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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Are you tired of hearing about shortcuts to
Six Pack Abs? Then guys, I’m with you. Pull up a chair. I’ve got you covered. I’m going to take you step by step to how
to get a Six Pack regardless to what body fat level you’re at right now. What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM So you’re looking for a step by step way to
get to a Six Pack and you haven’t quite found that truthful information out there that’s
going to get you there. So what I wanted to do here at ATHLEANX is
put together a video where we specifically address how to get to a Six Pack depending
upon the body fat level that you’re at right now, ok. We know that there is lots of different variations
of body fat levels that we can have and the path to a Six Pack is going to greatly different
depending upon where you’re at right now. So what I’m going to do is cover all the different
ranges of body fat and tell you specifically what your path should be, what you should
focus on and what you should ignore. So you can find that helpful video that you’ve
been looking for all along. So we’re going to kick it off right away with
our first group, our 30-40% body fat level. Ok, first up, 30-40% body fat and note guys
I’m saying body fat and not body weight. Because there will be some guys that are going
to step on the field this weekend in the NFL playoffs that are close to 300 pounds that
are almost sporting Six Pack Abs. Because these guys are just complete beasts
in terms of their physical development. They are not fat just because they weigh a
lot. These are big men that have a lot of muscle. So you have to be careful when you distinguish. But that being said, this right here is what
a guy at 30-40% body fat would look like. So if you can identify with this, your attack
plan is as follows. You want to focus 90% of your efforts on changing
your nutrition habits, ok. And two things in particular. You want to make sure you’re making small
changes. Small changes made over the course of time,
right it didn’t take you a day to get to this point guys. So it’s not going to take you a day to get
out of it. So you want to make small changes. And try to simplify your meal plan choices. Take 5 breakfasts that you actually enjoy
eating and then rotate through those. That’s plenty of breakfast options to last
you for many, many, many weeks. Without becoming bored or stale. Because a lot of guys wind up repeating the
same meals anyway each and every day. Secondly, Supplementation. Do you need supplements at this point. My answer is NO. You’re focusing on the manucia when you should
be focusing on again, changing your overall dietary habits. And at this point supplements are kind of
a waste. Why? Because what winds up happening is these guys
think that, Well I’m taking these supplements so I can be more lax on my diet here and that’s
not the case. Matter of fact I tell guys, I don’t want to
see an order for ATHLEANRX Supplements if you’re here. Because you’re focusing on the wrong thing. First let’s get your nutrition in order. We can worry about the supplementation later. And we’ll talk about that as we get down into
the other groups. Thirdly, Conditioning. Conditioning is important guys. You gotta get your body moving. You have to establish a caloric deficit. One of the best ways to do that is just through
conditioning. However you know how I feel about steady state
cardio. And I feel that, even here in early introduction
to high intensity interval training, without the high intensity is the best way to go. So if your interval is even a two mile per
hour slow walk with a four and a half mile per hour slow jog, if that’s what you can
handle at the moment, that’s what you can handle. You can work yourself up. But I do think that incorporating intervals
into your conditioning is key. Finally, Smart Strength Training. Yes it’s a good idea to be in the gym. But you guys know, you’ve seen this guy before
in the gym, he’s the one that winds up hurting himself. He’s the one that uses terrible form on push
downs, you know that kind of thing. Or the one doing crunches and pulling on his
head. He’s the guy that’s doing all the things he
thinks he’s supposed to be, but unfortunately at this weight and at this level of conditioning, he winds up hurting himself and not coming
back to the gym at all, ok. If you are a former athlete who has had experience
training and you’ve let yourself go, you might find that you can bounce back quicker to the
more standard training styles. But for me I think, let’s start with smart
training. Others would recommend some workout magazines,
and would say, Oh Get Them, bodyweight program for a beginner. Bodyweight program for a guy that weighs almost
