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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today we’ve got to simplify nutrition. Why?
Because most of the time people make it really complex. And when something is complex, you usually
wind up bailing on it pretty quickly because nobody can turn their nutrition into a second
job and have it be something they can follow for the
entire year or for an extended period of time, and therefore aren’t going to get sustained
consistent results. And we all know how important nutrition is.
I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Nutrition is about 70 percent of the equation, but if
you can’t follow it, we’ve got problems. So, with ATHLEANX and in my X Factor Meal
Plan, we have certain guidelines and rules that make following a meal plan a lot simpler. We remove all the calorie counting, and measuring
and the macro counting because it doesn’t have to be that complex. If you take your plate that you’re going to
eat on, right. Right here, a normal sized dinner plate, and you divide it in your own
head, or even physically as I’ll show you right
now, you can make your decisions on what goes on that plate way easier. So, what I do, again, one of the key components
is I start every meal, I believe that protein should fit into every single meal you have. Obviously it’s much easier when you’re in
your supplementation, when you’re having your protein shakes, or if I have my RX shake.
That’s a gimme. But when you’re talking about your main meals
then you need to have protein in there. And what we do is we start with, here for me again,
an example, grilled chicken. So, I’ve got grilled chicken that was already
made up ahead of time which again is another idea that you might want to adopt especially here in the new year is bulk prepare
a lot of your meals so that you can dip into them, and it’s a lot easier than having to
make it fresh every single time. Obviously I’m not talking about leaving this
thing for days, but just for a couple days. And I start with grilled chicken, and I’ll
put half of my plate full of protein, ok. So here is the amount of grilled chicken that
I’ll have. Right there. Half of the plate. That leaves this other half of the plate here
for you to deal with, ok. On this other half of the plate, we’ve got
carbohydrates. Now with carbohydrates you’ve got 2 major kinds of carbohydrates, or categories
of carbohydrates. You have your starchy carbohydrates then you
have your fibrous carbohydrates. Your fibrous carbohydrates are generally going
to be lower in calories than are your complex starchy carbohydrates. It doesn’t mean that you should be avoiding
complex carbohydrates. I’ve gone to great lengths in this channel before of talking
about the importance especially if you’re a guy looking to build
lean, athletic muscle. You need starchy carbohydrates to do that unless of course you have some medical reason or intolerance
or gluten intolerance or insensitivity that steers you away from them. I believe that
their importance is really, really high. That being said, if I’m a guy who needs to
lose weight, we know again hypocaloric state will help us to lose weight. We can become hypocaloric by choosing lower
calorie sources of carbohydrates. So in that remaining one half of the plate, you’re going to want to steer towards more
of the fibrous carbohydrates so much so that 2/3 of that remainder of that plate, or even
up to the entire remainder of the plate, could be fibrous carbohydrates if your main
goal is to start to lose a lot of body fat, ok. So, if you did that, again, what I have
here is, we have like a, again, pre-prepared zucchini
squash mixed with some olive oil and onions. You would put that here on the plate and you
take up about 2/3. And that is again the general recommendation
up to the full remainder of the plate if you’re trying to really cut down on your calories. Now me on the other hand, I like the starchy
carbohydrates, and again this is ironic coming from the guy that stays lean 365 days of the
year. There’s not a video that I’ve done in this
past year or the year before or the year before that that I haven’t been in this same level
of leanness. And that’s because I eat this way guys. It
makes it so simple that it’s easy for me to follow and I can stick to this, and I do have
starchy carbohydrates. So, in that case, for me, my plate would always
start with a sweet potato because I love sweet potatoes. So, again, I take a sweet potato.
I put it right here. And I still have room on this plate for pasta
which again Italian heritage, I like pasta. So, I’ll put pasta on the plate also. Here. And then I have my fibrous carbohydrates.
So, I can take the zucchini mix or I can take, as I showed you before, Edamame and I’m not scared about the occasional
14 or 15 pieces of edamame as far as soy goes, guys. So I put my fibrous carbohydrates here, there’s
really not enough in that bag there. But you get the idea. This is what my plate would
look like, k. So we have the half protein up here with the
chicken. We’ve got the starchy carbohydrates here. We have our fibrous carbohydrates again. I would eat more than this here. I would probably
eat, if you want to show the real amounts, I’d add more. Matter of fact, I’d probably
put this all over the top of my chicken. Probably have more than that, but that’s a
good idea about the portion sizes but really it’s the compartmentalizing of your plate
into these different constituents. Yes, they’re macros, but you’re doing it in
a much simpler way than having to measure out 42 grams of carbohydrates, 31 grams of
protein, that’s the kind of stuff that’ll drive you nuts. That’s the kind of stuff that will lead you
to get off of your meal plan as fast as possible. It doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you’re using this compartmentalization
of your plate that makes it so much easier. And again, in terms of portion sizes, there’s
a guy that’s going to weigh 280 pounds. Matter of fact I train guys that weigh 280
pounds that are really lean. They’re high level athletes. They’re going to eat probably
double the amount that I eat here. Portion size is relative to the size of the
person that’s eating. You’re going to have a larger appetite, more muscles to feed the
bigger you are. So that’s all relative. But in the meantime, I wanted to give you
the main idea and a principle that you can adopt and start using that’s easy that will start to help you to get over the
frustration of attacking a meal plan thinking, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know what I’m going to,
I gotta start measuring and counting and all that.’ No. Not at all. You don’t do that ever in our
ATHLEAN X Factor Meal Plan. We keep it simple. They’re called guy-friendly eating plans because most guys can really adopt something that
simple that doesn’t require as I said in the beginning, a second job. So, if you guys are looking for a much simpler
way to eat, and again, if you’re looking for the exact way that I eat to stay lean 365
days a year, there’s no such thing as getting ready for
a show, there’s no such thing as trying to look good for a certain period of videos and
then covering up for the others, the idea is looking good 365 days a year.
This is how I do it. And you guys can do the same. At ATHLEANX.COM with our ATHLEANX Training
System, you get the day-by-day eating plan. In the meantime, I hope you found this helpful.
If you want more nutrition videos, of course let me know and we’ll make them. Leave a thumb’s up if you like this one. And
we’ll keep making them in the new year. Again, Happy New Year. I’ll see you guys back here again real soon.

