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What’s going on Nation? Today I’ll demonstrate for you guys how to do the dumbbell stiff leg single leg deadlift now This is one of my favorite exercises for isolating my hamstrings But it does require a bit amount of core control and stability to be able to perform the movement now Don’t worry if you have a hard time with balancing on One foot I’m going to go over a few different modifiers to help you build the strength you need to be able to do the exercise Without using any modifier now this exercise is also great because it’s going to help bring out any Imbalances you might have in your legs Begin the exercise standing with your feet shoulder-width apart Next pick up the dumbbell and stand straight with your core tight While maintaining a tight core keep your chest up chin tucked in and hold the dumbbell in your left hand Once in place begin to bend over and extend your right leg behind you keep your left leg as straight as possible and try to bring the dumbbell as close as you can to your left foot as You bend over the goal is to maintain a straight line from your head to the heel of your right foot Once you’ve to descended as far as you can return to the starting position and repeat Complete all of your reps on one side before switching If you have a hard time with balancing on one foot you can use a stable structure for support. Just make sure that you don’t 100% rely on the structure to support you grasp it lightly You can also try to perform the movement with very little kick back of your right leg This is a bit harder than using a stable structure But will help you build the balance you need to be able to perform the movement with no assistance at all Just be careful that when you do it this way that you don’t allow your lower back to go into flexion or having a hunchback Because it’d be very easy to do that when you don’t kick back your leg as far So make sure you keep your chest up and your core tight So there you guys have it that’s how you perform a dumbbell stiff leg single leg deadlift now I personally love to use this movement as a finisher exercise on my hamstring workout So if you want to give it a shot be sure to let me know what you think in the comment section below If you have any more questions about this exercise or maybe even your own routine or meal plan Feel free to join us in the forum section over here and for more great tips Exercises Routines and recipes feel free to join us on and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys If you’re looking for a quick way to switch things up log into your SHF profile and go to the workout section of the website Once there click on the muscles you want to train then you’ll be brought to a page where you can further filter down your search Now you have a complete list of all the routines that target your chest and utilize only a barbell or dumbbell from here You can rate the routine add it to your routines in your profile, and if you scroll down You can see a write-up of the entire routine as well as photos [of] all the exercises You can also download a printable PDF just by clicking on it

100 thoughts on “How To: Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Single-Leg Deadlift

  1. I always thought you go opposite hand to foot (so left leg on the floor and right hand touches it) is that a completely different exercise?

  2. I use this exercise. It is not copied from anyone. It has been in use for some time. My physical therapist intro'd it to me for stability exercise. As Tim's shufflebottom gets older he will come to appreciate what this ex. can do for him. I stand next to a pillar or the back of a seat for the first two reps… having my fingers touching it and will again tap with my fingers if I need stability. Keeping good concentration will ease the deadlift movement without wobble.

  3. The below accusations about me copying Scooby are ridiculous.

    First of all, this is a common exercise like a squat or a chest press. Nobody, ESPECIALLY ON YOUTUBE, owns the rights to these exercises.  They have existed long since any of us were even born.

    1) I have a very busy schedule between my personal life, filming, editing, traveling and running my business. It would be great if I could sit here all day and watch all the videos on YouTube being released daily, but I just dont have that luxury.

    2) I plan my videos on a monthly schedule, way ahead of their release date because it takes time to plan, film, and edit them.  Now add my traveling schedule to the mix and you can see that I need to prepare in advance.  I have to always make sure I have videos in cue to release no matter what. FYI, this video has been in cue for over a month.

    3) Nothing against Scooby, I have a lot of friends in the YouTube business. But for those of you trolling hard on this video you obviously know nothing about running a serious business on YouTube.

    4) I would think with all the FREE help I give and the fact that I take the time to respond to 99% of the comments to help as many people as I can that you would show a bit more respect.

    5) Do you guys honestly think I am that dumb to purposely put out a video about an exercise that was recently released by another popular YouTuber in the business of where EVERYONE in the game is trying to gain as much views as possible?

  4. Hey Scott, I love your vids. I've been makin great gains over the past few months and you've been a big help. Thanks very much!

  5. Scott, I cannot believe you've gotten to the point of your career where you need to copy other people's video ideas.  How disappointing
    JUST KIDDING.  The comments are just laughable, really.  Do they really think that you would need to copy someone else's ideas?  It's sh*t like this that makes me hate the internet. 

  6. I dont know why people are giving you crap about this, its youtube where they can see FREE videos on getting fit, and stronger. Im pretty sure if you look up a video on how to do an exercise im sure there are TONS of videos on that one exercise, PEOPLE ARE UNGREATFUL! Your the first youtube channel i follow for fitness and every exercise i have for my routine i follow how you demonstrate on your how to videos. I AM FOREVER GREATFUL, you helped me through my fitness journey

  7. This is one of the oldest movements, not invented by Scott or Scooby. It might be new to you, so show some respect to Scott instead of saying he copied some Scooby video.

  8. Great video Scott! I appreciate the detail and tips because…

    You demo'd this in a 3 exercise video back in February of this year. I remember it because I commented on it and added it to my routine that day. Been doing it ever since. Trolls are so tiresome.

  9. Scott, I'm glad you're not thin skinned with all the whiney ass-complainers. Keep on working, you're doing a great service to most of us by providing your videos. Thank You!