300 pounds, a bodyweight program is going to be pretty damn hard. Especially if you tell him he’s going to have
to start doing some pull ups. So what you want to do is have smart recommendations. It might be that you’re doing Physio Ball
wall squats because you can perfect the depth, you can perfect the form, you can get your
body moving. You work on the bigger movements so you can
burn more calories. But overall guys you just want to get the
basics, you want to get yourself going, ok. You will work yourself down from this group
all the way down to where we’re going to get to in this video. But the focus has to be in the right place
and that’s your game plan for right now. Guys in this 30-40% range, a quick little
inspiration for you. If you find yourselves here, look no further
than this guy right here, Jack Eltman. This is a guy that sent his pictures in just
the other day. An absolute inspiration for me. Makes me know that what I’m doing here on
youTube, and making these videos for you it makes it all worth it. This guy changed his life, he changes his
physic. He used to be a guy in this bracket. He clearly is not any more. And you’re going to be able to do the same
thing. But again, let’s start in small steps. Focus on what you need to focus on. And let’s keep ourselves moving. Now right down to the next range. 20-30%. Alright guys, 20-30% body fat. This here is an image of what a typical person
would look like in this 20-30% range. Now, what is the focus? Still guys, common theme, the majority of
it should be on Nutrition, ok. At this point, supplementation though, can
become a little bit of a factor. Why? Because as you start to become more dialed
in on your nutrition, you will find that supplementation allows you to become a lot more consistent
and reliable in terms of the choices that you’re making, right. You know what you’re getting. If you’re choosing the right supplements guys,
you’re getting nutrients and you’re controlling your portions on those nutrients. So you’re able to basically get more reliable
nutrition as an option but should not be your sole source of nutrition. You still want to be ingraining the right
nutrition habits here. Because they’re going to carry you through
all the way down to that sub 10 level. As far as your ab repertoire, right we didn’t
really even talk about ab exercises in that first group. Because I didn’t think it was all that necessary. You’ve got too much work to uncover the abs
to be worrying about them at that point. However in this case here, we want to start
increasing the ab repertoire. We want to start doing the basic ab exercises. We want to start doing planks. We want to start doing, yes, crunches. Crunches work guys, they flex the spine, it’s
one of the key roles of the spine. But we don’t want to rely only on crunches. We want to start doing some standing rotational
work, ok, with light tubing or with cables. Just to get your abs working properly. You don’t need to be doing all these complicated
variations of ab exercises. Matter of fact, a lot of guys and you can
thumb up below if it’s you, will find that when doing certain reverse
crunching movements, in this lower body fat range, you get lower back pain. Why is that? It’s because your abs are still too deconditioned
and not strong enough to handle the loads of your lower body in those reverse crunching
movements or hanging movements. So you’ve got to pick and choose and most
of all, I think find the benefit in focusing on core engagement on all of your big lifts. This is something I’ve talked about a lot
here at ATHLEANX. When you’re doing your bend rows. When you’re doing your squats, engage your
core. Be aware of it. Try to hold it and activate it throughout
the rep so that you have that stability carrying through. That’s going to go a long way towards helping
you build that foundation for your Six Pack as you continue to strip away this body fat. And in terms of your conditioning, you still
want to be improving your intervals at this point. We like interval training here. So you want to start to improve those intervals. If you were doing two mile and four mile,
you’re going to be doing four and six miles an hour or seven miles an hour, ok. Try to gradually improve your conditioning
as you can, so you can continue to use that as a source of burning fat, burning calories
to establish that caloric deficit. But this here guys, this is your game plan
for getting out of this zone and down into the next one. Alright guys moving on to the next group right
here, 15-20% body fat. What I call No Mans Land. Why? It’s because it’s where most guys get stuck
on their way to their Six Pack Abs. This is what I’m talking about. This is the 15-20% guy, ok. And if you look like this you might be able
to relate to the fact that you’ve looked like this for quite a while. Because this is a hard realm to get out of
