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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

All right, Scott Burnhard. Talk to the people, man. Let ’em know what’s
getting ready to go down. – What’s good, it’s
your boy Scott Burnhard, back with another video. And today’s video is going to be very, very, very special, all right? I’m here with my man Thats Good Money. We’re about to put in
this work, all right? ‘Cause I get a lot of questions
in my inbox and my DMs, and people wanna know, Scott,
how do you grow your arms? Or how do you get bigger
arms doing calisthenics? Because once you think about arm workouts, you’re thinking about dumbbell curls, dumbbell curls. You’re thinking about doing this. Doing this, you know? But you can build your arms
without dumbbell curls. Just using your body weight, just using calisthenics, all right? And how we gonna do that? We gonna do that through compound movement and through isolation movement. But enough with the talking, I’m gonna show you guys some
exercises that you can do to put into your regimen to
get these arms, all right? There we go, man. It’s not just genetics, I put in a lot of work. (laughs) All right, so before I even say anything, listen, the arm consists of your triceps, which takes 2/3 of your arm. This is the biggest
muscle group of your arm. Tri, is three. Bi, is two. Bicep. Two, all right? So the bigger your triceps are, the more your arm is
gonna have that full look. See that right there? Full look. But anyways, come right here. So the first thing that we’re gonna do. Matter of fact, I’m on the wrong side. All right, so the first thing
that we gonna do, right? We’re gonna do inverted rows. Oh, Scott, when you’re doing
a row, it’s a back workout. I understand that. But it’s also a compound movement, where we’re working our biceps as well. So we’re gonna do a bicep inverted row. We’re not doing like this. Here. Now watch. One. Two. You see how my biceps are? Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. (exhales) So I just did 10 bicep inverted rows. Now as you can see, I wasn’t going so fast. I was just at a one to three ratio. A one, two, three. One, two, three. Now the reason why is because as I’m here in the concentric, I’m slowing it down on
the eccentric motion, where more muscle fibers
are gonna begin to activate and tear, and that makes
more room for repair. All right? So try to slow down the movement. Control the momentum, don’t let the momentum
control you, all right? So just do that for three to four sets. 10 to 12 reps. Nothing too crazy. Next, that was a bicep movement. Now, we’re gonna work on
the triceps, all right? So, dips. I love dips. A really great compound movement. So, let me differentiate two different types of dips. So you have the dip where
your chest is more out. If your chest is more out, then you’re gonna be focused on the more, the pec-major and the pec-minor, which is the chest itself. So, more of the chest. Now, if you lean back, just a little bit. Keep your body perpendicular,
which means straight. You’re working more triceps. Like I said, triceps makes 2/3 of the arm. So now we’re gonna work on triceps. So watch. Straight. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10, five more. Five. Four. Three. Two. And one. Give me a nice isometrical right here. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. And ten. As you can see, I was tying to keep myself
from not going so forward, ’cause I’m not trying
to focus on my chest. There’s gonna be some involvement but I really wanna focus
on my triceps, all right? So that’s two exercises. All right. The wonderful pull-up bar. I love the pull-up bar, man. All right, I’m gonna show
you two exercises in one. So we all know about the chin-up, which we’re using more of
our biceps than our back. You come in here, right? This is a very advanced move, watch this. So we’re coming up. One. Two. Three. Four. Five, now watch this. We’re gonna do head
bangers or skull crushers, whatever you wanna call them. Go, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Woo! I felt that, I felt that. So as I’m going back and forth, I’m controlling the momentum
as I’m going back and forth. My hand is in a eccentric
and concentric movement. Controlling it. Where my biceps are being
involved, all right? So, try to do 10 chin-ups
and then finish it off with the head bangers, all right? So you’re gonna really attack the bicep. Now I’m gonna show you another workout. Where you’re going to
control the negative. This is definitely for my advanced people. And this is really good if you wanna get that one arm chin-up. Come here. Good. You see that? Lower. Good. Try to get four. Woo! So as you see, as I’m coming
here, and I’m coming down, I’m slowing down the eccentric. But when you slow down the eccentric, that’s how you get more powerful, that’s how you build more muscle. Instead of constantly moving. Then you’re going for the endurance. The fact that I’m slowly releasing the eccentric tension, biceps are being involved, they’re being engaged, all right. So whatever you do on the left, whatever you do on the
right you do on the left. So now I’m gonna switch. Woo! Man, oh man. Ready? One. Two. Three. Woo! Yo! (laughs) That’s crazy right there. Arms is working. That pump, all right. So now I’m gonna show you
another workout for your triceps. So, this is definitely, it’s for my intermediate
to advanced people. So you know when you come
up into a muscle-up, right? When you’re at the top of the bar, most of the time we’re
doing straight bar dips. And while we’re doing
straight bar dips at the top, (exhales) Woo! We up top here. As we’re doing the straight bar dips, our triceps are going
to burn and be involved. Now watch. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. Woo! If you can’t do a muscle-up yet, practice right here on
the dip bar, all right? Come here. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. Woo! Yo, my arms are burning, man. Arms are burning, look at that. We working all three parts of the triceps, long head, the medial and… the rear. The rear end of the tricep. All right, now we’re gonna
take it to the floor. We’re gonna take it to the floor now. So, we here. I love pushups, but when you’re focusing more on triceps, you wanna do this pushup right here. It’s a little, what’s
the word I’m looking for? Difficult. But this is definitely gonna burn. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. (grunts) Eight. (grunts) Nine. (grunts) 10. Woo! (laughs) I shoulda gave y’all ten more. (laughs) You know, let me give y’all ten more. I ain’t gonna cheat y’all like that. Let’s go, if it burns it works. It’s the work hard, burn hard way, man. My name is Scott Burnhard, let’s get it. We’re gonna do 10 more. So, you’re on your elbows, and you’re gonna elevate
yourself, all right? Make sure your elbows are not flared out. Keep it in. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. (grunts) Six. (grunts) Seven. Woo! Eight. Nine. 10. (grunts) Oh my God. Woo! And there you have it, guys. Some awesome workouts for
your biceps and your triceps to get bigger arms, all right? Using calisthenics. I did not do one tricep extension, you know with the machine? I didn’t do no bicep curls. All I did was use my own body weight. Learn to manipulate the
momentum of my body weight. All right? You have no excuses. The world is your gym. All right? It’s your boy Scott Burnhard, man. Thank y’all guys so much for
having me on the channel. Do this workout! Share this workout! Do three to four sets of each workout. For the more harder
ones, five to six reps. For the more, the ones that you can probably reach 10 to 12 reps, all right? Repetition is the key to mastery. Just don’t watch this video and think that oh, everything’s gonna happen. Nah, you gotta put in that work, baby. Let’s get it. All right,
thanks a lot, Scott. Make sure y’all subscribe
to his YouTube page. Follow him on Instagram. Links will be in the description box. We gotta do another back video man. – Oh, that back? Let me see that back man. All right, look for another here, a couple more back videos from Scott, man. Damn. All right, good looking, my brother. – [Scott] All right man, salute.

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