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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

51 thoughts on “How to Gain Weight

  1. what if i want to gain weight but don't want to be muscular?? but not be fat either. I just want to gain a few pounds to add some meat on my hands NOT my belly, i dont want muscules… wouldn't working out / running make you loose weight??? doesnt excersice make you loose weight?

  2. lol and if this does now work just eat 4 boxes of pizza in one day lol, hey i tried eating healthy but it did not work so ill just gain weight the cool way AKA the guy way lol sleeping, eating and watching TV

  3. well darn it I'm under weight but this shit doesn't work I'm serious no matter what I eat I stay the same weight and I barely exercise it doesn't make sense

  4. if all else fails go to mcdonalds and eat the largest, unhealthiest, unkosherest burgers u can get ur hands on.

  5. @1233supernina eat pasta and nuts all day, and also do pushups everyday… 20 pushups by 5 sets a day.
    It will increase your body mass for sure, i was 45 kilos on 175cm height and now im 65kg on 179cm height, and im stil gaining weight with the same procedure, and i got good abs and biceps during this procedure.

  6. @1233supernina ok, your choice , atleast i would love to see a girl wil firm abs , not as defined as male but stil little abs wont hurt.

  7. Doesn't work for me. And everyone commenting on here saying Eat twinkies, big macs, eat a lot etc. I am a soccer keeper but very thin and tall so I am not the exact build for one so I need to gain MUSCLE but I dont wanna be fat! Why do you watch this if your just going to be posting negative things about it!?

  8. step 1: go to Mc Donalds at least 3 times a week
    step 2: workout for 20-30 min a day
    step 3 rest (if can, masturbate before going to sleep to reduce stress)

  9. My mom wants me to gain wait but I am normally skiny and have a god amount of strength shes (I hate to sau this but) trippin.

  10. Guys, we don't want to get fat! Some of us are probably underweight and want to be healthy! Or maybe we get teased because we're to thin! So eating at McDonald won't only make us be fat it will make us have a heart attack!

  11. Have you heard about the weight melting machine that lies hidden in your body. Copy and paste into Google Fat Blast Furnace to bring it out.

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