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A lot of you wanted to know exactly how I got these big ass 19 inch arms well…
All I did was weighted dips and weighted chin-ups and as an example here on the RIGHT I’m doing 6reps of dips with 100 pounds and on the LEFT I’m doing chin-ups with an extra 90 pounds for 6reps and normally I would do 4-8 sets of 5-12 reps using enough weight to keep me in that 5-12 rep range and I’d only do this arm workout twice a month and very rarely would I do this more than 2 times a month. And my chest and back were also getting bigger because of these 2 exercises Now any compound exercise like bench presses, overhead presses, heavy rowing movements and any kind of weighted pull-ups or chin-ups will give you big arms (dips and chins is just how I did it)
But here’s the 3 key things you need to remember when trying to get bigger arms or bigger anything… Get stronger each workout by lifting heavier , doing more reps and/or more sets so keep a training log. Get enough protein Everybody is differntt but at least 40% of my diet is protein 25-50% is what you need for result rest You need to stay out of the gym to give your arms time to grow and as I said I only do this workout twice a month but starting out you may be able to get away 1-2x per week but as your arms get bigger and stronger you will need more rest to recover from your tougher

99 thoughts on “How to Get Bigger Arms Fast or… How I Got 19 Inch Arms

  1. What were your arms like before? I got a feeling that people who have big arms naturally had kind of big arms to begin with anyway. 

  2. I can do about 15 reps of either pulls or dips but have fucking twig arms. I keep hearing you gotta do em weighted but everyone I know who can barely do 10 reps (let alone weighted) have bigger arms than me. My genetics for arms suck ass. Any advice for me from somebody who actually had skinny arms and got them big?

  3. 0.82xlb of bodyweight in protein is ideal according to studies. also training more frequently like 3x a week will spark more muscle protein synthesis resulting in quicker gains. you do not only want to train a muscle 1x a week because protein synthesis stops after about 72 hours and peaks at 36 hours.

  4. I remmber a long time a go about more than 10 years 
    there was a specialized arms routine to increase mass of the triceps and biceps
    I saw it in a magazine
    and it go like this

    1-superset dips  weth chin up                        3 sets
    2-super set lying tric. ext. weth barbell curl     3 sets
    3-super set pulley push down  weth sqot curl  2 sets
    4-hammer curl                                              2 sets

    ***2 times a week.
    and don't use it for more than two months or it well thraw a way your proportion

  5. On my arm days I always do weighted dips and pull ups. I do 20lb added on dips and 25lb added pull ups but I'm only 18 and weight 126lbs so I think I'm on the right path.

  6. Can I just say to people that have just 2atched this video, don't go and hang a heavy weight from your waist it's dangerous and could lead you to having very bad injuries that take a while to heal. The guy in the video should have said this before even starting the video.


  8. It is absolutely physically impossible to get 19 inch arms and remain that lean naturally without steroids. Impossible. Now if this guy was fat as sin then maybe. But the measurements point to anabolic drug use. Not hating it's just science. And to you morons who spew "insane black genetics" you guys are so worthless and dumb you need to do some research you sound really fucking stupid lol

  9. (keep in mind im 13…) i did about 30 hammer curls a day for 4 days, and gained 1/4 of an inch on each arm. is this good?

  10. Just minute Mike Mentzers arms were 18.5 cold and were a lot bigger than yours. Even Arnold and Sergio only had 19.25 and 19.5 inch arms and they WERE ALOT BIGGER THAN YOUR. So there some cheating going on here. What YOU DIDNT DO WAS SHOW US HE TAPE FROM ONE INCH TO 19 BEOFRE YOU MEASURED.
    Do that and PROVE IT. Because everyone with half a Brain knows you're LYING.
    At best your arms look 17–17.5 and that's AT BEST.

  11. He clearly obviously cheated with the tape measure, notice how he starts the video without showing the tape measure first…………what a liar……………

  12. Chin-ups are incredible for biceps size and strength but I highly disagree with 50% Protein. More like 40% Carbs/30% Protein/30% Fats (Poly+Moly)

  13. This deception is accomplished by taping a block or other object to the back of the arm, so it takes up more of the tape.

  14. Another way is to staple a loop in the tape behind the arm. We know 19-inchers are much thicker than this. Congrats to you Adrian on getting in great shape from when you were fat, but let's tell the truth now.

  15. Hey Adrian!

    One question: You are very strong. How often do you train one muscle group by the way how do you split?

  16. for me Max I get is 15.5… I was reading few articles telling max an average man can get is 16 inch without steroids… So, can you be true to answer if you used roids…

  17. Super setting dips and chins is great for breaking plateaus. Both exercises work the lats and chest, while neither will completely exhaust them on it's own because the arms will fail first. The same can be said of traps and shoulders, they can be targeted with a super set of overhead press and upright rows or high pulls.

  18. man's been injecting that shit that makes you swell out like a balloon 😂😂😂only works out a few times a month come on Papaahajaj mckdkdmd I smell bullshit

  19. so many fuckin idiots and blind bastards in this comment section. "oh he has 16 inch arms!" "he's on drugs" "you can't get big off 2 arm workouts a month" "his arms ain't 19 inches"

    so many insecure whiney little hoes. never met the guy in person. The camera does no justice. he has the measuring tape right there.

  20. Your arms are 17.25 max. The part where the tape is shows the 2 inch mark and the black tape is an inch and a half at least LOL

  21. it is the way he is measuring it, instead of a straight line down, he puts it in an angle added a lot of inches.
    some people are just delusional like that

  22. Thanks Adrian it was a great video,and fuck those nerds who don't even lift and are saying you don't have 19 inch arms.

  23. My arms will not get big, but I have ran into guys who's arms are much bigger then mine, but I lift more. I think it is just your build. I get stronger but not bigger, I'm satisfied with that.

  24. Hey Adrian!

    Do you think it is possible for an advanced athlete to train only two days a week with compound movements to get even bigger.
    Main workout: For example 5 supersets dips and chin-ups and 5 sets squats. And perhaps a little bit isolation work. Why split? Why not full body?

  25. well you're black, you get 19 inch arms by eating correctly (jelly as fuk) i'm a pink white hardgainer, i eat a house and workout 5 times a week and maybe i'll add half an inch in 2 years -.-

  26. Dear Adrian!

    What do you say about the studies for muscle growth from Brad Schoenfeldt: He is a believer that it is better to train a muscle 2 or even 3 times a week for better gains. You say to train a muscle only 1 or 2 times per week. Did you try it to train each muscle three times per week with a little bit less intensite? I hope you can answer this!

  27. I was real good at dips and chins but I never got 19in arms not everyone can get that big people don't realise numbers do not mean anything I was 2lb when I was born I only got 15in arms training real hard reading all I could and living bodybuilding all though my 20s still train at 64 and in great shape its not about the numbers.

  28. The secret to get 20 inch arm are the Triceps and NOT the biceps.Why??? The Triceps are 2/3 of the arms mass and the Biceps only 1/3

  29. not trying to be mean but most of your arm mass is fat, my arms were bigger too when I was fat, if you can't see your veins then you are fat

  30. That's fake, You can't get 19 inch arms by lifting such a mediocre weight + the rest of his body looks like he doesn't lift, There's something wrong in this video

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