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What’s going on YouTube? I’m Scott from And I’ll show you guys how to do lunges with dumbbells first thing you’re going to do is grab some dumbbells And then you’re gonna stand with your feet about shoulder length apart and keep your arms straight The whole time and keep a neutral spine the whole time and what you want to do is step out far enough So that you have a 90 degree bend and the leg you’re stepping out with is that your back knee is kind of towards going to almost past your back, so you’re going to stand straight and step forward Come down so that you’re almost a 90 degree angle Your back knees almost touching the ground you can see it’s kind of a behind my body as well So come down like this and then push off with your toe to come back and breathe up And come all the way back Then you can also alternate with it. You can do one leg at a time or you can alternate I like to alternate so then same thing step forward come to 90 degree angle then come down breathe out one more you also want to make sure that your knee isn’t going too far past your toe in this exercise that puts unwanted stress on your knee so step out far come down see how the knees not going past my toe Come back one more Come down and then up And that’s how you do a lunge with dumbbells for more information Please feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel I’m putting out new exercises all the time. Later guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Dumbbell Stepping Lunge

  1. All these negative ass comments from a bunch of low self esteem idiots. The guy is clearly trying to motivate some of you overweight dummies into working out instead of sitting on the couch eating donuts and critiquing everything that a person post on social media. Get real and get a life. Oh wait you apparently don't have one…

  2. I'm sorry, but your camera man needs to be fired. Good job on the upper body, but if you're trying to teach (Which we're all eager to learn) show the muscle area that is being worked out better, so we can perform good form as well. I'd like to see your waist down to your foot, to get the idea better on how the movement is happening. Since it's been awhile for this post, possibly you can do an updated one?

  3. Please change your intro music. I was trying to discreetly watch this in my bedroom, and now people probably think I'm watching porn.

  4. You have an incredible upper body but your legs look like someone who runs track. This is so typical anymore. Its either three things: your leg routines are too long and winded, your sets are too many with too little amount of intensity or you are not truly going to absolute failure on some of your sets. Possible you just have crappy leg genetics.


    Try this as a finisher for your next leg workout if you want to destroy your legs completely πŸ˜€

  6. Nice exercise and demo, pathetic video shooting. Focus more on the body part, less on the face or else shoot it from far… not upclose

  7. Just tips for new guys, seriously put a tiny weight on these before you move up weight, literally something like 3kg to 10kg per hand for the average male until you have perfect form in your lunges, when I first started doing them I had a imbalance in strength and my right glute had a twinge in it, i also had to learn good form which only comes with weights you can manage, so start light 1 to learn good form and 2 give your muscles time to adapt to the new stimuli.

  8. Thank you. But absolutely horrible camera work dude. It might be nice to clearly see what your lower body is doing. Since this is supposed to be working…you know…your lower body? Just awful.

  9. This is why this shit confuses me… Everyone has told me to exhale as you're working the muscle and breathe in on release. Clarity?

  10. So the leg you put out in front of you is purely for support and you do all the work to stand back up with the leg behind you, correct?

  11. you got some solid mass after 8 years, good work
    and still making that tchihh sound, πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

  12. Pretty cool these exercises. I do not have a natural bodybuilding body, i neither eat flesh from animals. It means the results comes quite slow with me, but nonetheless; I see some improvements with my body.

  13. Keep your abs engaged throughout the lunge and your eyes focused on one spot in front of you, so you’re not wobbling while lunging.

  14. Someone sent me this while chatting about lunges saying "this guy has the worst intro" and yeah it's the f**king worst…what are you thinking?

  15. Omg. You look about 12 here. No way you can be accused of being fake natty when you watch old clips. Slowly progressed over the years. Well done.

  16. I wish the camera man would film your exercise bodyparts more rather than your upper body like 80% of the time, seriously….

  17. I really almost hurt my knees doing these thanks for the tip my knee doesnt go past my toe ill try it n keep my back straight helped too

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