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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I want to show you guys how to build
bigger biceps because that’s one of the areas I think I’ve got down pretty good. The fact is, it’s because I did try to learn
how to train my biceps at a younger age. Yes, I admit it. I wanted to get bigger arms when I was a kid. Like everybody else did. But I learned some of the things I had to
do. More importantly, some of the things I was
doing wrong. When it comes to bicep training – really,
when it comes to any muscle – when we’re talking about trying to build the muscle bigger
you really have to look for ways to make the exercises you’re doing more inefficient. Meaning, you need to make the muscle you’re
trying to get bigger, do the work. Now, if we’re talking about strength, it’s
the direct opposite. We want to allow muscles that assist in the
action – let’s say, pulling – to assist so we can lift more weight. However, when it comes to bicep training,
going for size, you need to make sure the bicep is doing the work and not the forearm. Because of its proximity – literally, just
a little more distal down the arm from the bicep – the forearm is also going to want
to flex. It’s going to want to pull. It’s going to want to take whatever weight
you’re holding in your hand and bring it closer. Therefore, taking away some of the activity
of the bicep. That is going to prevent you from building
bigger biceps, or at least as big as they could be. I’ve talked about this before. I called it the Master Tip. As a matter of fact, I made a whole video
on it, if you haven’t seen that. I even talked about this particular tip way
back when, in the early days of YouTube. You can see that video here, just give me
some slack because I could barely talk to the camera. But the fact is, we need to make sure we get
this out of it. So how do we do that? Well, I talked about making sure that your
wrists are sort of bent back. There are a couple of ways to make sure you
do it and do it right. So, you don’t put undue stress on either
your wrist or your elbow. But you can try something that would show
you how to do this visually that’s going to get this right every time. You take a single dumbbell; you’re going to
put your hands underneath it like this. The goal is, you want to make sure you’re
viewing the top of this dumbbell at all times. Meaning, it’s going to be parallel to the
ceiling above you, and the bottom of it to the floor below you the entire time you curl. So, what we do is grab underneath like this
and we’re going to hold it up like that. You can see that makes the biceps pop out
pretty damn good because I’ve taken the forearm contribution and minimized it. All the elbow flexion is coming straight from
the biceps’ activity. So here I am, at this point. Now I lower it down, I just keep it flat,
all the way. Which means I’m going to address my wrist
as I go. I come up, keeping that totally parallel. That means the wrists are going to bend back
automatically at the top. And down. And up. Just like that. Hold and squeeze. You will feel what I’m talking about when
it comes to instituting this dead wrist. The Master Tip. So now, you feel that. How do you implement it? Once you get an idea for what it feels like
– I don’t care if you’re doing a curl right here with an easy curl bar. You grab it and then you set the wrist back
a bit. But you don’t get it down here in your fingers. Never do you want to execute any bicep exercises
down here, in your fingers. When you do, I’ve talked about it before,
all that weight, distally in these fingers, places too much of an overload on the tendons
that meet right here at the medial elbow. That causes a lot of undue stress and strain
that can lead to golfer’s elbow. Medial epicondylitis. Not fun. You grip it deep in your hands, but when you
do, you just bend them back. Now, as I lift and curl this up, I’m going
to curl up and at the top it’s there. But it’s deep in the hands. It’s not stressing my wrist. As a matter of fact, it’s sitting over my
wrist joint at the top. That bar is almost right through the wrist
joint. Supported. And down. So, it looks like that. Down, up, keep those wrists out of it. Keep those forearms out of it. We can come over here – you guys know how
much of a fan I am of chin-ups for building bigger biceps. You’re going to do it, and you’re going to
do it better if you implement the same idea when you’re up here. You don’t just go this way. The tendency is, again, the body knows ‘pull’. Especially if you’re doing weighted chin-ups. You’re going to want to really pull so everything
is going to participate. You’re going to be pulling like that and wrist
curling yourself up the bar in an attempt to try and get up there. Again, what you do is just try to initiate
by getting those wrists bent backward. Deep into the hand. Not here. Deep in, wrap, and back. Deep in, wrap, and back. From here, come down, lift, keep the tension
on, I don’t come up all the way over the bar and close down that angle too much. I keep it here, come down, up, and down. Up, and down. Finally, if I were to come over here, we talked
about other exercise options that create an addition of, not just supination and not just
elbow flexion, but shoulder flexion. We know a complete bicep contraction happens
with elbow flexion, supination, and shoulder flexion. We’ve got that high cable curl up here. We do the same thing. When I’m here, in this position, the tendency
if I go too heavy is to do this and then curl. And you’ll find yourself doing that. You’re going to curl. Like that. Curl. That is exactly, again, you can see the forearm
muscles here doing a lot of that work there, on the inside, to try and do that. As opposed to just letting that stay dead
and letting the biceps do the work. So, for a high curl you get in this position
here, wrists back, and let all the work be done with the biceps in this position here. You’ll really feel the difference when you
implement that. So, it’s understanding the difference between
training for strength on a movement, and training for hypertrophy. When you do, and you’re trying to get your
biceps to be bigger, this is going to work every, single time. The reason why it works is because you’re
getting rid of those compensations and substitutions, and you’re making the biceps do the work. You’re making the movement more inefficient
for the end goal being hypertrophy. Guys, I hope you’ve found the video helpful. Make sure you apply this. Again, if you haven’t tried it yet, just start
with that dumbbell. Do that curl first to feel what I’m talking
about, and then you’ll be able to institute the same thing, recreate that feeling on whatever
bicep exercise you do. If you’re looking for programs that build
in next level training tips, techniques that take advantage of muscle science; we have
them over at Choose that program that’s best suited to
your goals right now, and I promise it will get you to where you want to be. In the meantime, if you’ve found the video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do my best to do that for you. If you haven’t already done so, make sure
you click ‘subscribe’ and turn on your notifications, so you never miss a video when we put one
out. All right, guys. See you again soon.

