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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, everybody,
Shaun Hadsall here, stubborn fat expert for
people over 35 years old and the owner of Get Lean in 12. And inside this short
video, I’m going to talk about how to eat
before bed for faster results. There’s a lot of
misunderstandings when it comes to eating before bed. And a lot of people
have been misled to believe that, number one, you
can’t eat carbs late at night if you want to lose
belly fat or, number two, you shouldn’t eat
before bed because it will make you gain weight. Both of these are false. In fact, there was
one study published showing that people who ate
their carbs late at night lost more weight than people
who ate their carbs earlier in the day. So this busts the myth about
not eating carbs late at night. Now, if your goal
is fat loss, you’re going to be feeding
yourself a little bit differently than if
your goal is to gain muscle. So let’s talk
about that quickly. The first thing you need
to do is understand timing. My recommendation is about
four to six days of the week, you try to eat your last
meal two hours before bed. Now, this isn’t mandatory. And eating an hour before bed
or even a half hour before bed isn’t really necessarily
going to make you fat. But it could block
growth hormone production because when you eat a meal,
insulin levels are elevated. And although this can help
you sleep better at night, it takes your body out of
a fat-burning environment, puts it into a
fat-storing environment. And because insulin is
the antagonist to growth hormone, when you go to go to
sleep, if insulin isn’t stable, your body won’t
release growth hormone while you’re
recovering overnight. So if the goal is fat loss,
and you want to increase your growth hormone production–
which I highly recommend– I recommend about
four to six days of the week to try to eat
your last meal at least two hours before bed. Now, if your goal
is to gain muscle, this really isn’t
going to impact you as much because carbohydrates
are going to be desirable because they’re very
anabolic, and they help people gain muscle. Next thing is choices– what are the best choices
to eat before going to bed? Well, the first thing
you need to understand is that red meat has been
shown to spike insulin a lot higher than white
meats like chicken or turkey. So you’re better off
sticking with white meats. Also, one of the best proteins
that you can eat before bed is casein or cottage cheese. And the reason why is cottage
cheese is full of casein as well. So if you look at a tub of
cottage cheese, you open it up, and you see the liquid on top. That’s the whey. And you stir it
up, and that’s why you remember the nursery
rhyme, curds and whey. But it’s loaded with
casein protein, which is a slow-releasing protein
that will feed your muscles throughout the night. So either finding some type of
high-quality casein-whey blend and making a shake a
couple hours before bed or having yourself some cottage
cheese with some berries or some salt and pepper. Now, what about carbs
and combinations? The first thing you
need to understand is that if you eat carbs
two hours before bed, it can help you sleep
better, and it can also help regulate your
cortisol cycle because when you raise
insulin in that meal, it will activate melatonin, and
it’ll get your cortisol cycle in line. Now, if your goal
is fat loss, and you don’t have issues
sleeping, you might want to skip the carbohydrates. But the main thing to remember
is whether you have carbs or not, you need to combine
your foods the right way. So every time you go to
bed, before you go to bed, and you had that meal
two hours beforehand, you want to make sure that
you’re combining your protein with a small amount
of friendly fat, like maybe some raw nuts or
maybe putting some nut butter into a protein shake. Or if you’re eating
carbs before bed, you want to make sure
that you’re combining it with a high-quality
protein, because this is what will balance blood sugar. And again, it will prevent
those insulin spikes. So hopefully, this
gives you a snapshot on how to eat before
bed for faster fat loss. And now, you just have
to know how to move right based on your age category. So somewhere around this
video, as a free gift for watching this,
you’ll see a link you can click or tap and
download my free report. And inside this free report,
called “The Over-40 Stubborn Fat Sequence,” you’re going to
discover a 12-minute protocol that’s specifically designed
for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to reactivate
declining fat loss hormones. And when you perform
this 12-minute routine in the morning when you
wake up or even before going to bed a few days
of the week, you can elevate your metabolic rate
for up to 48 hours afterwards. And a couple studies
show that when this is done the right way,
you can increase growth hormone 400% to 700%. Now, make sure
you do me a favor. If you got something out of this
video, click the Like button and share it. Thanks for taking time
out of your busy day to check this out,
and keep going strong.

8 thoughts on “How to Eat Before Bed For Faster Fat Loss (How to Lose Weight While You Sleep)

  1. Thanks for the video
    do you recommend oatmeal with scoop of protein. Bcoz I always hungry before bed after full day of work and gyming in the morning

  2. I. Don't understand the difference why having insulin levels lower while sleeping is better than having insulin levels higher?

  3. What's the purpose of eating the last meal of carbs with protein and friendly fats vs. carbs with a high quality protein (no friendly fat)? Is there a reason why one has no fat and one should?

  4. I would be skeptical of any research showing the apparent negative properties of red meat. It is likely biased propaganda generated by idealogues with a vegetarian/vegan agenda in the last 50 to 100 years.

  5. I think it makes total sense to eat something about an hour or so before bed.  However, that conflicts with the IF philosophy.  I want to IF, but I realize the benefit of eating before bed.  Can you please direct on which path I should go down considering the two?  Thanks.

  6. i followed the zone diet for many years i should eat a large meal once a day just beofore bed and as long as its i the Zone and At LEAST two hours or more before bed i will be in the Zone during sleep also?
    thish would be the one meal a day plan eat late at night is said to help digestion?

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