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100 thoughts on “How to get a BIGGER UPPER CHEST – The “Ultimate Chest Exercise”

  1. Hi Jeff
    I cannot reference the source, but I heard several times, that one shouldn't go past 30 degrees to avoid to much deltoid involvement.
    Meaning the optimal inclination is below 30 degrees. Could you elaborate on that? If possible with scientifc references. Kind regard

  2. This guy knows the mechanics of the body and prescribes the correct exercises at his disposal to better assist us to utilise the right muscles to allow us to optimise our training regime to ultimately maximise our results.

  3. completely fucking shit exercise dont do this. I would rather kill myself than do your garbage ass exercises. This is so fucking complicated and its completely fucking worthless if you dont have those retarded ass lookking dumbells. For fucks sake all your exercises are trash.

  4. hey Jeff, please tell us more about the dumb bells you are using in this video. as others have commented, they look like toasters. i`d love to learn more about them and what they do!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  5. Warning ⚠️: This exercise is NOT safe, unless 1) You unplug the toasters. 2) Make sure they’ve cooled all the way down. 3) Clean the toasters of any breadcrumbs first, otherwise these get into your eyes when you reach the up position.

  6. Many thanks to you. I have been breast feeding and then i lost weight and my chest looks really loose☹️ can these excersices help me tight my chest?

  7. Hee Jeff! I really like these old videos back in your basement! It is making me all nostalgic! You are awesome and I advocate everything I learn from you. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  8. I do many flies but with lighter weights. It takes more time but it gives me great results with my chest and I've never gotten hurt in 10 years of doing it

  9. I have hurt my left shoulder while doing that stupid bench press, so I'm going to give a shot to this exercise! Jeff, I believe in your knowledge! Thanks

  10. I love all the troll and haters. Anyone that looks good is on steroids. You guys ever think about what 20 years of progressive overload, discipline, and knowledge looks like? Look at Jeff. I know guys bigger and just as cut with many years of hard work. Quit trying to bring others down, it doesn't help you get any better. Thanks Jeff for helping so many. I am very happy with my physique after many years of learning from Jeff and many others even with slightly better than average genetics.

  11. Jeff…You're starting to freak me out. I can't tell you how many times you have posted a vid about the very thing I thinking about and/or going to be targeting THAT DAY!

    I actually do this one already!

    Thanks for your commitment to sharing your knowledge!

  12. Jeff looks so Akward on his beginnigs, you can notice how much confidence he has gotten since he started on Youtube.

  13. Tried this with normal round dumbells and bashed the shit out of my thumb when the dumbells slid off each other. Luckily I held on while the weight was over my collar bone. Hard to imagine this being safe with anything but these crazy uncommon powerblock dumbells. For those of us who don't want to be injured what would you recommend?

  14. I saw Blood in My semen. It was not completely red but contained some red spots. I did some heavy back exercise that night. I dont know whats happening. Please help

  15. Do the upper chest muscles cover the clavicle?

    Not sure if it’s the front deltoid, upper chest or both.

  16. Perfect exactly what I was looking for, upper middle chest is nowhere near where I want it. Thank you again for the great videos. Also happy to know I'm not the only one who doesn't like flys, I believe I tweaked something in my rotator and it never got right.

  17. Jeff, would a decline push up with hands in close together be the same as what you just showed us?  I normally keep my hands shoulder width apart.

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