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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So today we’re going to talk about vascularity
and how to eat to get vascular. That’s a key word there – EAT – to get
vascular because as you’re going to see here in a second, that’s where we’re going to start
and keep this whole conversation revolving around it. It actually starts first and foremost from
where this actually came from. A post was made on Instagram and Facebook
last week – and I thank you, those of you that actually pointed this out to me – I’ll
link it and pin it down below. This post was by my childhood icon, Sylvester
Stallone. He had some incredibly complimentary things
to say about me and about ATHLEANX and I have to say, coming from the person that singlehandedly
influenced me to pursue this career path in the first place as a very young kid, I can’t
tell you what it means to me. I’m incredibly humbled by that and I thank
you for leaving those comments, and I thank those of you who thought enough and knew my
history and connection with him to remind and post that for me. Like I said, I’ll put that down below. In that post which, this is what it looked
like here on Instagram, Sly talked about this topic of vascularity. He had gotten to a point where he was so vascular
that he joked about even having veins in his hair. I think I can relate at times to that concept. I even have one around my freaking eye socket
here that you guys point out a lot of time in my videos for me. Thank you for making me self-conscious, by
the way. So vascularity, as I said before – and I’m
going to tell this to you guys as no BS as it gets. If you’re not committed to lowering your body
fat level to at least 10% then don’t commit to this idea of you being vascular because
I don’t care what foods you eat, what supplements you take, what other things you do – even
the training style that you follow – if you’re not committed to proper nutrition which
puts you in a hypocaloric state, not a big one which we’ll talk about in a second. But in a hypocaloric state; you’re not going
to drop body fat. You’re not going to get down low enough to
be able to start seeing that vascularity. So what is that goal? As I said, 10% is a good, rough goal. Some people could look more vascular than
others at 10% body fat. A lot of that could even do with your current
state of hydration. I’m taking about long term what you look like. You want to get down to that level. Every percentage point that you can get below
that, you’re starting to look more and more vascular. You’re starting to see them your chest. You start to see them in your shoulders. You start to see them in your abs. As you drop down the amount of vascularity
will significantly increase. So we talked about being hypocaloric. How are you going to get there? In that post that Stallone left he talked
about a point where he was eating about 1500 calories. This is a guy that was filming movies and
was actively on his feet pretty much all day long. He didn’t even have [inaudible 0:02:55] training. He didn’t have enough energy to get through
his workouts because what he was doing was restricting his calorie well below baseline
in an effort to get ripped even faster and also focus on eating healthy fats, which is
critical. But fats being more calorically dense than
proteins, or carbohydrates will also quickly take up the amount of volume that you can
eat in a day. Because a pad of butter is only that much,
where maybe a plate full of broccoli is about 414 calories. This is about 414 calories of broccoli. You can eat more volume when you do that,
therefore maybe stay more satiated by eating the other foods. But that’s not how he did it. So when you start adopting methods of eating
that dramatically alter your ability to remain consistent with them you’re done. Forget vascularity because vascularity is
something you need to approach very slowly. Vascularity is something you need to do over
the course of many, many, many weeks. You need to stay in that small level of deficit
so you can gradually drop body fat, but still have the ability to maintain energy to train
hard. Still have the ability to maintain the energy
to train hard enough to build muscle. Increase your protein intake – as I pointed
out in our other videos before – to be able to adapt to your needs for staying in a positive
nitrogen balance to be able to still put on muscle while you’re dropping some body fat. All this needs to be in place and if you’re
not committed to doing that, as I said, forget it. It’s not in the cards for you. But when you are committed there are some
things you can do. Within that nutrition, and that healthy eating
style there are foods that are actually niacin rich that can help in terms of vascularization. There are foods that are nitrate rich. I’m talking about plant based nitrates, not
animal based nitrates for the very sake of the fact that these convert eventually into
nitric oxide, which is what you’ve probably heard many, many times in terms of supplementation. Agmatine, citrulline malate, arginine; things
that actually increase that in your body to increase vascularization, or vasodilation. That’s all good if the nutrition is already
in place. Those supplementary additions can be great
and that’s why pre-workouts have become so popular. Why people seek the pump; because they work. They definitely work, but if you’re looking
for vascularity, if you’re taking these pre-workouts and you’re buried in 25% body fat you aren’t
going to see anything pop out. They’re not going to melt away the body fat. From a training standpoint, can you do anything
from a training standpoint? You can increase capillary density by doing
higher rep work, longer duration. That’s all good, but again, that is not going
to have this changing effect on how you actually look unless the body fat is there. So it’s not even really worth discussing in
this context. The bottom line here is this: from a realistic
standpoint vascularity is something that is not for everybody. If it is something that you’re seeking to
do you can do it. It must start with nutrition. It could be helped by supplementation, but
both of them, and all of it must be wrapped around an expectation that is elongated, in
terms of ‘it’s going to take you some time’. If you do that and you have an eating plan
that allows you to stay with something consistently then you’re going to see the results, and
you’re going to see that vascularity. All right, so we have another – come over
here, Jessie. We have somebody that – look at the vascularity
on Jessie. It actually brings up one other point. See? He’s actually getting the Cavaliere vascularity
here. Nice job, Jessie. The fact is, Jessie’s a thin person. So if you’re out there and you’re already
lean, vascularity is probably not a problem for you. As you put on more muscle it’s going to become
even easier for you to remain vascular because your metabolic rate will go up with the more
active tissue of muscle actually burning through more calories. So it’s not going to be your problem. He needs to eat more calories to be able to
support his muscle growth. He doesn’t need to be hypocaloric, but if
you’re somebody that knows that you’re overweight and need to lose body fat, start with nutrition,
stick with nutrition, get it locked in, then start looking for other things from there. Lastly you guys, one more time, I want to
thank you out there who brought the post to my attention. Sylvester Stallone, I want to thank you for
inspiring me. Not just me, but many, many others to this
day with everything you’ve done and how you stay committed to the goal. At 70 years old, still doing it. Looks better than me. I swear to God. So again, guys, if you’re looking for a program
that leads you to the proper nutrition, expectations, and the right training and does it in a no
BS way; head to Let me know what else you want me to cover
here in future videos and I’ll do my best to do that for you guys. I’m glad to make the videos that you want
me to cover here. All right, I’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “How to Eat for More Vascularity (VEIN GAINS!)

