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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys I’ve been eating vegan for about two and a half maybe three weeks now and i’m just going to show you what i ate yesterday now I eat roughly six meals in a day smaller meals all throughout the day even all the way up until right before bedtime and that’s just because of training and it helps to keep your metabolism running optimally and watching this video while i was editing it i was becoming seriously hungry i really hope you guys enjoy this and if you want to see that stay tuned hey guys I would never be able to do the things that I do in the gym without a proper pre-workout meal so things that I forgot to put in this video or that i added a half of scoop of protein and Himalayan pink salt so you’re going to take a quarter cup of cooked steel cut oats and then just a tablespoon of dried cranberry and then a tablespoon of chopped unsalted walnuts and a tablespoon of ground flax you’re going to mix all of that together with the silk pop up the microwave for about a minute and then sprinkle with salt it is delicious all right now after 90 minutes in the gym of hard training I need a really good recovery protein shape so I just have this simple chocolate protein shake and I add an extra creatine because I’m vegan I use this one by Garden of Life this chocolate raw protein really love this shake all right now on to lunch this is my kind of midday or early lunch I’ve never really hungry at this time the day so something light works for me these little keen walk of credits pipe so just take your red quinoa or whatever kind of quinoa you have and you’re just going to cook at this stuff cooked super fast 15 minutes so you know go ahead and prepare it before you’re starving and then you’ll know it’s ready when it looks sprouted like this I just go ahead and cut up a fresh tomato into pretty thick almost like beefsteak tomato slices and then slice your avocado up and peel off the outside of course and then you want to take this fresh basil I wouldn’t use the can kind of fresh basil really makes this tastes just light and fresh and sort of luxurious they’re just going to take a tablespoon of your cooked quinoa and just put it down on the plate and then just create your little stacks so you can just kind of go over it with your tomato avocado and your basil stuck any we want it’s super good and very Phil okay now this is the part of the day where I start to struggle a little bit with energy so a really good car boost is important for me here and I just made up this loaded agent potato and it is delicious so you just take a potato cook it in the microwave or the oven and then scoop out the inside put all that stuff off to the side I’m going to be using Earth’s balance which is a coconut butter you can just add in two or three teaspoons kind of depending on what you’re going to do and no I did not eat this whole potato at one sitting and then just add in lemon juice and then some wasabi paste and then you’re going to finish it off with you can use soy sauce or liquid aminos which tastes exactly like soy sauce but it is better for you just go ahead and mash all of that up and then once you’re done mixing it up you’re going to put that back into the potato and then sprinkle panko crumbs on top and topped with avocado and little chow mein noodles it’s so good all right now it’s time for the real food ok I am seriously so hungry just looking at this BBQ saw Russia toast mistakes my kids honestly just ate this stuff up so you create this mixture and that information will be in the downbar below and then you just put it on 8 equal slices of tofu throw in the oven for 20 minutes flip it over another 20 minutes at 400 and then put whatever sauces you want on the side I have liquid aminos with wasabi paste and then a vegan yum yum sauce it was seriously delicious all right now it’s bedtime and if you’re anything like me you maybe get a little bit of a craving for sweets at night and you don’t want to wreck your whole diet and all that hard work so I just have this creamy crunchy protein shake usually I just have the protein shake by itself and then a soup or a tablespoon of peanut butter and I’ll sprinkle company’s little nuts on top and sometimes I’ll just throw it all in the blender and mix it up together it really kills that sweet tooth and gives you something nice to put in your stomach right before bed I hope you guys enjoyed that please click like and subscribe and I will see you next week bye guys

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