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  2. Always informative. Last tip I followed of his really helped me. Take whatever you're doing and hold it for a while at the peak. Works great! My arms got fuller. Just gotta stay at it.

  3. Love your videos, Sir! Could you also, please show the stance your standing in, while performing upper body workout? The reason I'm asking, I've seen many folks in the gym working on shoulders, etc and their stance is wrong. Which can cause them to have back pains in the future. So therefore, I feel stance is imperative while performing almost any exercise!

  4. Good stuff. When I was younger I got my biceps to a decent size for my build. Fell off for some years and haven't been able to really get'em back. Can't wait to try this.

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  7. Your techniques and science behind how to work muscles and the correct way to work them is helping me with my training a very lot. I appreciate you showing us the correct ways to work our bodies. Thank you

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  11. Holy shit! No bs I’ve been doing this a couple weeks now before just seeing this. Made these adjustments to my Lying cable curls, and been doing that single dB one. Kinda accidentally found it out haha. Good stuff as always Jeff!

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    How to Get Bigger Biceps (TALLER & WIDER!)

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  13. The back of your hands should be parallel to the floor or ceiling (whichever you prefer, no judgements) while curling.

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  15. What's wrong to include the forearm in the training? it will also grow with the biceps. We need a strong forearm.

  16. First off I gotta say thank you Jeff. Just by watching your YouTube videos I have finally started to see muscle gains. Due to a medical condition I have to limit my protein intake and even despite of that I finally got some muscle definition in my arms. I'm a hard gainer. I weigh 165 on a good day and I'm 6'2" and lanky. I've worked out for years, mainly my arms and haven't seen any growth and just by using different techniques of arm exercises I'm getting bigger arms and upper body strength. It's crazy how just different variations of lifting the wait has helped. So again I have to say thank you.

  17. This may be a somewhat silly question but what the heck can I do to help relieve my hands of callouses? Or faulty callouses? I say that because I honestly feel like my hands haven’t formed proper callouses and underneath the layer of tougher skin is hyper sensitive skin that feels not too unlike a blister. This sensation makes any workout involving my hands incredibly difficult but surely I can’t just wait it out until my hands sort of return to “normal”.

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