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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on Nation? I’m going to demonstrate for you how to do a floor wiper now All you gotta do for floor wiper is get down on the ground So you get down on the ground just like this if you have to hold on to above your head you can So you have your arms like this holding on to something if you don’t Use your arms as posts and post out to the side now what you want to do is keep your feet together Keep your back and your head on the ground and all you’re going to do is basically bring your toes from one side To the other side, keeping them as close to the ground as you can basically wipe the floor so let’s get started You’re going to breathe out as you go from side to side and keep your core super tight while you do as well So breathe in Breathe out go to one side wipe the floor other side breathe in wipe breathe out just like this everything’s nice and tight Wipe the floors as close as you can without touching it, one more Just like that now when you do this exercise one rep doesn’t count until you go from side to side So that’s how you do a floor wiper. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and as always more good stuff coming soon. See ya guys

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  1. Hi Scott can u do a vcideo about cardio please like talk about high intensity short session vs. low intensity long session?

  2. Hi Scott!

    I spent all summer trying to get in shape with mostly weight training and dieting (minimal Cardio). I am a male at approx 6ft and weighing 160 pounds. I still have quite a bit of belly fat. I am going to begin adding cardio to my exercises and also whey protein. i would really like to build muscle but i have spent all summer losing fat. If i take whey on a regular basis but maintain my cardio diet and weight training will i gain muscle with minimal flab?


  3. Scott… you have crazy control over your muscles to be able to do it that slowly with perfect form and no shaking!

  4. Hello guys i'm 18 years old.and want a body like an army.and the challenge is i want to loose 15kg in 7 months.i'm new to this field so i don't know what should be the perfect routine of the week?which died should i maintain?Please dude help me please please.what to do?

  5. is there such thing as workout that will stuck my growth plz help iam 17 and i want to get taller but i want workout hard plz help ????????/

  6. @SaVeFaRis7 i think he said that he used to get bullied when he was a teen . . . and he just wanted to be able to defend himself i think.

  7. No disrespect scott but I havent told any of my friends how i got jacked. I'm keeping you and these videos a secret lol.

  8. scott is just more conventional and less scientific, an excellent source for beginners but experimentation and innovation goes to jeff

  9. This is a cheap and hard exercise. Or in one adjective: a cool exercise. I do it with Nauli Yoga exercises.

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