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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Who’d have thought that all that strength
and size that you’re trying to build is being held back by your wrists. Guys, I’m going to show you today exactly
what could be happening, and more importantly, how to fix it. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM You want to get bigger. You want to get stronger.
Sometimes, we overlook the little things, and the little things in my world become very
important. As you guys know, as a Physical Therapist
and a Strength Coach, I can’t just focus on lifting the weights and getting you guys to
lift heavier weights without paying attention to the joints, the
muscles, and all of the things that make that happen. And that’s where the Physical Therapist in
me comes out, and that’s one of the things I wanted to show you here today. Now, we know that in order to lift the way
we have to be and the proper body mechanical form, we have to be able to lift the weight
as efficiently as possible. The problem is, a lot of guys, and some of
you have commented on our videos before, have problems with your wrists. And what I’m talking about guys is, you don’t
have enough wrist extension. And when you’re trying to get bigger and stronger, wrist extension is crucial because it’s needed
on a lot of the exercises required to build muscle. Let’s take a look at some of those exercises
exactly so I can show you what we’re dealing with here guys. If we have a bar, alright, we know that some
of the bigger muscle-building exercises are going to require that we can get to this catch
position, right the rack position up at our shoulders, and
just here. I don’t care if you’re doing a Front Squat, if you’re doing a Hand Cling,
if you’re doing a Thruster, guys, look at the wrist position. Look at
what’s needed here, right. You need a lot of wrist extension. And what happens is, if you don’t have that,
you’re basically fighting the battle of the bar falling away from you, alright. So, what can we do? Well, we have a mobilization
that we do in PT that I can actually show you guys how do and instantly improve your ability to extend your
wrist right before you’re about ready to do any of these exercises, alright. So, here’s the details here. Basically, guys,
what we need to do is we need to distract our wrist a little bit and then cause some
kind of a mobilization glide into extension. So, what we want to do is basically just take
our finger and our thumb right past the radius and ulna in our arms. You can feel that. There’s the bones right
here and right here. You can feel where they kind of drop off. You take your fingers right around here. You
find that little groove, and all you have to do is squeeze, ok. If you squeeze, you should feel a little distraction
already. In other words, the part of this hand coming away from there. You squeeze that, and then you’re going to
push down through this thumb. So, again, you’re really actually going to be doing this this
way. I just wanted to show you what that squeezing
looks like. You’re basically going to do it from here. You squeeze, and you push down through this
thumb. You’re pushing down on the proximal row of your carpal joints inside your wrist. When you do that, then you need to work yourself
into extension, so here’s how I do it. I go up to a bar, a bench, a desk, something
that I can actually stand above. I go exactly through that thing. I squeeze through here. Squeeze to the wrist.
Push down through this thumb. Down this way. Straight down, ok. That way. And then, as I’m squeezing and pushing,
I just lean into that, and lean straight forward. You can see, I’m even getting more extension
just by doing that because I’m distracting. I’m causing a little bit of space between
the end of this forearm and the beginning of the wrist. So, again, push down, squeeze, hold it, and
lean forward. Alright. One more time. Push down, squeeze, lean forward. Just like
that. We do this about 10 times, guys, and then what you’ll notice is, your extension
is way better, ok. Even just a few for me, and my extension is
pretty extreme. I always have good extension anyway, but there’s a lot of guys that are
stuck here. So, what I want you to do is start utilizing
this technique. If you have a problem doing some of your other lifts, because guys, if you can’t perform those lifts
because you’re limited through extension, and you can’t do Push Ups because you’re limited
through extension, and you can’t do Thrusters because you’re limited
through extension, you’re going to limit the amount of muscle that you can grow, and how
strong you can become. So, it’s much more important, and very important
to be looking at things not just from a strength perspective but combining the PT aspect as
well. And I think that’s what we bring to this channel,
why this channel has grown to the point it has, because you guys appreciate that. So, anyway, guys, if you found this helpful,
make sure you leave a thumb’s up below. Whatever other issues you’re dealing with,
make sure you leave them below in a comment so I can address them in future videos. And in the meantime, if you want to start
putting the science back in strength and combining Physical Therapy and a safe, effective approach
to training with the actual aesthetic goals of becoming
bigger, stronger, and faster, then head over to ATHLEANX.COM right now and
grab our 90-Day Training Program. Alright, guys, I’ll see you soon. Be back
here again. Remember, 3 videos a week.

100 thoughts on “How to Gain More Muscle (FIX THIS STRENGTH STEALER!!)

  1. Hey how are you doing, I really need help, I have wrist pain and some forearm pain when I lift and sometimes after lifting to can you tell me what I should do please

  2. Would you do this mobilisation even if you had sprained both wrists pretty badly (6 months of excruciating hand pain even just opening a door or window) years ago doing yoga? My right flexor retinacula seem to stick out more than other people's and I can easily visually take my pulse by gazing at the anterior and medial aspect of either wrist (but particularly the right one).
    Mobilisation is good but how to know how far it is ok to go?

