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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

so the 4,000 calories challenge it starts now whatup guys so I’m gonna be doing this challenge it’s gonna be a 4,000 calories a day challenge that’s right it means I’m gonna be eating 4,000 calories every single day and I’m gonna be doing this for the next two months I just wanted to do this challenge because one of my friends he’s a football player and I was I was just hitting the gym with him the other day and he was – squatting 500 pounds and I was only squatting like 280 my max right now is 315 so for me to do 284 sets it’s actually a good thing and he was basically squatting twice the way that I was doing so he was he was hitting like twice what I was sitting so I was just like wait like what what what you do to actually get to hit that much and he goes I eat 5,000 copies today which is uh which makes sense because he’s a football player and he meets all these calories in microdose a meager saying all of that so I’m gonna be eating only 4,000 calories not only like eating 4,000 calories actually eats a lot it sounds simple but it’s not and you need to be eating 24/7 and you need to track all your meals so this is what I’m doing I’m gonna be doing this challenge for two months right now right now weigh 165 hopefully by the end of this challenge I get to weigh at least 180 185 hopefully I get to weigh 190 I don’t even know what’s gonna happen this is the first time I’m doing this challenge but yeah uh so right now I’m gonna go to the supermarket and I’m gonna I’m gonna get all the radience I’m gonna be working with and all the foods I’m gonna eating like white rice like potatoes like sweet potatoes chicken a lot of chicken I’m gonna put like a lot of chicken into my diet in my daily diet and that’s it hopefully you guys enjoy the video it’s just gonna be a quick video I just wanted to introduce these new challenge to you guys so that’s it hope you liked it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel also share this video with your friends please share this video with your friends I hope you guys have a great day alright guys so this is how he’s looking so far the sweet potatoes the oak meals some chicken eggs and we just gotta get some peanut butter peanut butter you know so far so good all right guys so I just got to my house I’m gonna put all the food away and I’m gonna start prepping my meals and then I’m just gonna show you a video clip of a little video of how I prayed my meals so there you have it guys we have the chicken here and that’s just a lot of chicken I’m gonna be eating a lot of chicken these nights two months and also with the potatoes right here we have potatoes and the sweet potatoes and more potatoes I’m gonna meeting a lot of potatoes guys because it’s good source of carbs and we have the macros here all together so this is basically what mummy was gonna be looking for the next two months so yup there you go or you have it my chicken my potatoes sweet potatoes I’m watching so here you have it have some chicken breasts I have some pasta I have some sweet potatoes with it and I also have these protein shake this is how of my me also gonna be looking for these two moments and that’s it hi guys so don’t sit that was one of the meals that I made all my meals throughout these two months are gonna be looking like that one it’s gonna be packed and it’s gonna be a lot of protein in it it’s gonna be a lot of carbs all that Fox in it probably some of you guys are afraid to eat fats like that but you know how to be afraid as long as these fats are good for you like avocados and quino’s are you’ll be alright I hope you like some new ID video and just keep in mind that I’m not only only gonna be eating like crazy throughout these two moms I’m also gonna be work now then you exercising it’s not just diet but also work now I hope you like to enjoy this video you’re having an amazing day and I’ll see you next time

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