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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

There are hundreds of different foods that can help build muscle But what if you had to pick only five foods that you could eat for the rest of your life in? That case you’d want foods that could help cover many different Nutritional needs so that you did not lose any precious muscle among those needs Protein to help build and repair muscle and other tissues Fats to encourage proper hormones and reduce inflammation Phytonutrients vitamins and minerals to support general health Overall nutrient dense calories to provide sufficient energy one salmon When it comes to a great all-around food to build muscle the trophy goes to salmon It is loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids two key nutrients to build end Repair muscle tissue and to keep your hunger in check Salmon is also rich in key nutrients such as selenium vitamin D b12 niacin and vitamin D two eggs a Close second to salmon eggs are loaded with many key muscle building nutrients You can cook them in several ways keeping you form getting bored of them Eggs also contain about seven to eight grams of protein per egg not to mention omega-3 fatty acids vitamins and minerals three Almonds of all the nuts in creation almonds provide the best array of nutrients This nut is perfect for your muscles full of protein and fiber Almonds help you feel full while repairing Warren muscles They also contain tons of healthy fats that satisfy hunger al a joint pain boost cognition and provide energy for sweet potatoes of All the starchy carbohydrates out there sweet potatoes are the best option Sweet potatoes are complex carbohydrates with vitamin A and vitamin B, and they contain fiber and that can help an athlete on a diet feel full and satisfied They can be utilized pre-workout post-workout and at any other meal 5 apples This is a go-to fruit for many reasons They are a great post-workout food in a fantastic source of carbs electrolytes and fiber their skin contains many phytonutrients that the body needs Plus the sweet crunch and low calorie count make them a great craving killer which is important for those nights when you are on the prowl for something sweet if You liked my video, please like share with your friends and subscribe my channel, thanks

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