Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

alright guys if you guys are somewhat
skinny and you are trying to put on weight 99% sure that the reason you’re
not putting on weight is because you’re not eating enough food and I’ll talk to
you more about that right now first of all if you want to learn more about the
fitness journey or if you just want to watch my awesome youtube videos make
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you guys how I gained 20 pounds of pure muscle within my like less than a year
of working out my first year there was newbie gains but I gained a ridiculous
amount of muscle for that year all right first thing is eat faster and even more
what I mean by eat faster is like say you have a plate of like a sandwich in
Friday’s right I’m not saying that’s like the healthiest option but that’s
what you have right so instead of eating like a fried talking to your friend
you’re gonna try to eat it all within like five minutes you just kind of munch
it down because what happens is when you do do that your stomach doesn’t like
feel as full it takes about like 20 minutes for you to start feeling full
right so you can eat more and don’t drink water any of that until after your
meal number two is peanut butter peanut
butter like a little tablespoon guess how many calories that is that’s like a
hundred and ten calories per like tablespoon so if you go lift a little
bit at the gym and then you come home you have like two three tablespoons real
quick that’s a good 300 calories right after working out perfect number three
is casein protein and creatine so what you’re gonna do before you go to bed is
if you guys have casein protein you use it if you don’t you’ll get some the
difference between casein protein and whey protein there’s actually a lot to
talk about about that but I’m just going to tell you guys like the main
difference is like casein protein is slower to digest which means like while
you’re sleeping and you have casein soon and I just would like the whole length
of your sleep kind of that makes sense and creatine that explains itself I’ll
make a full video on casein tomorrow if you guys went off that
really alright question of the day is are you guys cutting or bulking let me
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