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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys what’s up this is your friend NITIN
SHARMA and your are watching GYMBRAH FITNESS TV. So guys our today’s topicis all about HOW
TO GAIN MASS? Friend’s whenever we think about mass gain
mass gainer will be our first priority but after it’s use we don’t get that much result
we want too. so guys i advice you to not to take mass gainer,
just change in to your regular diet and after some days your mass starts increasing and
you will get positive result. guys mass gainer have some demerit’s it increases
your side fat and difficult in digest cause liver problem. friend’s mass gaining is a step by step and
slow procedure it doeson’t like that you ate yesterday and gain weight tomorrow. it doesn’t like that
Actually it depend’s on some parameters like it depends on your metabolic rate if your
metabolic rate is fast you will gain weight slowly and if metabolic rate is slow you can easily gain weight
whenever you gain weight just prepare a calorie intake chart and step by step start improving
in it and you can easily gain weight. many of my friend’s ask me during gaining
workout is necessary. i
used to told them workout is very much beneficial
for you and keeps you fit and fine. During mass gaining just careful about some
points. 1. Balanced diet means proper amount of nutrients
vitamins, minerals proteins should be in it. 2. don’t take junk food junk food just like poison
for you it will surely increase your weight but lately it harms you much .
3. take regular meal
in place of junk food you can take energy densed food like oatmeal, almonds, cashews
etc. guys today i am going to give you a meal plan
near about 5 meals per day with the help of this you can easily increase your weight means
in breakfast 3 egg omelettes + 2 brown breads + tea/ milk
snacks 1 sweet potato( good source of carbohydrates) lunch :- yogurt+ roti+ daal+ sabji
snacks 2 dried fruits dinner curd + salad + rice
total amount of calories in this wii be 2800 cal.
which will be more sufficient to you. now in pre workout banashake
postworkout protein shake/ eggs/ chicken this is quite simple meal plan you can follow
this easily and after some days you will start noticing you weight starts increasing. i hope guys you will follow my instructions
and my diet chart. i hope you will like my video hit the like
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