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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey what’s up guys? Troy here with
I got a super important topic – I want to get into how to gain healthy weight and the
importance of antioxidants and building muscle mass, and also increasing your overall health. Now I like to think of antioxidants as the
biggest x-factor when it comes to building muscle mass. Antioxidants are actually a group
of compounds that are going to fight free radicals in your body. So what antioxidants
do is over the course of the day (through pollution, through things in your diet, through
stress, through cortisone production) – this forms free radicals in your body and free
radicals play absolute havoc on your immune system guys. The worst things you can have
is an abundance of free radicals in your body. This is going to cause disease and sickness
long-term. So what antioxidants do is they’re going to fight these free radicals; they’re
going to help boost your immune system; they’re going to help your body run at peak efficiency.
When your body runs at peak efficiency, your muscle building capabilities are at their
all time high as well. So antioxidants are super important when it comes to boosting
our overall health – being able to put on rock solid lean muscle mass effortlessly.
So let me get into the list. I want to talk about antioxidants – some really easy antioxidants
you can incorporate into your diet and how it’s going to help you gain healthy weight.
So let’s get right into it. First I want to get into three benefits that
antioxidants are going to have for your body. And number one and probably most important
is they’re going to boost your immune system and your overall health. So think about this
guys – if you guys are just eating protein and you guys aren’t having antioxidants from
(some of the sources I’m going to talk about later like) fresh fruits and vegetables and
beans and all that kind of stuff. If you’re just having protein, you guys are feeding
your body what’s going to stimulate your protein synthesis and increase muscle mass but you’re
really not doing much for your immune system; you’re not doing much for your overall health
and eventually you’re going to train. And when you train your immune system, something’s
going to lower and more free radicals are going to build up and you’re not going to
be able to put on lean muscle mass and you’re going to get sick and when you get sick you
won’t be able to train and you’re basically going to go through this spiral of – you train
hard for a week or two and then you get sick; you don’t feel good – you’re tired. So antioxidant
consumption regularly is going to help you boost your immune system and really improve
your overall health. You guys are going to find out that you get sick less; you’re going
to feel really good; you’re going to feel energized, so I highly recommend antioxidants
for this very important reason. The second benefit is antioxidants actually
help you increase your muscle recovery and your muscular endurance. This is pretty self-explanatory
– you obviously want to be able to recover optimally; you want to have optimal muscular
endurance. And this has a lot to do obviously with the antioxidants boosting your immune
system; it just helps all your other physiological functions including your muscular recovery
and your muscular endurance. So it’s been shown that like high intensity athletes (even
endurance athletes) have more muscular recovery and enhanced muscular recovery and enhanced
muscular endurance when they consume a regular amount of antioxidants. The third benefit to antioxidants is it’s
going to increase your energy. This is so important when you guys are going through
– you got work, you got school. And you also want to have really intense training sessions.
You want to make sure your energy levels are at their optimal level. So antioxidants are
going to naturally help you increase your natural energy so you won’t have to rely on
stimulants. You won’t have to rely on energy drinks and all that other garbage. You guys
will have an abundant source of energy coming naturally from your body; you’re going to
be a lot healthier. The more antioxidants you have, the higher your energy levels – which
is going to translate into a really ridiculously high workout intensity. And the more intense
your workouts are, the quicker you’re going to be able to transform your body. This is
kind of a huge factor in being able to rapidly transform your physique is your workout intensity
so the more antioxidants you have, the healthier you are; the harder you’re going to be able
to work; the more overload your body’s going to be able to sustain and you guys are going
to be able to bulk up and gain healthy weight rapidly. Alright, so we’ve covered that antioxidants
are really important. I’m sure you guys are really excited to start incorporating them
into your diet. So where can you find some antioxidants? You don’t have to look far – they
actually live in your local grocery store. Some of the best antioxidants sources are
actually just regular fruits and vegetables. Some really high sources of antioxidants are
things like blueberries, things like acai berries. Green leafy vegetables are great
– things like kale and spinach. I believe red kidney beans have the second highest antioxidant
ratings. Black beans, red kidney beans – those are all really abundant sources of antioxidants
and green tea – specifically matcha green tea; I believe matcha green tea has between
is like 15 to 20 times the antioxidant level of blueberries. So if you guys want to spend
a little bit of more money and increase your metabolism and get even more antioxidants
into your system – try matcha green tea (one of my favorite fat burning supplements). And
one more thing you probably see people drink all the time – coffee actually has some antioxidants
but please don’t rely on coffee as your only source of antioxidants. Americans are actually
so unhealthy that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet.
So I recommend getting them from things like blueberries and green tea and vegetables instead
of coffee. But if you do drink coffee occasionally – like pre-workout or anything, that is a-ok
as well. So anyways, that is the importance of antioxidants to gain healthy weight and
build lean muscle mass. If you guys are looking for more great tips on how to bulk up and
gain lean muscle mass, check out Thanks guys!

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    How To Gain Healthy Weight: Can Antioxidants Help You Gain Weight The Healthy Way?

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