100 thoughts on “How to Eat for a Six Pack (YEAR ROUND!)

  1. Great video, but I recommend using glass foodcontainers, because plastic ones might release mimic hormones in to your food.

  2. The olive oil 9grams of fat per tablespoon …liquid fat gloss your arteries, chicken injected with antibiotics full of cholesterol… need to obtained protein from animal sources…..rethink protein from what the biggest animal
    Eat such as elephants gorillas jiraffes buffalo cows pigs fish……eat more beans and rice……eat more plants they contain no cholesterol…..choose protein powders from plants based….not from animal products……get connected with life food not dead flesh from animals that do not want to slaughtered you are eating the blood and flesh of a suffering animal that has a family like you do that has feelings…..and rather live than died in your plate.

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  4. Eat only when you’re actually really hungry, let yourself get hungry, and don’t over eat when you eat, also don’t eat when you’re not hungry, problem solved.

  5. so anyone wiling to help prove to my friend that pasta is ok to eat, she seems to stand by that its a bulking food only

  6. I would recommend calorie counting just for the beginning phase just so you can gauge what your future meals should look like. Your eating plan should accommodate your personal goals, there won't be one plan that fits all. There are plenty of calculators on the internet to help with that.

  7. I like the video Jeff however I don't really see this kind of a meal plan in your athlean X workout maybe that's just me and it shows me something different guess I better go back and look cuz I'm going by the day-by-day process according to athlean x one not two.

  8. I am SO glad I found this video! Having a second job, after the gym AFTER work, is leaving me with little playtime. I've gotta adopt this bulk-prep method ASAP.

  9. I started following this method. Makes it more simple and keeps my sanity without counting calories or measuring because I don't compete or not a fitness model. Just your everyday hard working person looking to stay lean instead going the bulking and cutting route. I still have the occasional cheat meal here and there.

  10. Another part of this is in what order you should be eating these foods on your plate.
    To keep insulin at its lowest levels, overall, you should eat proteins, fats and vegetables first. Carbs last.
    Carbs generally have the highest glycemic index, and spike you insulin the most, and adding foods after that only accelerates the insulin production. Save the carbs for last and keep your fat storing insulin as low as possible

  11. thanks for the great info, im just getting back into shape im the heaviest ive ever been 197.3 lbs im 5/9 39 years old and i got alot of excess body fat . i started dieting a low carb diet 6 weeks ago and only lost 3 lbs! ive been going to the gym now for the last 3 weeks and still havent noticed any weight change im going 4 days aweek.
    anyway ive been subcribed for a few years now and ive been putting it off too long now.

