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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Let’s face it. The last time you probably thought about your
low back was when it was hurting you. So today what I want to do is give you four
exercises that you can do in your own home, without any weights at all to help fortify
your back against all future injuries. You see, your low back has to be strong. But not just that. It will never be strong enough unless it gets
the help from your glutes. The glutes are a muscle that will work in
concert to extend your body. One from below and one from up top. But if they’re not working together then you’re
going to be in that situation where you find yourself hurting at some point down the line
when you go to do your big lifts. Somewhere along the way it’s going to betray
you. Let’s cover these four exercises though, because
these are going to be four, quick things that you can do that will help to prevent any of
that from happening in the future. Okay, let’s kick this one off with one that
looks – I get it – a little bit funny, but I promise you it will really, really work. What you want to do here is you want to get
yourself down on the ground and then turn your feet out. This is a frog glute bridge. What we’re doing by turning our feet out is
we’re actually activating the glute medias, an external rotator of the hip. But we want to try to, again, tie all these
muscles together that will influence that extension and influence and tie into the low
back and the glutes itself. So when we get in this position now we lift
up, off the ground. The key here is we’re getting full clearance
of our butt off the ground and you’re not just getting off the ground if you’re squeezing
it as hard as you possibly can at the same time that you’re squeezing the muscles in
your low back. You hold each one of these for five seconds. You’re doing 10 reps for five seconds and
then you move right on to the next exercise here. So now we’re going to stay in this position. We’re still targeting the lower back and the
glutes tougher, but now we’re tying in from – instead of below with the glute medias
– now we’re going to tie in a little from the top down. We’re going to get the lats involved. So you’re going to take your elbows and drive
them really close to your sides, but into the ground. We know that the lats feed down, and in toward
the muscles of the low back into the pelvis. So we can activate them by trying to almost
do a row into the floor. Again, drive yourself up. Contract the low back, contract the glutes,
and then to put that nail in the coffin you want to try to extend one leg out. So again, you focus on not allowing your hips
to drop here and you do it for five seconds on each leg. When you transition between the right leg
and the left leg it’s super important not to allow your pelvis to move, or tip. You go to the other leg, you go five seconds,
you go back and forth 10 times on each leg and then we’re going to turn over on our stomach
to hit the next two exercise. The first one here is actually one of my favorites. It’s called the angel of death because you’re
going to be making nice, little snow angels, but you’re going to be doing them on your
stomach and you’re going to wish that you died about five, or six reps in. What you’re going to do is get flat on your
stomach and a lot of us will do exercises where we lift just the top part up because
we think we’re working our low back. But that is not enough if you’ve been listening
to what I’ve been saying in this video. You need to make sure that the glutes are
involved, too. So those feet and legs have to get off the
ground, too. Not just your toes, but I’m talking about
your toes, your knees, and your thighs. As high up as you can to get that extension
in through the hips, in through your glutes. Now you’re going to take a five second cadence
to move your hands from this overhead position all the way down to your sides. You’re going to go and rotate your hands as
you come up, then you’re going to rotate your hands as you go down, but five seconds to
go from the top to the bottom, and then five seconds to back up to the top. You can see, literally, every muscle in my
back is contracting here to allow me to do this, but most of all we’ve got this really
strong, lengthened contraction in our low back and glutes forcing them to work over
the duration of the exercise, which is what we need to keep this low back nice and strong. Not just here, but when we’re actually doing
our bigger lifts that we tend to focus a lot more on. Finally we end with our pulsed I. With the pulse eye you’re going to stay in
this position where your body looks like and “I”. Your arms are held close to your body, nice
and tight. You’re still in that same position where your
legs are lifted off the ground, your upper torso and chest is lifted off the ground activating
from both the top and the bottom. Now you want to challenge yourself with these
pulses. The pulses are basically done as fast as you
can handle for five seconds. Obviously, the more pulses you get in the
five seconds the more potential it is for your body to fall down to the ground. The more work your body is going to have to
do to prevent that from happening. So for five seconds at a time you pulse your
arms as hard as you can, and then you rest in the contracted position. Then you start over again. Pulse it for five seconds and you rest in
the contracted position. Remember, we’re trying to accumulate time
here. Your low back is going to function much more
as an endurance muscle than it is to function as an overall one rep power muscle. So we need to be able to have, in our training,
the elements that address the longer duration here. So when you do all of these, that’s your routine. How often would you do it? You do it frequently because we want to make
sure that we’re attending to these weaknesses that have built up over a long period of time. You can do this little routine here, it literally
takes five to six minutes. You can do this every single day and you’ll
build up the tolerance to be able to do this for even a little bit longer. The key is this: stop avoiding and ignoring
your lower back. I know it doesn’t get all the attention
of all the beautiful muscles around it, but it is so important to developing all those
muscles in the first place. Guys, if you don’t want to overlook any
important element of your training and you want to start training like and athlete where
everything matters; head to right now and get our ATHLEANX training system. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what you want me to cover here
in a future video and I’ll do my best to do that. All right, guys. See you soon.