  1. This is the post from Facebook and Instagram referred to in the video.

    @officialslystallone If you want to get Really cut and defined try this high protein diet! Kidding of course, but the truth is I believe in a very high protein diet with low carbohydrates and an abundance of natural fats really give you serious energy. But no matter what you eat you cannot do it without proper supplementation, pre-workout supplements, and post workout supplements are incredibly important. For years I worked out basically on an empty stomach thinking that I would eat after the workout. But I struggled with maintaining enough energy to throw weights around for an hour and a half. Back in those days everything was experimentation that usually was ill conceived in the gym .. insanely, What I was trying to do by not eating normally, for example 3500 cal a day , I would eat 1500 calories and my body, requiring a lot of energy would cannibalize all the fat I had stored up over the years and my muscles became very defined, not so large, and the skin thinned out which showed vascularity… Afterwhile I look like one large walking vein , I think I even had veins in my hair !!! I am exaggerating,of course , But it was a foolish way to train. That's why so many bodybuilders from that era are walking around with a multitude of injuries and internal health problems…The truth is, everyone had their own theory, and some were truly insane and quite often life-threatening.… Now The guy the probably knows more about it than anybody ON THE PLANET is Jeff Cavaliere @athleanx an amazing trainer with an extraordinary amount of knowledge and videos on YouTube,to learn from. He is truly the real deal also makes the BEST supplements on the market… I do his workouts and my body burns for a week! It's a good pain because you know things are growing THE RIGHT WAY … @athleanx #bodybuilding

  2. Hey Mister Jeff love this ministry to the fit family LOL! No sir but thank you for all the teachings I have learned so much. I'm here in Southwest Florida and where I work out at everybody knows about you they all compliment say he's a very smart dude they compliment you for teaching the novice how to start off and not charging them. I have not bought anything from you yet but I will be shortly again thank you my friend. One more question do you ever put on a camp somewhere? Or is there somewhere we can come visit to meet you. Because you are one of my Idols now. LOL! Something like do you go to fitness shows and have booths there? Just curious so are a lot of people here where I'm at in Southwest Florida again thank you my friend have a great day

  3. I'm pretty vascular at like 20% body fat… I have veins in my arms, legs and shoulders. What happens if I get down to 10%, I don't ant to look like i've been struck by lightning here.

