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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

15 thoughts on “How to eat 3500 calories a day (ectomorph bulking)

  1. I needed these tips on diet as I am an ectomorph too and desperately want to start gaining weight as I'm being trained by my trainer in the gym, thanks for this video!
    I wouldn't mind more. 😀

  2. When I used to power lift, I would eat 3,750 kcals per day. Hehe. I’m only 1.65m and 61.2kg…so that was almost twice what someone my size would usually eat.

  3. Nice video. Whats your height and weight? Aamd Donu think 3500 calories is good number for u as an ectomorph?

  4. Hey man, first thanks for the video, but how does the first meal counts about 900 calories actually it won’t get more than 400-500 calories right?

  5. These videos just keep getting better! It is apparent that you that you spend an inordinate amount of time on editing and it sure does increase the quality. I really am enjoying your efforts.
    Have a wonderful week-end! 💝

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