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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

having a nice jawline make me more
important than having abs if not more important than having abs when it comes
to being more aesthetic today I’m going to be talking about three tips that will
help you get a more structured jawline tip number one is to actually smile more
often so every time you smile you’re working your face muscles there’s
muscles all over your face by the way I’m reppin that awesome jolly size merch
today anyways um the more often you smile the more you work out your face
muscles right so you guys want to smile as often as possible and you can
actually like chew gum or something that will work all your facial muscles tip
number two is actually Jazzercise if you guys can’t tell from my shirt and this
they are sponsoring this video so they sent over some stuff for me to do a
review on I got them out of the box ready um I’m actually gonna grab one and
show you guys how it works right now so I’ll set this down and grab the one that
I’m using so this is the one that I’m using you mold it and then you got and
it works all your jaw muscles so if you look here there’s a muscle right here
called them a cedar look it works out that my cedar is one of the main muscles
and that’s one of the main muscles in having stronger gel I don’t show you
guys a picture someone who has a strong cedar they actually gave you guys a
discount right now so if you guys want to check that out we’ll give it a month
trial and I’ll make another video on how it went out for me and from the looks of
it I don’t see why I wouldn’t work I mean you do have facial and jaw muscles
so I see I think it would work well we’ll give it a try and we’ll see how
that goes tip number three is to lose fat if you
have a round face you’re not gonna get a jawline you guys need to lose some fat
and get like some structure in your face and then you’ll be able to do that if
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