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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Do you know how to eat clean while bodybuilding? Part of it depends on your definition of eating
clean. For example, no one wants to eat bugs, dirt or food with pathogens on it. I’ve heard people say that clean eating
can help you lose weight, gain energy, clear up your skin, sleep better, improve your hair,
increase stamina – It sounds like every health and beauty product
advertised in informercials. While eating clean can improve your health, it isn’t
a cure-all. What is clean eating? There isn’t a single, universal definition.
One of the common tenets of the clean eating is to never eat foods that have long chemical
names in them. Sounds reasonable as long as you can afford
the fresh stuff. Preservatives are what made food poisoning an inconvenience instead of
a major killer. The basis of the diet is lots of plant foods.
Eat a lot of fresh produce, with fruit being secondary. Avoid anything with added sugar, I suppose. Yes, and drink water instead of soda. You
can eat a lot of lean meat like steak, but processed lunch meat is out. What about ground beef? And risk eating pink slime? No, not allowed. What about grains? Limit your bread intake, and eat whole grain
instead of white bread. You can eat oatmeal with milk and fruit, but stay away from the
multi-colored processed ones. Which can make your poop multi-colored, too. That’s almost as bad as the unicorn Obama
rides in his critics ads that poops Skittles and farts rainbows. I’ve heard clean eating mean no juice, but
then I see them drinking fruit smoothies. Processed juices from the store have little
fruit in them and a lot of sugar. If you buy the fruit and milk, you can make your own
and be faithful to the clean eating principles. It’s funny how we’re getting more fanatic
about our perfect, healthy, ethical diets. You want vicious, listen to vegan versus vegetarian
on eating honey or sterile eggs. Or Paleo versus Atkins. The funny thing is, clean eating principles
apply to all of these diets.

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