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hi friends Victor Costa, peace love and muscles
hope you’re doing well back at it again showing the proper technique for an
overhead press and I’m showing here an improper technique I’m showing that
often times we begin this exercise and our zeal to bring the weights up we
often begin the exercise with this connection and thrust from the rear from
the trapezius now although this looks like probably a pretty keen exercise for
some kind of a new trap exercise what we’re trying to do here is really
exemplify and show the improper way to connect with the shoulders in and
overhead press now I’m expressing here that when I thrust the weight up
unconsciously the first thing that’s going to move is my traps I’m going to
connect with the traps and they’re going to rise the exercise is going to get
pushed into that particular area of my body and it’s going to take the
resistance away or it’s going to take the pressure away from the shoulders and
it’s going to arrest a full contraction it’s going to keep me from getting a
full contraction from my short for my shoulders so what I want to do really is
to relax those traps it takes a little time to be able to do this but what I
want to do is work around them I want to push around the traps so the first
movement in an overhead press should never be to let the traps rise and
arrest your your full range of motion you can see here that that’s the
difference right I’m showing here that the traps do not have to be involved in
this exercise when you move the way it’s consciously with the shoulders allowing
the pressure from the hands to sit into the shoulders if you will really make
that connection build that dialogue with the shoulders before you begin to press
if I just thrust the weights overhead of course if I do it unconsciously what’s
going to happen is my body again will mobilize to get the weights from point A
to point B and I won’t be able to connect with my shoulders you can see
here that the traps are not rising as in the first beginning of the movement when
I showed you how to do the exercise improperly so that’s really it guys
that’s what I wanted to share with you today I wanted to show you that there is
a way to do this to work around the trap to not get the traps involved and to
have a full range of motion without letting the traps arrest that movement
so thank you so much for watching and listening I really appreciate the likes
the shares of the subs please follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Vic’s
natural and thank you so much guys peace love and mussels take care of yourselves
bye bye

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  1. Thank you very much! You channel is a God send. I'm guilty of ego lifting at the gym, so it's refreshing and humbling to see you really focus on conscious lifting and on isolating muscles properly. Plus, aside from leg day, shoulders are my second favorite gym day. Have a great week! Please keep these up!

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