because it requires the most consistency. You’ve already done a good job. If you’re in this range guys, you’ve put yourself
in a range that’s better than average. Better than the average guy. Because the average guy is going to fall higher
than this unfortunately. But it’s going to take a consistent dedicated
effort to get yourself out of here. But I’ve got to give you some encouragement. It’s one of the easiest places to get out
of if you do it right. Here’s what you have to do. In order to get out of No Man’s Land you have
to be consistent, like I said, that requires variation in your training. Don’t keep doing the same workout over and
over again. Your mind will get stale. Your muscles will get used to it. You’re going to wind up being here because
as I say, If you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’re going to keep getting what you’re
getting. And I know I’ve attacked some DVD programs
before. I think they contribute to a lot of this happening. Because they basically tell you to keep doing
the same exact workout over and over again. No variation on exercise. No variation on intensity. Listening to the same guy over and over again. It gets boring, ok. So what you want to do is vary that. You want to have consistent progression here. Here’s where you’re aiming for an additional
rep. Here’s where you’re aiming for a little bit
more on your conditioning, a little bit more effort. All these things are going to add up. Because as you start to push, you’re going
to see changes. And as you see changes, they should inspire
you mentally to be able to push further. Because once you get through here the rest
is easy guys. We put abs in every single exercise now. This is where our ATHLEANX guys come in all
the time. This is where a lot of our guys that come
to us for ATHLEANX, are. They’re in this zone, they’re frustrated,
they can’t get results. They start the program, we get them through. Because we start putting abs in every single
exercise. By doing exactly what we’re shown you here
on this channel for many many years now. Intensity again, without annihilation. You want to push yourself as hard as you can. You don’t want to annihilate and start overtraining. We’ve discussed that before. Yes it’s very real. Yes it does happen to keep a lot of guys in
this realm, when they succomb to it. Finally, Supplementation. A good thing here again. It’s going to continue your efforts of your
good nutrition. It’s going to make it easier. It’s going to make it be more consistent,
ok. So everything comes down to consistency here. And supplementation gives you that edge in
this point, for our recovery from our hard workout. So if you are leaving it all out there, the
supplementation, the right kind of supplementation will help you to recover from those hard workouts. So you can continue to repeat it and be consistent,
ok. So that is your goal here. Remain consistent. Do everything you can. Ab exercise, again, the repertoire increases
again. You should have a little less back pain if
you were the guy that did have back pain in the 20% range. Because your abs should be stronger. You should be able to tolerate more of an
increased repertoire. Especially with some of the curling from the
lower body up. Especially on like a hanging bar, the more
difficult ab exercises are well within your range to do. Ok guys, this is where it starts to gets good. This is the 10% body fat range. Right here, this is what we’re talking about,
ok. Definitely you’ve got visible abs at this
point but you think you can do a little bit more. You think there’s still some room for improvement. And that’s a good thing because you’re right. If you’re goals are to get a really ripped
Six Pack, then you’re going to have to get lower than 10% body fat. But here’s where we sort of have some new
techniques, right. Abs In The Right Light is what I say. This is the guy that says, I can see them
when I’m in the room with all shadows but when I go out in the daylight nobody can see
my abs any more if I get to the beach, right. What we have to focus on here guys is fine
tuning. And at this point, when we talk about nutrition,
I said here cheat meals not days, right. I don’t believe in cheat days guys, I really
don’t. I think if, I have an analogy I talk about,
playing darts. Anybody can play darts. All you have to do is set up a board and be
able to hit the board, right. I’ve seen some people hit the wall and come
close to hitting people around them. They’re not good dart players, they probably
shouldn’t be playing. But the guys that can play darts, you’re basically
just trying to just hit the board, if you just want to be an average dart player. But if you want to win at darts, you’ve got
to start hitting the bullseye. And when you want to start getting sub 10%
