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rollin rollin rollin hello guys um I am oh Jesus look into the light came Jesus sighs oh my god I am gonna shoot a video today for you guys showing you what I eat in a day I’m just gonna shoot what I eat throughout the day well no you’re shooting it cuz nothing I eat is alive but I’m gonna film what I eat throughout the day I’m just gonna take you guys through my day with me I have to run to the kids school real quick first in this morning then off to the gym we are up and running out the door super early in the morning so I just grab a banana and 10 almonds or 10 grams of raw pumpkin see and I just drink coffee black that’s it y’all I’m gonna go in here and get my workout then and then before I workout of course I drink my my DIY workout shake and I’ll link to that video right here and afterwards I drink my Vegas sport protein shake well I’m going to show you now because I’m gonna eat it after work up half a bag of red grapefruit all right y’all yeah I just put lipstick on to go to the gym that just happened I don’t like looking in the mirror I’m feeling like I look dead anyway hey kiddos just finished and then so when I finished my actual weightlifting I immediately eat my that grapefruit or the Apple because you know I’m trying to give my body glucose basically and I only do 10 minutes of hit and I do it hit as high-intensity interval training and then I go to my trusty vegan protein shake all that it is is just the Vegas for protein powder and then 5 milligrams or 1 teaspoon of creatine all right guys I am getting ready to make some lunch lunch little rice cake tacos sounds gross they’re really yummy we get this lunch party started because I am angry right so I’m going to use these Lundberg they’re brown rice unsalted I’m going to use two of these now the reason I’m going to use this J is quite frankly I went to the store the other day to buy Oleg tortilla wraps how dare you they were out when I say out I mean there was a woman in the aisle who had the last pack in her cart and then said to me oh these things are so good aren’t they she’s lucky she did not step in front of me in the parking lot I’m just kidding but I was seriously jealous I wanted to be like any change you want to give that to me this is where the magic happens whoa that is not look magical this is just abakada that I cut up yesterday but you know avocado like an apple will oxidize and turns brown don’t get excited it’s okay I only stirred that up for you guys some weren’t grossed out I don’t care all right then we’re gonna use like a tablespoon okay it’s not like a tablespoon it is a tablespoon I’m gonna stick my finger in here why because I’m eating it so I don’t care I know my hands are clean I just wash them I know some people say like in the comments when people use their fingers like you but I mean I’m though I wouldn’t stick my fingers in your food that would just be rude spread this out like this um mostly just cuz it’s gonna create like a little bit of a barrier between the rice cake and the other magical yumminess cuz you don’t want to get all soggy and yucky these are your veggie crumbles and I burnt my actually I always do kind of deliberately burn it a little bit cuz I like to have a like crunchy texture in there with my regular like faux meat otherwise I think it’s like too squishy 1/4 cup of this just drop that on there and you can put like vegan cheese and all kinds other you know sour vegan sour cream err you don’t even have to make this a vegan dish if you’re a meat-eater bad no I’m just kidding I mean sometimes I make this for my kids with you stuff that isn’t vegan because they’re not vegan and then this is just some homemade salsa I may shoot a video with the recipe maybe see how good you are and then we’re just gonna put a tablespoon of this on top and you can put two tablespoons if you just want to be all crazy which I’m feeling today a little crazy okay okay you may want to look away because this is probably not gonna be pretty but it ready to happen hmmm as they say where I’m from that is slap your mama good where is my mom this is really simple I’m just making a sauce to go over the track of my students I just pulled the broccoli out and then just measured out two cups and then we’re gonna take this mixture and this is where having the right kitchen tools comes in to connect just having something like this to be able to go in and pull all this stuff out is really important but I am going to be a sauce liberator sorry I’m feeling all patriotic because March 5th is almost here time to vote suckers no I don’t talk politics so you don’t even need to ask I will talk politics with 100 people strangers and honestly it’s not because I don’t think people are entitled to their own opinions it’s because sometimes people think like or act like if you don’t agree with them you’re stupid and you should go die and I just don’t really care for those kinds of interactions with my friends and family so just I just don’t but back to the broccoli I’m just going to sprinkle a little bit of a tiny bit of salt and a squeeze of lemon and be on my way I just realized that my son’s class starts in 45 minutes and I haven’t even walked out the door yet so got a shop shop time to make a shake sweet Jesus I almost forgot the deep find the dance cistern silly yummy you’re out of here Cup you’re up oh you think you’re cute hmm yes alright hey guys so I