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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What if I told you that regardless of your
genetics, there are only three things you have to get right to build muscle mass fast? We’re going to get into that in today’s video. This is going to be episode one of The Science
of Getting Bigger and after this episode, you’re going to look at muscle building in
a completely different way. Yo, what is going on guys? I am back in action. We’ve got an action-packed video today. I’m going to explain my disappearance for
the last six months on the channel. I’m going to take you inside a DXA scan machine,
where I’m actually going to measuring how much lean muscle mass that I have because
this is going to be episode one of ten, The Science of Getting Bigger. So my life update clip got ruined by the Venice
Beach wind, so what I’ve been up to the last six months is you know those blue people,
the Blue Man Group, that actually dress up and splash paint around and they’re basically
cool blue people, well that’s what I’ve been doing the past six months. So I’ve basically been on a worldwide tour
with them. Just kidding guys, that’s totally not what
I’ve been up to. But what I have been working on is a really
cool supplement and fitness lifestyle company. You guys get the Weight Gain Network discount,
so I will make it in the description below, but I actually created the world’s most maximum
dose pre-workout called SuperHuman. Really proud of it. I created a nighttime recovery supplement
with my team. And if you guys are interested in any of these
supplements, make sure you use the Weight Gain Network discount in the description below. I also started a YouTube channel called SuperHuman
You and I’m doing a series that’s going to run parallel to this one. So on SuperHuman You I’m documenting my arm
transformation. I’m trying to grow the size of my arms, so
I’m going to really gear in on my arm training. On this channel we’re just talking about all
things getting massive. So the science of bigger arms is going to
be on SuperHuman You and the science of getting bigger overall is going to on Weight Gain
Network. On our way to BodySpec right now and I’m getting
my first ever DXA scan. Now this is the most scientific way and most
accurate way to measure the exact amount of muscle mass that you have in like your entire
body and it actually gets really specific so you can measure like your arms, your legs,
your chest, your back and you really see like where you’re actually putting on muscle mass. So this is going to be so cool because I’m
going to train really hard for the next ten weeks and I’m going to see precisely how much
muscle mass I can put on. So it’s pretty cool to see this is five pounds
of muscle tissue and this is five pounds of body fat, so as you can see the muscle is
way more condensed. This is like – I mean if I had to guess I
would say – I thought it was actually 10 or 15 pounds of fat so that’s pretty crazy. I feel like a lab rat. So here you can see the breakdown of region
pounds with your lean tissue being here, fat tissue, and then your bone mineral content
is how much your skeleton weighs. Got you. So these three numbers combined is basically
just my body weight, right? Okay, so this is really cool. This is the muscle and fat loss balance report. So it basically goes like right arm, left
arm, right leg, left leg and it’s going to show you the percentage fat and the percentage
lean mass. So you see right here I have a tiny bit more
lean mass in my left leg than my right leg and my right arm and left arm actually have
identical, the same amount of lean mass. All right guys, so this is the official weigh-in. It is Tuesday November 21st. So I’m going to weigh in here and 183.2, so
that is the starting weight 183.2, and it’s time to make some gains. The first part of my workouts I’m going to
be lifting heavy. I’m going to try to get stronger on a compound
lift, so dumbbell lift, deadlift, squat. Like today for instance, I went really heavy
on squat, on dumbbell lunges and on dumbbell bench-press, so trying to get stronger on
the key lifts, your body’s largest and strongest muscle group. All right guys, so the second way we’re going
to build a lot of muscle mass in the next 12 weeks is so start off the workout getting
stronger and then focus on metabolic stress maximum time under tension. So instead of going – you know, jerking the
weight doing really heavy curls, I’m going to do a lot of time under tension stuff, really
high rep, squeeze that muscle all the way through. And I notice my arms and smaller muscle groups
respond way better to like maximum time under tension, like going 15 to 25 reps, really
squeezing the muscle all the way through like this. I saw Brad Castleberry flexing back there. And then once you get fatigued to add more
time under tension. For instance with like bicep curls what you
can do is if you go to half reps right here. Keep those shoulders back and mind-muscle
connection is everything with the metabolic stress phase. So you know, I’m starting off the workouts,
I’m doing say arms or like pull day or push day, really heavy like five sets of five then
I’m transitioning into like 15 to 25 rep range. Going nice and slow, squeezing all the way
through and then the second phase of the workout is going to be metabolic stress and this is
that time under tension stuff. Maximum time under tension, really focusing
on what muscle you’re training and going all the way up to even 20 and 30 reps, so there’s
actually a study that showed that lifting at 30% of your one-rep max until failure is
very good for eliciting muscle growth. So combing that with the heavy lifting is
