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  23. what does the row workout .. is it also chest .. and whats better for pushups using dumbell for the T from down to up like that or how he has the dumbels like a line straight

  24. Scott, how do we work out what weights to use? and will this push up help get rid of chest fat?
    Great video,keep up the great work

  25. Cmachine2005 you may be bending your wrists too far back, or hold it in the hammer position. I bought wrists wraps and they help a lot. I also do these but in hammer position and I crawl

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