  3. What about that clean movement? The way I was taught to do the clean was with an initial upright row (which I know you don't like as an exercise), keeping the bar close to the body, avoiding that "flick" of the wrist… Can you please address the biomechanics of this in another video (if you haven't already) ie danger of one form vs the other?

  4. I have uneven forearm please sir suggest some training to bring my uneven forearm in equal shape and equal power please sir

  5. It works both ways idk if this is normal or not lol literally freaked out not sure if its supposed to bend that far back for both ways lol

  6. Please do tell me ,why my forearms are so thin but my biceps are bigger compared to forearms,please tell me the solution to grow them

  7. Sir when i do push up and bench press i can't feel on my left chest and my left bicep pump while pushup or bench press. Help me.
    And my left scapula moving.

  8. Man I might be fit but my wrist are fucking small I really didn’t care in the first place but I bought a limited edition watch so……

  9. This is some great advice. I am not that flexible and always had pain in my wrists doing hang cleans for football. I will definitely start doing this to get that flexibility.

  10. Jeff watched at least 30 of your videos. With common 4 to 5 sessions a week have incorporated numerous exercises, increased intensity as you preach and plugged energy leaks, saw quick gains and I'm 56 yrs old! Wonder if you have or could focus a video or two on older athletes trying to fight the bulge and get back to more solid shape? Old athletes still want to move as younger ones, maybe just a little slower.

  11. Thanks Jeff, any tricks for Trigger Finger? Arthritis in my Hands from years of hitting the heavy bag and now Trigger Finger issue make gripping the bar harder, especially in the morning.

  12. Why do you always say guys btw women want to become bigger stronger faster too not just men because us woman can do it too you do boys always think us woman can’t do it

  13. I am regular squash player and had a little wrist pain problem. Thanks to you for showing me the exercise, it helped me a lot

  14. I’m a gymnast and I need my wrists to do like everything like to hold myself up in a handstand and gymnasts are just always on their hands

  15. I always have the strength, but I always get fatigued, it's seems like my abdominals can't hold me and my breath

  16. Hi there, I am really thankful, this exercise helped me a lot, i am able to stretch wrist properly but i got issue with thumb portion;
    ( feeling pain at thumb joint while doing push ups or lifting weights)can you suggest some exercises for that too..!

  17. Got a severe pain at the exact point you have mentioned pushing with the thumb, got this sprain while doing bench press with dumbbells. Any suggestions? P.S. I have weak wrists but I lift moderately heavy.

  18. As a programmer, I need my wrists for my profession. I never attempted front squats because I always thought that rear squats were sufficient in working the entire leg and I never felt like I was breaking my wrists when I did rear squats. Doing this won't break my risk, will it? I am afraid that I will be in the unemployment line for the rest of my life if anything happens to my wrists. I want more flexible wrists, but only if my wrists don't break. Thanks.

  19. my wrist is small and it's embarrassing for me I always have to wear a sweater or a hoodie to cover my wrists up and it sucks when I have to go swimming its like I wish my wrists were bigger not small 😳😦😟😢

  20. What about having shoulder cracking or weak wrist or forearms do you need to fix all that to build muscle.

  21. I am 15 and an extremely skinny boy(I am very weak). How should I gain muscle without stunting my height? Please help me Jeff.

  22. Sir my wrist pain is getting more and more, it gets cured by itself and disappear for 2 3 months thn come back, and the pain is too much from last 2 3 year m suffering from this, it goes and comes back and disappears again on itself what should i do

  23. Sir! I have injured my wrist by punching a wall unknowingly and now i am suffering from pain on it's extention. I have applied many gel over it but it doesn't work effectively, so could you please give me some exercises to cure and strengthen it.

  24. Sir my name is krishna please give your number I have some doubts in my body please clarify that pleasesir

  25. I was training my forearms a gym bro said. Bulid biceps first if I build forearms and they thicker then my biceps will not grow plz. Answer anyone em confused is he right

  26. I feel sorry for myself when i look in the mirror and see my wrist my shoulder and forearms is kinda big in my size as a skinny guy but when you see my wrist it will remind you that I'm skinny like my wrist is just so little like how.

  27. Jeff I have moderate ulner impact syndrome I've been doing some tricep extensions and stuff with the strap around my forearm hook to a cable machine so there's more than one way to skin a cat but I'm doing your method that you just showed me and I think it's going to help provide extra space in between that bone and those other bones thanks also doing some Dynamic tension and trying to keep my wrist out of a lot of movements I'm 63 but I want to keep bodybuilding

  28. I had a wrist injuries back a few years ago. I fell down landing with my left hand to the ground and my wrist sprained outward. Although it had been recovered but unable to do lifting. Jeff, please make a video about how to recover wrist injury that have difficulties to do inward weightlifting

  29. 2:16 in the shape of an L on our forehead…
    Well, the years start coming and they don't stop coming
    Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
    Didn't make sense not to live for fun
    Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
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    You'll never know if you don't go, you'll never shine if you don't glow
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    And all that glitters is gold
    Even shooting stars break their mold

    How did I do all that from memory…?

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