  10. Keep up the good work bro. Forget about the negative noise, it is just a common distortion that comes with big success 😉

  11. Another great video, Scott! I was wondering though if hamstrings and quads should have equal strength or have one be stronger than the other. I've noticed when i do leg extensions and seated leg curls, i tend to do 10lbs more for the hamstring curls…

  12. Great video, is just sad that people waste their time trolling when they could be doing something more productive. The thanks for the videos!

  13. Great video Scott! I've been doing this exercise with a dumbbell in both hands. Should I just use the one like you demonstrate or can I continue with both? Are there pros/cons to either option? Thanks!

  14. Hey Scott, I see that you keep your standing leg straight, where Scooby recommends to keep it slightly bent
    Is this a personal preference, or depending on flexibility, or … ?

    Great video and f* the haters and the trolls

  15. This is one of my favorite lower body movements, and I hadn't tried it with a dumbbell but will give it a whirl tomorrow. Thanks for all the great resources! Cheers on the brilliant video.

  16. Great video man! Keep it up doing what you're doing! (if that made any sense lol :P) 

    P.S. #BENIFITS 😛

  17. Yo scott, can you give some good exercises and tips for training the calves, in my gym we dont have any machines for it

  18. Scott, I've got a question for you. A couple of months ago after doing this exercise 4 x 1 minute in my 30 minute routine I got some pretty annoying pains in my hips the day after. Did I do the exercise wrong or did I mess up the stretching after my routine? I'm pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with the other exercises.

  19. Scott you are the man, they don't deserve a single second of your time  you took to respond. Keep up the great work.
    Thanks for all you do for us.

  20. i would like to thank you very much for ur passion and time u spending to teach us and to give a good tips for workout .thank u very much ,keep it up please !!

  21. If you identified or specify the muscles affected or beneficiary by putting circle the explanation will better than it is due to its difficult to understand you because the English isn't the mother language for me.

    thank you for all of those useful videos

  22. Haven't seen this before. Will defo give it a go. I'm assuming Scooby isn't the cartoon character then. Great video Scott. Haters have no clue about anything.

  23. Good video +ScottHermanFitness! Always enjoy your exercises. Lookin for some more! Ignore the haters keep the good work up!
    – Fan from India

  24. I don't think any one realizes how much this exercise can improve balance and the flexibility of the hamstrings as well. I had foot surgery a few years back and threw these into my routine to make sure that my right leg maintained good balance. I had pins place in my big toe and you can lose balance very quickly after that surgery. Even if you don't feel a large burn (you can just grab a bigger dumbbell), you will feel it in the front muscles of your shins as well.

  25. Great vid, thanks. Would this be the best exercise to focus on strengthening glute imbalances or would there be a better alternative?

    Thanks again

  26. Hey Scott love the uploads man and thanks for taking the time to give advice to people like myself who want to change and live healthy. With that aside, what is the name of the soundtrack playing in the video? It's badass and I would like to listen to it during my workouts lol. Remember man, "Haters be your biggest promoters"-Big Daddy Kane

  27. I guess I've been cheating with these.  I always touch the dumbbell to the floor on the down movement, and use the other foot to lightly touch the floor on each rep.

  28. hey Scott – i was looking at doing the barbell one leg stiff leg D/L as this'd allow me to add more weight. any thoughts on the best way to balance when both hands are grasping the barbell?

  29. If the non-weight bearing leg goes backwards to horizontal, isn't that counterbalancing the dumbbell weight and thus limiting the effectiveness of the exercise?

  30. This must be the best video about this exercise I found on YouTube, long enough and super well explained, plus you speak in a proper way so I can understand all you say (no native speaker here lol). Anyways, looking forward to try this very soon, thanks and don't pay attention to the haters, you're doing great!

  31. Great video. Not sure how I missed this one. I've been trying different leg movements from conventional squats and deadlifts since the mid summer due to a minor back injury (I've healed physically, but the fear is there! lol), and for some reason, it only just occurred to me to try the same exact movements, except unilaterally. I tried these last week with a barbell, and really couldn't keep my balance. Is it easier with a dumbbell, or do I just have poor balance?

  32. I thought the weight was supposed to be held on the side where the leg kicks back – eg weight in right hand, right leg kicks back…

  33. Does it matter with what hand you hold the weight? for example, in this video youre working out the left leg and holding it with your left arm, but in other videos on YT people are holding it with their right arm.

    Thanks Scott, been watching you for yeeeears!!!! 😀

  34. I agree the accusations of copying Scooby are ridiculous. Even if you were reminded of what a good exercise it is by the Scooby video (and I'm not saying that's what happened, but even if…) it would still be perfectly legitimate to shared it with your viewers. Like you said, it's been around forever and the point is to get the information out there using your own words and style. Nice video.

  35. Excellent one Scott! Did my legs today… Squats and reverse lunges followed by this one stiff leg hamstring stretch… Its superb for stability and really pulls on the muscles

  36. Lol it's not like a barbell deadlift but with a dumbbell then which is what I just tried! FACEPALM so glad I watched this video!

  37. What if I put an ankle strap on the kicking back leg? My shoulders are really messed up, so I try to find ways to avoid using them too much.

  38. Some other videos say hold the dumbbell in the other hand to your demonstration.

  39. I am confused. I watched several videos to learn how to do this and they show different form. This one is the most different. Which one is correct? Hinge first at the hips or keep the body fixed from head to toe, have a slight bend in the legs or keep them straight, lift the rear leg or don't lift the leg. So confused.

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