  12. Fruits are food. The rest it is just a compromise = human inventions. Unfortunately , the quality of fruits being abysmal I guess I can onyl agree that we do need to ingest all this "food" to get a balanced nutrition. Not a proper, natural driven and intended nutrition but a mere basic one just to content with the compromised life we have 🙂

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  22. I 100% disagree that you need carbohydrates to build lean muscle. By that rationale, cavemen who only ate meat and plants wouldn't be able to build any muscle at all. Carbohydrates are an energy source. That's it. Take them out of the equation and your body finds other sources of energy.

  23. Damn that’s a lot of food. I only eat about half that. You must be burning a lot of calories all day long.

  24. Everything that Jeff said is absolutely true but there is one thing I kinda disagree with. Yes counting your calories makes things more difficult, but for me I count my calories cause I like to know exactly how much of each macronutrient I'm getting daily. It makes me feel more assured that I'm doing everything correctly cause I simply don't trust myself when it comes to eyeballing my food.

  25. Edamame and any kind of soy product is NOT good for men to eat, especially in large quantities. You'll produce too much estrogen which causes fat retention and ED problems. Stay AWAY from that shit.

  26. Who has cooked chicken breast and prepared rice for a couple of days only to see your brother and his girlfiend turning it into tacos the nest day? No good is safe at my house

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    also… fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates fiber carbohydrates
    Good advise overall! (besides the pasta)

  28. I love this Video Jeff. Thanks. I am trying to learn all i can and watch every single video sense I started my an Transformation 10 weeks ago and are down 98 lbs in Bodyweight from 300 lbs to 202 lbs.

  29. Major issue i have here are the plastic containers. They can and do absorb flavors and odors. That's a practical problem. They also have a large environmental foorprint if you're concerned about that.. Glass ones are superior in every way.

  30. Hey Jeff, I know this is a little bit off topic from this video but I have an important question. Do you think you can make a program designed specifically for physical therapy. I have shoulder problems, tight hips, glutes, I have gotten stress fractures in my shins in the past and I hurt all over. I am only 18 so people always wonder why I am having joint pain all over this young. I have learned several modalities and stretches and recovery exercises including the ones you have on this Youtube Channel to help prevent injuries and recover from them. I am currently on week 11 of A-X 1 and I love the way the exercises are shown in videos. I think it would be amazing if you made a program using the same method with you doing the P.T exercises and showing how to do the modalities and stretches in a certain order. If you cannot make a whole program doing this, can you at least add onto A-X 1 and possibly other programs these type of recovery routines for the off days made specifically to recover from the workouts we did that week.

    "I love what you have done with Athlean X, it has truly changed my life and made it possible for me to release a lot of mental pain and focus on nothing but lifting those weights the right way, 48 seconds per set just like you taught me. Thanks for everything Jeff, you have inspired me to never let go of going to the gym and working my ass off! Lifting hurts but I love it at the same time, it is one of the greatest feelings I have had. I am seeing major gains and my motivation has increased by 10 fold."

    If you see this, maybe you can make a video about making this type of program. If you'd like, you can use what I said above on your Athlean X testimonials.

  31. You can train all day, but until you maximize your eating strategy, the abs will stay in hiding. I trained 50-60 miles a week for a full marathon, but didnt eat properly, still had beer and wings etc. I lost weight and weighed about 190. ZERO physique and ZERO abs. I recently started eating properly (carb to protein ratios, macros etc.) I didnt run hardly at all, and have, only for the last 2 weeks, been going back to the gym. Since Mar 25 I have lost 50 lbs and my obliuques and abs are showing up very nicely. It is amazing that we cannot outtrain a bad diet. For the first time in over 20 years, I am under 190 and have zero love handles… Eating properly is the key to success.

  32. Thanks for sharing this idea. It seems like such a no-brainer way to approach nutrition. I counted calories for about 5 months, and I stopped because I decided it wasn't worth the work to me anymore. Yes, there were results, but I still didn't completely have the body I wanted (needed more weight training, I'm sure). I might use your idea though, because of its simplicity.

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