basically just have one meal and one snack left and I’m getting ready do the meal right now this is just a kind of small meal because this time in the day I’ve eaten so much food and had so much water I’m not really that hungry this meal basically is just to satisfy the rest of you know any gaps that I might have in my nutritional plan or my meal plan from my macros and then the snack at the end of the night is almost always some kind of a protein you know shape or protein in a mug and tonight it’s gonna be like a protein in a mug and I will show you that so what this is is and I’ve already cooked it but this is edamame spaghetti this is 24 grams of protein per 2 ounces which is intense it’s one of my favorite kinds of I’m playing you don’t enjoy I’m going to add my kids or if they’re eating their little pizza and then we’re gonna take about an eighth cup of normally I would use some kind of um spaghetti sauce but I don’t have any so we’re just gonna take an eighth a cup pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce or anything like that basically cuz this is gonna be kind of it’s gonna be you know an Italian eat and then you’re just gonna take sun-dried tomatoes you’re just gonna take about ten you know small pieces you don’t need much cuz as you can see so much protein yeah there’s tons so that’s three four five I am a maniac not really or olive oil and you’re gonna use just a new yeah yeah and I had poured that’s what it looks like and then you’re gonna warm it up you could put vegan Parmesan cheese on this and yes is a super tiny little meal but in I’m not hungry right now I’m just gonna eat that to meet the rest of my macros and I’m insane super super yucky okay guys so this is the last nut meal but snack of the day and it’s just basically a protein shake but I’m gonna turn it into like a little mug cake and what I do is I’ve generally speaking put all the ingredients in a mug about an hour before I’m going to eat it that way let’s say that I’m studying or working or even you know watching a show or whatever and I might otherwise feel like oh I don’t want to get up and do that it’s already all in the cup so I just add the milk and move on I’m sorry the kids are doing an Easter egg hunt in the back they’re being kind of crazy so I’m going to show you what happened in here okay so from left to right that’s gonna be one tablespoon of oat flour one tablespoon of flax one scoop of protein and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and that’s just to make it rise and I have just finished eating that little mug cake thing which I always feel super guilty for eating because it tastes really really good alright enough chatting let’s get down to business what are the macro okay the account is in its my blink you later I made this a very long time ago kind of a put screenshot up it’s gonna have all your final macros for the day and let me know in the comments below you know what you liked what you didn’t like what you’d like to see in my next video don’t forget to click like because it lets me know that this is the kind of content that you want me to shoot and definitely click that subscribe button I hope you guys hit your macro split today what is your macro split do you guys do 40-40-20 bye guys I’m gonna show you guys something totally weird that I do I know a lot of weird stuff but everybody does weird stuff but I’m gonna share some of my weirdest every day when I work let me show you what I do this is crazy what can you all the way around for a second so that you can see so there are the chairs the TV and then over there sitting directly behind those chairs hello see that table with the chair and the computer um that is where I work where I start with her I take two chairs and a blanket and I put it there to make kind of like a wall it sounds crazy I cannot stand the thought of like that there are two open windows behind me I need it for lighting cuz the lighting in here is not wonderful with those clothes it’s like my adult will be I use it to make me feel comfortable cuz the thought of like somebody peering through that back window I don’t know it just creeps me crazy stuff that y’all do I don’t want to be alone I am NOT alone on the crazy

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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!. . . ok a few things: how have I been vegan for 6 yrs and not known about the rice cake tacos & the mug bake dessert?!?! I am trying both of them, like tomorrow!! . . .Also, It is beyond difficult finding vegan female bodybuilding/bikini prep channels, so you found a niche, keep up the great vids. . . & would love to see your workouts too as part of your vlogs! -cheers 🙂

  3. "Blender, you're outta here! Cup, you're up!" 😂 Seriously, you're adorable! You just got a new subscriber!

  4. Hey guys, if you have questions or suggestions about vegan meals, please leave them in the comments section below or tag me at #askRL. I always include all of the products that I use in my videos in the description box above. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me and I will see you in the next video.

  5. Drink coffee take vitamins minerals essential fats drink beer and cut the carbs out at dinner time and you'll be fine! I've been doing it for almost 20 years now. I'm 40 years old and I can still run 10 miles despite drinking every single day of my life

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