100 thoughts on “How to Get a Stronger Lower Back (WITHOUT WEIGHTS!)

  1. Jeff, Appreciate all your FREE advice (will never understand why someone would press dislike when it's free). All your advice makes total sense! For the longest time I had said a lot of what is advised by doctors didn't make sense. Sometimes I think they are winging it. However, your advise makes total sense. I have walking issues and the doctors all kept saying, it's MS. Went to a chiropractor and he said, get an MRI on that lower back! The chiropractor discovered, ITS A DAMN PINCHED NERVE from 2 slipped discs! With the chiropractors discovery and YOUR advice on strengthening my legs, ankles and lower back… I'm well into a path of walking normal again. Thank you so much and God Bless

  2. Thank you very much Jeff. I love doing body workouts especially. Mainly because it shows how durable and how strong you can perform controlling your entire body’s movements

  3. Great video, thank you. I’ve had lower back pain for a long time and after implementing this into my workout routine little by little everyday that pain is gone. My advice from my doctor was to rest and take ibuprofen but I realized that made it worse, exercising and continuing to move helped way more. Thank you for posting, it saved me from so much pain.

  4. Hi Jeff. I would like to Thank you for your work and videos. My back was aching and I could not walk properly, but after doing the first two exercises in this youtube vídeo I am feeling great. God bless you.
    Mario, from São Paulo, Brazil.

  5. thank you! do you have tips on any other natively weak spots we tend to avoid while training? i.e hip flexors/rotator cuffs etc that we can also focus on getting stronger so we can train harder and smarter? great info in this video, cant thank you enough

  6. I feel better already after only 2 of those exercises😭😂 this is the first progress I made after about 5yrs of low back pain. From now on your word is law in my book!

  7. 1:56 AND the trapz and the shoulder keep the arm not beeing pulled down to far as well as the chest maintaining the balance of the armbone.

  8. Jeff I just want to express my gratitude for your videos, it's free, and it's completely informative, no secrets hold back. God bless your soul

  9. I always have paid attention to my low back, especially as a cyclist, but I couldn't ever find exercises challenging enough. Basic bridges and birddogs don't cut it for me anymore (not even some of the advanaced Pilates exercises I do cut it for me), so it's nice to find exercises I never even would have considered that actually are challenging.

  10. Jeff knocks it out of the park again. I'm 62, exercising my entire life, and an athlete back in the day. I added these 4 exercises to my core and ab workout, and it feel a world of difference. Great Stuff! Thank You Athlean-X

  11. I cannot thank you enough for the video, and well all of them, but 2 wks ago, i went to the orthopedic doc because i was experiencing lower back pain, it was getting so bad that i couldn't sit, and when i went to get up, well it was awful. i am 50 and i have been working out since i was 20. i came home from the apt and i found your video, and i did it 2x's that day and different times of the day and WOW, within one day i was a new woman. I did it that way for the first week and then i went up to do 20 of each once a day. i am on 30 a day now. plus, i grab others from your other videos and incorporate them. I am so grateful to you for getting me pain free and for sharing your knowledge so that we can all benefit and go pain free and to help us do things the right way. you explain things so in depth but relate able and understandable. do you think you will do any more exercises on IT band?? i did your one. i still have pain in my right hip and outside thigh that goes mid way down the thigh. i think it is the IT band, but i could be wrong. thanks again, your awesome!!!