  4. Hi Jeff, Thanks for taking the time to educate us with your videos. I'm curious why my arms are vascular but my body fat percentage according to my scale is 29%. You stated that if your body fat is over 25% then forget about being vascular. So how can you explain this?

  5. My body fat is around 12-15% yet I'm vascular as fuck, genetics damn hahha I have face vains too!!
    I just lift and lift heavy ass weights all the time.

  6. Jeff totally fanbois over Sly Stallone. I can relate. The first time I saw Rocky I was a little fat blob. I went home. Started grinding. Now I'm no bodybuilder but I look way better than I was 5 years ago.

  7. Been following your post from time to time over d last 7mths… the info has helped immensely… i'm a hard gainer now down to 11% body fat… gained 2lbs in that time… compared to 15lbs in 10yrs prior to previous exercise.. thanks for your help

  8. The veins in my hands hurt when they're popping. I've been reading about varicose veins but still can't really find an answer. Any thoughts?

  9. And you are my idol sir. Before you in my life.. I used to go to gym do something, lift something and come back home. But now, everything I do, each exercise has more meaning. Fit is my lifestyle now. Thank you.

  10. This vid is for pros… people who are professional and have to show their bodies to make money!! If you just want to be fit.. then I don’t think you need to get vascular!! Not even natural..

  11. Like…my BMI is ideal .. I'm not fat..but I'm not that lean either..I do have some vascularity…but I just want a little more

  12. I don’t eat the best in the world by any means, but I am definitely below 10% body fat. I believe Im around 6% or so (cant remember). Im 16 and work out 5 days a week. Im 6 ft tall snd weigh between 150-160 (it alternates around some depending on when I weigh during the week. I get vascularity in my arms and I always have a little bit that stays there, but like my chest and shoulders the majority of it comes and goes. What should I do?

  13. I'm a registered vascular technologist (RVT). Translation= I specialize in diagnosing vascular problems in the body.  I think something to be noted here is that a common cause of this increased vascularity is actually a pathology.  When veins become dilated and overloaded by too much pressure the valves inside them wear out and stop functioning properly.  This is what causes varicose veins, a very common diagnosis in bodybuilders.  It's generally not much of a concern in the upper body, unless you end up needing those veins for a heart surgery or an A/V fistula for dialysis.  In the legs can it lead to skin ulcers and a host of other problems.  So yeah, those big bulging veins aren't necessarily desirable.

  14. I have decent vascularity in my forearms, biceps, and shoulder areas, with my chest veins only starting to become more visible, yet I'm sitting at 23% body fat, and steadily declining. Is this normal or a special case? I wasn't expecting any veings until around 15% tbh.

  15. Proves you don’t know who you’re talking to or who is looking at your comment on YouTube. It could be Stallone or anyone really.

  16. The music in the beginning of your videos is REALLY LOUD, man… I have to scramble to down the volume and then up it again once you start talking because it gets so quiet. HUGE disparity in volume levels here. I know this video is 2 years old, but still… I have noticed it in a lot of your videos which are otherwise great!

  17. Is it just me, or is the veiny look actually gross? I'm not into it at all. I'm not into sub-10% body fat, TBH… looks unhealthy to me. Don't get me wrong, muscles are great, but I actually like a thin layer of fat between muscle and skin. Does anyone else agree here or am I just fuckin weird?

    I dunno, I guess I just don't like the idea of looking like an erect penis………

    No offense, Jeff! Not saying you look like an erect penis, just that…. well, I'll just leave this here as is instead of digging myself deeper. Thanks.

  18. Eat a lot of salt and stress yourself tf out. Your blood pressure will spike and your veins will be pushed to their limit 💪

  19. Jeff your right its all lower bodyfat im at around high 10's low 11s bodyfat right now…non pull up and push up days i eat around 1500 calories and traning days i eat 1900 and still maintain 10 to 11 percent….im tryin to drop to around 7 to 8 percent and will be more vascular than ever… however I will tell all the guys here its all lowbodyfat for veins!!