body fat, you guys better be willing to hit the bullseye more often than not. And that is why I say cheat meals not days. And even your meals, you want to try to keep
them to a minimum. If you’re eating 5 to 6 times a day, you’re
looking at 35-40 meals a week. Try to slip up on only a couple of them guys. Because if you really are dedicated to wanting
to get a ripped Six Pack, you’re going to have to make some of those modifications. Yeah, I’m not saying eat uncomfortably or
starve yourself. Because especially at ATHLEANX and our meal
plans guys, you’re eating well and you’re eating foods that you’re going to like. Ask any guy that’s followed the program. They actually enjoy the meals they’re on. So it does not mean starvation. It just means, not succombing to these really
bad cheat meals, ok. From here, Six Pack Progression. I’ve talked about it in another video before
guys. Where we did a whole video on it, I can actually
link it right here. That video guys, talked about a sequence for
your ab training. Now we’re getting more sophisticated. Now we want to start following specific sequencing. Lower abs, bottom up rotation, top down, mid
range, top down rotation, ok, static contraction of the abs, anti rotation, rotation. Those things start to matter and if you want
to start following that, we have it all covered and we actually lay it all out for you in
our Six Pack Promise that comes with ATHLEANX, to give you guys more of these specific workout
by workout options. But suffice it to say that at this point guys,
the sophistication level of your training of your abs specifically, increases. And finally, All Progression. You want to start pushing yourself again,
like I said, that one extra rep, that extra intensity, that better effort on your conditioning
workouts. All of it’s going to add up to get you through
this wall here at 10%. And really get you down, lean, ripped and
athletic. Alright let’s wrap it all up guys right here. The absolute shredded 5%, 6, 7% body fat. This is where guys, you are going to become
your own worst critic. You know exactly what you have to work on. These are the guys that are going to say,
I’ve really want to get my obliques a little bit more. Or I’ve got to get my serratus to pop out
a little bit more. Or I’ve got to work on those lower abs, right. This is where you become sort of a scientist
of your own body. Your supplementation, again, fine tuning guys. You should be so consistent with your supplementation
by now. You should be so consistent with your nutrition
at this point. Everything should be dialed in, it’s just
a matter of tweaking to make sure that you look the way you want to look. Honestly guys, I come out here and I film
these videos for you guys each and every week. I never pre film videos. I do them in real time, as you see, I want
you guys to see that it is possible to maintain a certain level of physic and body fat, year
round. I’ve talked about bulking and cutting, it’s
BS, it’s not needed. I don’t want you guys to ever feel as if you
ever need to do that. You can continue to add muscle. I’m close to 40 years old, I’ve added muscle
here even in the past couple of years by being consistent with my training. By continuing to push myself hard at every
workout. And by becoming sort of in tune with my body
to the point where this becomes automatic guys. You can do it, ok. You can do it. And I’ve actually, as I’ve said so many times
here, put this all together for you in the ATHLEANX training system. Guys want to know what I do, that is what
I Live and what I preach. And I put that all together for you guys in
a program that will help you. Again, whether you’re Jack Eltman and you’re
working all the way from 30-40% body fat or whether you’re a guy that’s already ripped
and lean and just looking to gain that extra edge, this is the program for you guys. I’ve been saying that all along. If you haven’t already, come join me on TEAM
ATHLEAN, ATHLEANX.COM. I hope you guys found this incredibly long
video to be helpful. I know that it is longer than my usual but
I think that if you watch it, even if you’re not at these high levels of body fat, you’re
going to find it extremely helpful. And hopefully you can push a friend to the
video and let him see it. Because I think, if they start focusing on
the right things, they’re going to get all the BS out of their
heads that their getting filled with on some of these other videos that aren’t really addressing
the real deal. And hopefully find this one to be the answer. Alright guys, be back here again next week,
in just a few days actually. Let me know if you found this video helpful. And let me know where you’re at right now. What’s your body fat level. Maybe I can get you exactly on that path to
where you want to be. Alright guys, talk to you soon.

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