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Hi! Hourglass figure as the name suggest we
have to tone and trim the middle body for which we are bringing you some simple exercises
let’s get started.Lie down side ways bend your elbow and keep it directly under your
shoulder about the feet stat keep it straight line your shoulder your hip and ankle falling
in the same line you can place your right hand on your waist and without straining your
neck inhale and get ready to lift your hips up and hold for few seconds without holding
your breath look straight feel the toning feel the contraction feel the attention around
your waist and gently inhale exhale and bring it down continue doing for 2 3 times and we
will put the this side get into the same position check your elbow keep the distance same between
the ear and the shoulder place your hand on your left waist and gently inhale exhale and
lift your self up hold the position don’t tighten your neck muscles just keep breathing
and gently inhale exhale and bring it down now lets go for the second one sit in a
V-sit position lengthen your spine slightly lean back take your hands forward and without
turning your head twist to your right and gently twist your left lets count 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 continue doing this for another 10 times and we will show you the third move
come into V sit position side ways keep both the legs straight now gently twist your right
side place your hands if your flexibility allows you this much we can place and push
your head in the centre of your hands lift yourself up twist back to your original position
alike one more time twist and if you can twist more you can go as much back you can placing
your forehead in the centre of your hand lift yourself up and gently release lets do the
same thing other side twist push yourself down lift up and back as you can see all the
twisting around is going to turn your middle body continue doing this for couple of sets
and you will see lot of trimming happening around your waist.

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  1. is there any solution to broad shoulders? like I want narrow one which is normal em a girl & I've got broad shoulders so please tell me how to deal with it

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