amazing and then the third phase is going to be muscle damage. We actually create more healthy micro tears
going down slow and controlled. So for instance, if you’re doing bench press,
you go down slow for like three or four seconds on a heavy set, you’re going to create more
healthy micro tears, which is going to help you grow more muscle mass. So you do those three things in every single
one of your workouts for all the key muscle groups, you absolutely will pack on size. That is the blueprint that I’m going to follow. And next up let’s talk about nutrition. All right guys, we’re out here by the basketball
courts of Venice Beach, my favorite sport, former basketball player. So the second phase is all about nutrition. If you fuck this up, no matter how you train
in the gym, it’s going to really limit the amount of size you can put on. In fact you can do everything perfectly in
the gym, you don’t nail your nutrition, you might only gain like one or two pounds in
ten weeks, even with perfect training in the gym. Now the biggest mistake that people make,
pretty much all skinny guys, is they do not eat enough carbohydrates. Now carbohydrates are going to be the most
anabolic thing in your body. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in your
body. So, for me, personally, I’m about 185 pounds
right now. I’m going to be eating about 400 grams of
carbohydrates. First and foremost, if you’re going to track
your macros, track your carbohydrates. If you only track your carbohydrates, I promise
you, you’ll be much more successful than like only tracking your protein because most guys
are getting enough protein. Your carbs are going to be way more important. So for me, personally my macros, I’m going
to experiment a little bit, but I’m going to be at like 400 grams of carbs, about 65
– 70 grams of fat and about 200 grams of protein, so for me, I’m going to make sure that I’m
gaining about one pound a week. That’s a really good indication that you’re
doing everything right. So hop on the scale in the morning, go through
your regimen for seven days, count your macros and your carbs and if you don’t gain at least
one pound, then I would adjust something, like definitely your carbs, your proteins,
your fats, get those calories up and it’s simple, but it is so effective. Eat more carbohydrates and you will pack on
more size, especially post-workout carbs and pre-workout carbs to maximize that training
intensity. So that’s the second phase, let’s go on to
the third phase which is the X-factor. It’s talking about the hormones in our blood
stream. Alright guys, so behind me is Muscle Beach,
the outdoor weight room here in Venice Beach. And that is going to lead us into the third
part, which is the hormones in our bloodstream. Now obviously what do pro-bodybuilders do? They inject hormones in their bloodstream
to build more muscle mass. Now how we can do this naturally is a few
different ways. Dirty bulk – I’m not totally against eating
unhealthy foods when you’re trying to put on size, but definitely limit that to no more
than 20 percent of your total diet because if you’re eating 3,000 calories a day of fucking
Pop-Tarts and cereal and fried chicken, obviously you guys are going to have much lower testosterone
and human growth hormone levels then if you’re eating 3 to 4,000 calories of antioxidants
and vegetables and high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, all that good stuff. So make sure – I follow an 80/20 rule, like
I’ll reward myself, like yesterday I had some post-workout gummy bears. I do enjoy a Pop Tart every now and then,
but definitely don’t get carried away because you want to maximize your testosterone, your
IGF-1, your HDH, all those important bodybuilding hormones in your blood stream. And then number two would be lowering cortisol. Now this is very important. This is why sleep is so important because
if you’re only sleeping four to five hours a night and you’re going in the gym, you’re
doing a lot of body building, you’re training six to seven days a week, you’re going to
have really high cortisol levels, that’s going to really limit the potential of your body
building the optimal amount of muscle mass, so that’s why there’s really no such thing
in my opinion as overtraining. It’s under sleeping and being under in your
nutrition. So if you are training like a madman, you’re
going to the gym like five, six, seven days a week for those hour – hour and a half long
workouts, make sure that you’re sleeping eight hours, make sure that you’re not stressed
out, make sure that you’re drinking a ton of water, make sure that your personal life
is on point, like you’re not fighting, you’re not going through crazy like emotional trauma
with like family, relationships, all that good stuff. That is truly an X-factor because if you’re
stressed out, your body is not going to pack on size. So that is the third phase. Thank you so much for watching. We are back in action. I’m so excited to be back on the channel. It’s going to be an epic ten-week series. My goal is to gain somewhere – if I gain anywhere
between 10 and 20 pounds of muscle mass, I will be very excited because I’ve been in
the gym for a while. To gain that much muscle mass as an experienced
lifter, would be one hell of an accomplishment, but I’m going to take you guys along the ride
with me. So thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure you guys hit that notification bell
because next week Sunday will be episode two and I’m definitely going to show you guys
a lot more gym footage, show you guys some advanced training tactics to build up those
arms and that chest. So see you guys on the next video.