  12. Hey Jeff, Jesse, who ever reads these. I recently was doing bent over tbar rows with the v-bar attachment and felt some sort of pop in my lower or mid back. Instantly it hurt to stand up. I went to a chiropractor and had an adjustment and they said I had ridiculously tight calves and hamstrings and weak glutes but they never said anything regarding my back per-sey but that it is "flat".
    I have watched some of your videos and they say that you should train your core and your glutes to help with low back pain and your pelvis tilt, I have been doing core exercises but when I am finished I feel that my lower back is still feeling uncomfortable, is my lower back feeling this way because it is weak or because it is tight, or is a weak muscle a tight one? Lastly. What is your thoughts on the lower back extension machines? I have been told they are not good for you and to do the one where you hang off the padded unit and to hold a plate, but why is there a difference if they are both loaded? Thanks man!
    Youre videos are truly gold, this is my second back injury, I'm 27 and I really got a wake up call on how muxh easier you get F'd up when youve lived with bad posture and are not very loose in the back hips and legs.
    Appreciated if you ever get to this man! (Might make a good video for the back extension machine part?)

  13. Hi,
    Should we do all of these exercises one after another for a complete lower back workout? And is this to keep the current strength of your lower back (endurance), to increase the strength of your lower back, and is there a plateau point for this where you'd need weights afterwards? Or are these exercises preventative measures to keep you from hurting your back during other exercises?

  14. I lifted as a young man then took a 15 year vacation. Now at 41 I'm lifting again to get in shape to be more active with my kids. These videos are perfect and have helped me train hard but not get hurt. So thankful they are available for free online. Amazing.

  15. How many times do I do this a day? just started working out after years of not. Every time I do push ups or sit ups it kills my lower back

  16. Why is the EXACT THING I need to help my lower back because it's so weak and prevents me from doing deadlifts

  17. Hey, so every time I do the angel of death, my shoulders, mainly the left, pop. It doesn't matter what position I do them in, arms slightly higher or lower, outstretched more or less, differently timed rotation, they just pop. Just wondering what was up with that and how I can fix?

  18. Thanks a lot man
    Jeff your videos are the only ones I can trust and learn from, these videos are awesome and techniques like this are really beneficial.


  19. All these comments about how his videos are helping is so inspiring. I will return in 2 weeks time and I hope so bad that I feel a difference.

  20. Thank you for this, i do go-karting at a very high level and found my lower back was starting to hinder my performance, after using these techniques, it has helped me so much, so thank you!

  21. Iam 14 and i use 4 kg dumbell and do dumbell curls 60 times and I do so many exercises but still i couldnt see my muscles

  22. I had a herniated disc in my lower back in January, went through PT and the pain came back recently just not as bad. I’m looking for anything to make it go away. Hopefully this will help. Do you do paid video consults for PT? I’d be interested. Thanks.

  23. If u have a pelvic tilt is this advisable? These exercises looks like it makes it worse? Or is it good?

  24. Jess im a yoga teacher and i really appreciate your knowledge. i try to bring strength to my classes as i know its so vital. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  25. You’re the best, Jeff. Made the mistake of doing leg presses for months and when it was time to barbell squat, my back is too weak

  26. I had for 4 years of back pain, which gone through my leg. After the exact stuff, Jeff is showing, it was gone! Did this therapy for 2 weeks, each week 3 times for 20 minutes, including a warm up e.g.: standing on all fours on knees and doing a "cat-back" and a "horse-back". Well, after 2 weeks, the pain was gone and walked out after every therapy like "the terminator". To keep it, you need at least to do it one time a week, better more! It really helps!!!

  27. Don't know if anyone asked this, but would this work as a warmup routine?
    I work out at home and because of neighbors and sleeping kids, I can't do noisy things like jumping Jack's and burpees unless I'm outside (and we just hit the wet period of the swedish summer).

  28. I feel like these exercises require a strong lower back to begin with lol. If you don't have the stability to begin with, attempting a couple of these with bad form will most likely just f*** up your situation even more.

  29. Dear Athlean x team i tried all the lower back exercises yesterday in this video and the others. But now my lower back hurts a lot is this because of muscle sorness or something else…thank you soo soo soo much you have really helped my life i could not done it with out you… much love

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