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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

whats ups you guys welcome back its upgradeyourself
here teaching you how to gain weight here today im gonna be telling you how to gain
weight and make sure you stay till the end because the ending the best part to actually
gaining mass what you guys are gonna need to know at first is how much is it gonna take
you to eat actually gain weight whats your bmr which is you metabolic rate you can find
that out by clicking here going to another video were i show you guys but lets keep learning
after you find out you basic metabolic rate your gonna make sure you make sure you guys
is 500 calories more because what your trying to do is your not trying to get fat your just
trying to gain some the second thing is dont dirty bulk between eatting junk food
like hamburgers pizza you can do this it has worked for some people if your like the 1
percent in the world that cant gain weight junk food can be your secret way out but be
careful cause you can gain body fat and just look like a chump and you wont look how you
wanna look muscular and big the next step is whats up guys next tip is avoid cardio
at all cost if your trying to gain weight cardio will wreck your gains it taking all
that food you ate and throwing it away it will never turn to mass never to muscle so
if you have running or something be like coach my leg hurts i cant run today do not let them
make you run it will wreck your gains so what more important gains or stupid pe class for
the team you got to pick wanna be a winner or you wanna be a chump alright next tip this
is like gold im handing this to you strait in your hands this is like what everyone wants
to know how do you consume all the calories with out sitting down eating food for hours
i actual know people who try to gain weight and spend so much time eating it takes away
from there day because you wanna clean bulk its gonna take alot of food cause thats clean
food that food will give you nessasary nutrients that you need with out giving you extra calories
then whats actually in it so my secret and everyone who gains weight knows it so your
gonna take a shake and when you make your shake your gonna put peanut butter in it peanut
butter will make you guys gain weight when ever your making a shake throw it in you can
eat peanut butter of a spoon to gain weight peanut butter fastest way to gain weight if
meals nasty then you need to learn to cook boy upgradeyourself with howtos

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