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Hey, what’s up guys? Troy here with
I want to help you guys gain muscle mass today and I want to talk about the importance of
healthy fats. So many skinny guys that I see and I meet
on a day-to-day basis, when I ask them what they eat, and the kind of things they implement
into their diet to gain the most amount of lean muscle mass – they all say protein. They
all say carbs and most guys don’t really make a point to say “I eat a lot of healthy fats
– I eat a lot of Omega 3’s in my diet” and so forth. So I want to talk about the importance
of healthy fats and also to give you guys my five favorite healthy fats (or at least
five of my favorite healthy fats) to help you guys increase your Omega 3 content, spike
up your testosterone production and just overall become healthier and increase your protein
synthesis – it has so many fantastic benefits. So two things that happen when you don’t have
enough healthy fats in your diet is your testosterone production is going to be lower and you’re
going to have no Omega 3’s in your diet. So cholesterol is actually a precursor to testosterone
production so you actually need a little bit of healthy fats to get that cholesterol in.
So things like egg yolk (which I’m going to get into in a little bit) – contains a lot
of cholesterol which is actually really essential for producing testosterone. I got this article
here too and I just want to point out a few of the benefits just in case you guys aren’t
familiar with Omega 3’s. It’s just a really good article that discusses the some of the
benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids in relation to muscle growth and training. So here it
says “Omega 3 fatty acids enhance insulin sensitivity which boost muscle protein synthesis
(a.k.a. muscle growth) and increases glucose and amino acid uptake. Omega 3’s are readily
burned for fuel sparring muscle glycogen to keep muscles bigger. Additionally Omega 3’s
have been found to blunt muscle and joint breakdown as well as enhance and recovery.
Also Omega 3’s help increase your testosterone and your anabolic hormone production. So you
need to eat healthy fats to get your Omega 3’s. So I want to get into my five favorite
healthy fats. A few of these are really rich sources of Omega 3 and overall just Omega
fatty acids. First one of my favorite healthy fats to gain
mass- it’s just a well-rounded is Omega 3-6-9 supplement. You actually want a good amount
of Omega 3 and Omega 6. You don’t want to be too abundant in any of them so by taking
a supplement like this, you’ll pretty much ensure that your body has enough Omega 3,
6 and 9s that it needs. So this supplement right here – this has got all my EPA and DHA
for my Omega 3 and it also has my GLA for my Omega 6. I’m not going to break down the
science of all this stuff – just realize that your body needs it and by taking a supplement
like this, you get everything that you need in one day. So this is comprising of flax
seed oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil so this
is like an all natural plant source. If you guys want, you can just take like a really
good fish oil too and just throw in some natural greens – you guys will be golden as well at
that. This is one thing that I’ll take daily and another thing that I’ll do is I’ll take
flax seed – it’s best to actually grind them. Whole flax seeds (this is just kind of like
the lazy version) but you get more of the natural oils and the health benefits. You
guys can buy the whole ground flax seed and you grind them like in a coffee grinder but
I talk about this in another video. But what I’ll do is I’ll put about one or two tablespoons
and I’ll put this in my oatmeal and I’ll mix it around with some cinnamon and you really
don’t taste it at all. It doesn’t even taste bad – it’s just a really easy way to get Omega
3’s first thing in the morning and some healthy fats. It’s also really high in fiber. So flax
seeds are a really, really great source of Omega 3’s to help you guys build muscle, help
you guys increase your fiber intake and overall your general health. Another thing as you can see I eat these all
of the time from my half-eaten messed up little package here – of nautural unsalted walnuts.
Walnuts are one of the best sources of Omega 3’s – they’re very high in healthy fats but
one of the healthiest nuts for Omega 3’s so I highly recommend sprinkling some walnuts
or just eating some handfuls throughout the day. Maybe you make a salad you can throw
a few of them in there. So these are really good. And so Brazil nuts are also a really
fantastic source of mono-unsaturated fats. They’re also really high in selenium – they’re
going to help you spike up your testosterone production – help you get that great calorie
surplus. Brazil nuts are really high in fat. Just one ounce has 19 grams of fat. So a fantastic
nut to create that calorie surplus and get healthy fats into your system – also get that
selenium production. It’s been shown that vitamin D3, selenium and zinc all in your
system – it’s going to help amp up your testosterone production. So I highly recommend Brazil nuts
into your diet. And, I don’t have it out right now but also
– whole eggs. So the egg yolk is really high in cholesterol (so this is going to help)
cholesterol – is a precursor to your testosterone production. So one little thing I’ve been
doing recently is I’ll have like three to four whole eggs first thing in the morning
and three to four whole eggs right before I go to bed. Since all your anabolic hormones
are released and synthesized right when you go to bed, by consuming eggs right before
you go to bed you’re getting your cholesterol high, you’re going to get your testosterone
levels nice and high and it’s just a really fantastic source of protein and healthy fat
right before you go to bed. So you wake up, you’re a beast – you’re ready to go the next
day and you’re ready to kill that workout and you have your anabolic hormones at a sky
high level. I really can’t underestimate the importance of healthy fats when you’re trying
to bulk up, gain lean muscle mass, even when you’re trying to diet down – healthy fats
are so vital for overall health – they’re going to help you guys reach your training
goals and I highly recommend consuming all five things on the list regularly. And there’s
also a lot of other healthy fats too that I didn’t get into. Any kind of mixed nuts,
avocados – there’s all sorts of healthy fats. So make sure you get it in daily and you guys
will meet your training needs.

26 thoughts on “How To Gain Mass: Eat These 5 Healthy Fats (Not What You Think)

  1. Eat these FATS to gain MUSCLE!

    Healthy fats are one of the best things you can put in your body as a naturally skinny guy.

    Check out this video to see a list of healthy fats that will maximize your testosterone, increase your energy and help you get huge!

    How To Gain Mass: Eat These 5 Healthy Fats (Not What You Think)

  2. I'm a big fan of yours.. 🙂
    I go to gym from past one year.. I'm still skinny but i have fat in lower and side abs :(.. Can u give some tips to grow muscles and in the same time to lose abs fat.. Waiting for your reply..

  3. I'm 150 need to gain weight, is fat something I (or anyone in general) should stray away from? Or for me being too lean and not massive enough should intake fat and carbs

  4. Mt testosterone is low,I asked my dr. About taking the omega's he told me not to. I asked him why and he told me that it would raise my cholesterol which was high at the time.

  5. I'm allergic to the oil in nuts…..if I eat roasted nuts I'm fine if I eat raw nuts I get fucked. Do roasted nut have the same effect as raw nuts or should I just leave them and move on to other healthy fats?

  6. we only need Omega-3s we don't need omega-6 is because we already get too many omega-6 in the food we eat already

  7. You should not take Omega-3 and 6 together because Omega-6 requires the same enzyme for Omega-3 to be converted into EPA and DHA (but Omega-6 is converted to some other fatty acids). So if you take Omega-6 it will compete the production resulting in reduction in EPA and DHA production in which these two fatty acids are very important for your brain.

  8. i am so confused with one i believe some people say that flaxseed is among best omega 3 sources and some people say that flaxssed contain estrogen which is not good eeeeeuuh witch one i'll believe !!!!

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