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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys what’s going on in this video I’m going to take you through my arm workout but first of all if you want to know about my work outfit you should check out one of my previous videos where I talk about this topic and also how to design your own workout flip and if you already know about my workout clip you should know that arm Day is not part of my split but I like to incorporate an arm day once in a while we’ll have nostalgia hits me before we start off I want to tell you that this workout is intense and every single set is a superset going back and forward from bicep to a tricep exercise we’re going to do five super sets for super sets for biceps and triceps and the last superset is going to be or form anyways let’s begin our workout we’re sign up with superset number one we are super setting standing barbell bicep curls with close grip bench press you can also do bicep curls with an EZ bar it’s much more comfortable on your wrist because the bar is crooked when it comes to close grip bench press it can also put a lot of stress on your wrist if you put your arms too close so why I would today is doing the shoulder width grip or slightly long shoulder width we’re lowering the bar slightly to all the chests in the upper abdominal region I did two warm-up sets for both exercises and then I did four working sets of ten eight eight six reps increasing the weight based on the amount of reps for our second superset we’re super sending camera curls with skull Crusher’s camera curls are a great exercise for the long scan of the biceps but if you want you can check out one of my previous videos where I show you the top five best exercises for the long head of the biceps so you can see what other exercises you can do to bring down the long head of the biceps as for skull crushers if your arms are longer like mine you don’t have to bring the bar to your forehead you can lower the bar behind your hip a great variation of both brushes is doing them with Amba I did four sets of eight to ten reps for both exercise our third superset our wide grip cable curl with cable tricep pushdowns there’s not really much to say about these exercises except the fact that you have to keep your elbows locked when it comes to both exercises I did three sets of ten reps our final biceps and triceps superset are going to be dumbbell preacher curl with overhead cable tricep extensions I did three sets of ten to twelve reps the dumbbell Fraser girls are a great variation of preacher curls and I highly suggest you try this exercise out if you haven’t already and when it comes to triceps I want to explain something every time you’re doing an overhead tricep exercise you’re putting more stress on the long head of the triceps and when you’re doing exercises like cable foot down for example you’re focusing more on the short head of the triceps we’re now moving on to Florida I superset as over camp barbell curls with barbell forearm curls – behind your back watch carefully how I’m twisting my arm when I’m doing overhand barbell curls I did four sets of ten to fifteen reps and did the exercises with a very light weight and so to do that is just for this video guys I hope you enjoyed the video thank you all for watching and if you’re new to the channel be sure to keep that subscribe button for consistent weekly content with all that being said I hope you have a great day and I’ll be seeing you all in the next video

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