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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “How to get a STRONGER Muscle Up | 2018

  1. So my weight is about 235 lbs hardly any muscle. What do you recommend for me? Is there a program I can take?

  2. yoo Chris Heria i love your workouts i´ve download your app THENX and i cant log on, your vids are cool man.. im from africa we do your workout here, we are 7 yet.. love from AFRICA Mozambique

  3. Yess was looking so hard for a weight vest from you but I couldn't find it. Glad to hear they're coming soon 🙂 def gunna buy one right away.

  4. Chris you have become my new inspiration ive never wanted to work out as bad as i do now honestly. 🙌💯🙌and cause i kinda look like you just no tatts.

  5. Hey Chris i have a question i honestly never see spoken about and just curious what more elite or professionals do. If you are injured with a sprain in ankle or wrist or even recovering from illness do you take fulltime off and rest until full recovery or do light workouts or muscle targeted work outs? Also if following a program should you pick up where you left off or what?

  6. Chris you never stop. And that is what i love about you. You create consistent content on Youtube, provide us with cool new stuff at, develop the App and even start doing music in a more serious way. You are a very motivational and inspirational person. Thank you for sharing all these things with us!

  7. Hi Chris! I admire your work and dedication! May I bother you with one question: "how often to do this strong muscle up workout?". Thank you in advance!

  8. Sir I saw your many muscle up videos but I can't muscle up sir I can't what to do iam from India

  9. Sometimes when i'm doing pull ups i'll get a sharp pain in between my shoulder blades/lower neck area, Its like a zap. Any of you know why? Should I not continue doing them if it starts up?

  10. I did my 1st 12 muscle up yesterday! I followed your 3 steps and executed after a month of training! Thanks bruh!

  11. So amazing. I can do MU without kipping but swinging a little bit. I can't imagine do them not only without swinging but with weight too. You're my HERO

  12. I can only get to my lower chest when attempting the muscle up. I can't get above the bar but when I start above it I can press up. Advice to get that in between part?

  13. I can't do a single thing but i love watching it. Yes black, grey, white, transparent suits u(🔥ㅅ🔥) . Do you wear other colours too. Just curious 😅

  14. hell yeah bro youre a fuckin machine and to find out you skate too is fucking dope. I wanna be a fuckin ninja like you, ill get that pro membership after i get thru boot camp

  15. Sir your tattoos are fantastic but tattoo on neck is not so good because it seems loke a black bend in throat side…..

  16. WTF this guy is a shredded super human and a skater at the same time. That explains the punk culture sort of style he looks. This guy is the man.

  17. The negative muscle up is a killer.
    It is the single most challenging part as you go for switching part slowly at the beginning it is painful on the arm, forearm and wrist but then those part get stronger.
    Even though, i weightlifted all my life, Calisthenics is very different and interesting.
    And your videos are awesome
    Thank you for the advice

  18. Крис, я смотрю тебя из России и мне приходится искать видео, где есть перевод на твои видео, что бы понять о чём ты говоришь. Я очень рад, что узнал о тебе и стараюсь стать как ты,даже лучше. Мне 15 лет, 29 июля мне будет 16. Уже прошло 3 года как я стал заниматься и я очень этому рад, ведь за последний год мне хотелось всё бросить и жить как мои друзья, но я увидел тебя и я замотивировался идти дальше. Сейчас я могу подтянуться 27 раз(чистыми), а в пятом классе я мог подтянуться всего лишь 2 раза!!! Это и подтолкнуло меня заниматься, а благодаря тебе я продолжаю это делать. Спасибо тебе, Крис Хериа!

  19. Someone know the name of the techno beats at the beginning (00:00)? Great Video btw keep it going! 🙂

  20. That song at the begining is my favorite song to do cardio too. Luv it and hope you can do some more skateboarding tricks for us in upcommin videos. You rock bro at no matter what you do. 200 k subs when this video was made. I am glad to now be on board to the Journey to 2 Million Subs.

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