  20. i dont get it
    i have followed many many of jeffs videos but i realy cant understand why one would WANT to force veins? no women on earth think that looks good muscles yes veins no,

  21. Vascularity does look cool for sure but what I ask myself as I get older (I have never been vascular) we are not asking ourselves why we want to attain these various attributes. I don't know of any athletes who are more athletic through to vascularity. Watch the Olympics for example. How many of the athletes of any discipline are vascular and yet we have the average gym warrior guy who works in a factory or an office chasing this goal and buying into this whole YouTube culture (I'm looking at this so I guess I'm just the same) I just find myself stepping back and looking at the bigger picture these days.

  22. I was in KFC yesterday, at MC Donalds two days ago, and at local burger place today. And this is normal for me. Yet I am sub 10% body fat, no matter how much I eat. I just love my metabolism… Or maybe, there is a black hole in my stomach. I dont know.

  23. Still can’t decide weather I should cut to get leaner n vascular but feel small. Or stay bit bigger and gaining more muscle.

  24. how to eat for more vascularity:
    salt on ur pasta
    salt on ur ice cream
    salt on ur fckin salt

    kidding of course…

  25. I’m trying to get there I used to be lean and I really let myself go but I’m working on it I should be there by next year 😂

  26. I feel ya Jeff! My wife takes the piss out of me cause the ridiculously thick vein on both my forearms and the veins in my fingers/thumbs. 🤣🤣

  27. I just saw this videos today and without really a plan I am doing this for the past weeks and I started noticing my vascularity since I am not ripped at all but I am at 86 kg with the same vascularity I had a few months ag owith 81.5 kg. Doing some progress I hope keep going.

  28. I guess i should consider myself lucky, I've always had vascular arms i even have veins in my legs and hips flexors and i'm not a big leg guy. lol and i have 2 gross ones that run along my temples.

  29. As someone who’s at like 12-15% body fat and already really vascular I’m pretty curious how strange I would look at like 10% or less.

  30. So now the purpose of exersize and good nutrition is not to be healthy but to get bigger veins? And since when having big veins on your hands or chest looks nice for your appearance? Guys invest on long term good health, not muscles. Most bodybuilders are dead by the age of 60.

  31. I wish my hero would recognize me lol It would be like Jeff Loomis telling me I'm a good guitarist!

    Stallone is still a beast. He could outrun me and I'm 28

  32. I am also one of many inspired by Stallone. I use him as an example when talking to older folks about getting in great shape. No excuses! Age is nothing but a number!

  33. I remember as a kid watching Sly when Rocky III first came out and was amazed how cut he was from 2-3. Then he raised the bar even higher in Rocky IV. Insane super hero looking vascularity! You would walk out of the theater all pumped up and ready to punch somebody lol

  34. Idk if it goes for everyone, but I have been working out for the past 4 weeks, no speacil diet to achieve vascularity and veins are coming in good, and they say watch ur diet and what u eat, cause it won’t work? But I’m getting bigger muscles and more veins without a special diet. So I’m confused

  35. When ever I hear Eye of the Tiger I think of Sly….it STILL GIVES me Goose bumps, NO MAN can say some how Sly has not gotten you stoked when he is on that screen! I do eat like you say, I am not fond of peanuts but I LOVE Salmon, any fish, I eat spinach, sweet potatoes, lots of rice and at 155 5ft. 11 I want that hella crazy vascular look….

  36. Do you have any advise for a single dad, career firefighter that doesn't have anytime for the gym. Sleep/rest is a rare commodity for a 24 hr on 48 off shift. I've dropped about 44 lbs in the past 6 months with calisthenics at home and the station and with the 1 hour of PT I have at the gym on duty. Any further advise would be great tho

  37. Explaining vascularity usually ends up turning into you are too skinny somehow. I guess i'll have to send them here from now on.

  38. Eat a lot of cinnamon and raw cacao powder if you want to get next level vascular to where random strangers comment on your arms lmao.

  39. The Carnivore Diet worked wonders for me, more strength, stamina, recovery, mass, and vascularity. All while eating 3 pounds of beef a day, so I'm never hungry.

  40. years ago as a skateboarder I was ripped & vascular without even trying, I ate crap & drank beer. now I have stopped skating I'm no longer ripped or vascular, someone should do a test to see just how many calories a skater burns when going hard all day skating?

  41. I get very vascular when I have a decent amount of sodium, drinking a lot of water, and get high potassium especially when my body gets hot my arms get so vascular ASF.

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