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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi guys, it’s been a long time without any videos In today’s video we gonna speak about 6 pack abs Periodically people ask me on Insta How do you train your abs? How to get a strong abs? How to get a shredded 6 pack? And a lot of similar questions people ask me about The first thing I want to begin with In talk about abs It’s about his shape Because, If you was born with a certain form of abs For example you has 4 pack or you even has 6, 8, 10 and 12 pack Your abs may be unpropotional or propotional It may be asymmetric or not It looks always different and it’s your own genetic predisposition For example If you want to change the shape of your abs, you can’t do it, only with surgery I think But it’s really hard to do The second point is how to get shredded 6 pack or how to get it bigger In general it’s interesting what you need to do? You should train it harder or go on a diet? I think a good diet is more important for your abs Why I think so? Every person has an abs What I mean? For example, why a sporty person goes to the gym or do another kind of sport but he has no 6 pack He has almost every muscles in a good shape Biceps, Chest, Back, Legs and so on… We just can’t see his abs because of excess subcutaneous fat It may be more desirable acceptable standards In my opinion considering genetically susceptibility 10-14% of subcutaneous fat for abs it’s ok Then you will see your abs for sure It means that we should get a good diet first we eat properly How to get shredded, you just cut down a bit your carbohydrates and raise up a bit your protein lvl We should exclude flour products sugar, chocolates (but I eat chocolate ;D) We lower the total calorie and we also exclude a harmful fats And the last point is your training routine Finally you became slimmer or you just was a skinny guy but then you has abs already I think and you wouldn’t find this video ;D ok, you became thinner and what to do next? The next step is your trainings (the best step, I pay more attention to this because I hate diets ;D) I have analized my trainings and now I can share with you only the best exercises for abs as I think Say so I do not train my abs with isolated exercises (crunches, leg raises) at all At All! Absolutly! I don’t do any isolated exercises From my trainings I can say for sure that the best exercises for your abs is the basic exercises Perfect exercise is Muscle Up (the first one) You’ll ask me why? Despite the fact that in this exercise the most common muscle groups are: back, chest, arms Your abs works pretty cool! In down, middle and up positions Your abs is always pumped and work properly To keep your body straight without kipping Qualitative muscle ups, it’s the first excercise The second exercise, one of the best, is pull ups in L-sit position It’s pretty difficult but but extremely effective because you do basic exercise for almost the entire top of your body but your abs is burning too It means that on the second place we got pull ups and pull ups in L-sit position and the last the third exercise will be a regular and other harder variations of push ups but they should be done properly Your loin does not sag and does not rise, your body is tense all the time maybe even with an additional weights But quality is always more important so your abs works perfectly Extra exercise for advanced guys, but It’s really hard to do, will be a front lever It’s another level of testing your abs and back power So we could include it like the fouth extra exercise Ok, it was my 4 exercises which I do very often and where is my 6 pack works very well In principle, that’s all what I wanted to share with you Let’s draw some conclusions Abs shape doesn’t depend on you 1. You are not able to change it (instead of surgery) 2. To maintain a low percentage of subcutaneous fat somewhere between 10-14% 3. Workouts In our training system we use basic exercises which burns fat very well and your abs works good That is everything guys So, there is no any secrets, tricks or even super secrets Nothing about 6 pack for 5 minutes (bullshit ;D) all cards are revealed Big thanks to all of you guys for watching this video! If you’re here for the first time No need to subscribe, like now, I’m not forsing you here Just Go to the channel and glance other videos If you will like it, then subcribe to my channel If not… Then no ;D Thank you one more time, see you in the next videos, bye

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  1. Красавчик,я тоже пресс не качаю,базовые упражнения делаю и он есть 😁

  2. Спасибо 🙏 всё. Верно👍🏻👍🏻 Не есть никаких рафинированных углеводов , печенье и всякую дрянь,это самое главное чтобы быть рельефнее!

  3. Thank you bro! I really appreciate this information. Also Can you do a video explaining how to build muscle with calisthenics or with weighted calisthenics?

  4. Спасиба Никита! Merci Nikita, i love your videos, from a french ukrainian guy 🇫🇷🇺🇦

  5. Хороший формат видео, посмотрел с удовольствием, спасибо за информацию👍

  6. сними что нибудь про питание) очень было бы интересно!✨

  7. Стоит отметить, что для выполнения элементов нужен пресс сильный сам по себе. Это же ты, Никита, уже много тренируешься. А вот те, кто не могут ноги поднять ровные до верху перекладины, и склёпку в качестве не сделают)
    Я бы отметил базу для пресса:
    10 идеально ровных поднятий ног к перекладине;
    Драконий флаг;
    Планка по времени нормально;
    А уже потом иметь смысл уже думать об эстетике (хотя можно и вместе, но не в ущерб тренировкам).

  8. my max perfect MU is 6 – after that i do light swing kick to do it – i afraid that it won't work on my abs for much

  9. А я жру что попало, треню динамику и пресс не хуже чем у тебя)

  10. Братан ты достоин больше подписчиков и просмотров ,давай чаще видео пожалуйста) Обучалки)

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