23 thoughts on “How To Get Big In 3 Steps | The Science Of Getting Bigger Part 1

  1. This is awesome! Can't wait to get that Hulk Juice and get more gains! Nice tips on getting bigger! My bro Troy!πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’―

  2. Troy, how tall are you? You look way bigger than 183, We weigh exactly the same weight, I haven’t been training nor dieting since i’m in my R&R period, i’m 6’3 (6’2 3/4) and still extremely lean(6pack and vascular in my arms), yet not my leanest (8pack, vascularity thru chest, shoulders and forehead). I want to know your height because I want to have an equivalent size to my physique as you do to yours. I had also just turned 20, help me out! Also, do you do anything specific to make sure your arms are completely symmetrical and even

  3. I look forward. I am two weeks from an OCB contest for men over 60. I have been training more than 20 years. I will include more buckwheat next week.

  4. bro im 21 years old height 5'9 and the weight is 132.277lbs
    im doing 3 day split workout routine i workout each muscle group for two days i'm trying to gain some muscle actually bulking so here is my workout

    1st day – Legs and rowings
    one arm rowings 8 x 3
    cable rowings 8 x 3
    squats 10 x 3
    leg press 10 x 3
    jumping squats 10 x 3
    lunges 10 x 3
    calves 10 x 3

    2nd day – Bicep and tricep
    dumbell curls 10 x 3
    hammer curls 10 x 3
    single arm hammer curl 10 x 3
    one arm tricep 10 x 3
    kickbacks 10 x 3
    skull crushers 10 x 3
    diamond press ups 10 x 3

    3rd day – chest and shoulders
    bench press 10 x 3
    incline press 10 x 3
    peck deck 10 x 3
    dips 10 x 3
    traps 10 x 3
    shoulder press 10 x 3
    dumbell flies 10 x 3
    shrugs 10 x 3
    i follow this workout on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday and i repeat it on Thursday,Friday and Saturday and Sunday is the rest day
    bro according to u'r knowledge is this workout really help for me or not to gain some muscle mass ?
    looking for an answer and thank you! πŸ™‚

  5. i was about to say, SERIOUSLY? they are frickin awesome. and the gymbackground noise is "Jump" by Van Halen, just noticed that.

  6. More workout or tips for athletes would be cool though, those Westbrook, LeBron James, etc workouts .. do they ever comeback or tips?

    Because I don’t only want to be BIG, but also move as an athlete (LBJ lol)

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