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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up YouTube welcome to hardgainer fitness I’m Jalon I’m super excited today because I just got on the scale and the scale put me at 1 well that’s not seven but 172 I’ve never weighed this much in my life never weigh more than about 165 167 I’m excited when I started I 159 just said once that we need to I’m probably more like 171 usually when I first wake up in the morning I don’t eat anything or drink anything I just get on the scale but I did have some water this morning so that could’ve gave me an extra pound or so but I was still taking last week I was 168 I read Justin on micros last week as you guys saw in the last video put on 2 to 3 pounds so it definitely worked it definitely helped past my pyaara by a long shot still got a long way to go to actually hit my goal I really haven’t been taking any supplements while I’ve been doing this so far because I want it all to be legit weight you know I don’t want to be water weight or anything like that I usually take creatine quite a bit but creatine does cause you to retain a lot of water today is gonna be leg day for the workout super exciting boy I just want to focus on a couple of tips that I can give you guys that I’ve learned while gaining 10 pounds in under two months this is the 7th week it’s definitely doable to do it the right way one or two pounds per week without dirty bulking I mean if you want dirty boat you know to each his own nothing wrong with the foot if you want to do it the clean way if you want to lean bulk it is possible make sure you watch all of my last blogs learn something from each of those continue to watch all of this one first I’m gonna you guys some good tips that you don’t want to oh yeah meal one I’m eating chicken and rice first I’m trying to get a couple of meals in before I go work out because as I said earlier today is leg day and as you know late day ain’t no joke so you got to make sure I have to carve and everything I will see you guys at meal number just got done from the workout mill number three is is smoothie if you know I’ve been drinking this every day I’m gonna be putting out a video showing you exactly what’s in this movie pretty soon so earlier I said one thing that you wouldn’t need to do in order to put on weight if you’re skinny guy is make sure you keep it as simple as possible that way you can stay consistent so the second tip that I want to give is Twatter fiber make sure you’re drinking enough water and make sure you’re eating enough fiber at least thirty to forty grams of fiber per day and at least one gallon of water per day the last thing you want to do is be constipated or it can’t use the restroom while you’re trying to gain more weight as you know you have to eat a lot of food you’re already gonna be full all the time now if you have to use the bathroom on top of that it’s not gonna be a good deal alright so make sure you use this tip as well as tip number one I’ll see you guys at meal number four alright y’all so middle number four witness I got the four for four with the junior bacon cheeseburger and then my last meal is gonna be of course the two egg sandwich the next tip is accept failure and what I mean by that is there’s gonna be some days where you fail that could mean that you don’t get enough calories in or maybe you missed a workout there’s gonna be several days where you fail every day I’ve had a failed day I come right back the next day and just get right back on my diet except the days that you have a failure don’t let it turn into a week and then two weeks and in a month and then so on and so forth alright job back with meals number five got my two egg sandwiches made it’s about nine something I don’t know we just the kids advance while I’m back here in the back don’t wanna let the hit after they go to sleep you gotta had that silence those are the best couple hours of the day the time in between you going to sleep and you put the kids to sleep I swear ten pounds up this is the most of them ever way this is the best thing I’ve ever felt it’s as strong as I’ve ever been but the last tipper that I want to tell you guys is have achieved a man if you’re doing what I suggested you to do and keeping things simple you’ve probably eaten the same ones every day just like I am and that stuff can get old super quick so today was my third time cheating the other two times I had two boxes of pizza all to myself there’s a bomb too so keep it simple one gallon of water 30 to 40 grams of fiber you don’t forget that to accept that failure is gonna happen continue along the process for the very next day and lastly have a cheat day man these four tips won’t besides the one about water and fiber because mainly get around the mental status that you have why are you going through a diet more specifically for anybody who’s going through a diet the stuff can be hard mentally I think it’s more so mental than anything else having the mental fortitude to be prepared for your meals and going to the store all the time eating all the time even when you’re not hungry and then eating the same thing over and over again you don’t have to do that ss my choice for convenience but eating the same thing over and over again or eating the same couple of things over and over again so these tips were geared more towards that for specific reason if you can conquer that part that everything else will come here we oughta man vlog number eight week number seven I’m up 10 11 pounds to where in that range I’m geek I’m excited the game go continue to come I’m a continue to bring the videos help you guys stay motivated stay encouraged and reach your goals you know who it is Mitchell I’m from Hardy and fitness helping you the feature stuff and crush that scale I see on the next week’s blog mean when I make some more gains peace with with with

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