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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

If you’ve got them, you most likely despise
them. I’m going to show you today how to get rid of those Man Boobs once and for all. What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM You’ve heard the words. Hopefully not directed
at you, Boobs, Man Boobs, Bitch Tits, right we’ve heard all of them guys. And they’re
pretty derogatory. And again,if they’re directed at you, you
know how bad they make you feel. The idea here though is to help you to start getting
over that and to figure out a way to get rid of them forever. And what we’re going to do here is see if
you’re looking like to guy on the right here, how can we get you to look like the guy on
the left. How can we get you to look like the guy with
the squared off muscular pecs as opposed to the saggy ones. I’m going to do that guys step by step today.
And we’re going to start with a discussion of what is actually going on in that chest
of yours. Ok so before we can develop an attack plan
against this chest fat, we want to know what it is we’re actually dealing with.. And this is where you have to sort of detect
what is going on in your specific body. So let me start by showing you two pictures.
the first is this guy right here. Take a look obviously not a great looking chest, ok. But
compare that with this guy here. What you should see is a major difference
in the appearance of this chest fat and how it’s looking to the person as they look in
the mirror, right. There are some noticeable differences. The
first guy is someone I would say is somebody that s just fat. Right, he’s just got a fat
chest, he’s probably got a fat belly. He probably has a fat back. He’s probably
just overall overweight. The second guy here is dealing with something
we call Gynecomastia. And that is more of a medical condition driven by hormones. Driven by this over conversion of our androgens,
our male hormones, to estrogen, female hormones, that makes it look like we’ve developed this
breast tissue. If you want to determine exactly what’s going
on in your own body, you’ve got to kind of look for some of the signs. And if you look left to right here, we’ve
got our Gyno column and our Fat Guy column. If that mass in the chest and that sort of
sagginess is more firm to the touch versus a soft overall feel, you could be dealing
with Gyno, ok. Secondly, hormonally driven. This is hormonally
driven, this is diet related. We’re going to get into to this in a second. This is just
eating overall bad and being fat overall. Thirdly, our age. There’s a couple ages where
you’ll be more susceptible especially if we’re talking about hormonally driven changes when
you’re a teenager, developing teen. And guys that are sort of going through the
male equivalent to menopause, andropause. Where you have a lot of changes going on in
your hormones. These could be more susceptible ages, where
as a guy whose fat could be fat and have chest fat at any age. Through his 20’s, his 30’s.
his 60’s, his 70’s, ok. Finally, the location. Guys dealing with this
Gynecomastia condition or the fat here, are going to be finding it mostly in their nipple
area. Again they can be fat all over but their sagginess
is going to look like it’s focused in the nipple. Whereas this guy is going to have
overall defused chest fat. So before we even develop an attack plan,
you have to determine what is it, which one of those guys are you? And what are you going
to do to deal with it? I could tell you right off the bat, and this
is calling it straight guys, don’t listen to anybody who’s going to do a video here
and tell you like, Oh if you have Gynecomastia you can just do lots of pushups and lots of
killer chest exercises would get rid of it. Most often that’s not the case. Most often
surgical intervention is the only way to sort of get in there, take out those masses and actually give you
an opportunity to start developing your chest normally. This is going to be the result of, we talked
about hormones, they could be artificial hormones, means anabolic steroids, right, Those are going to also leave guys a lot of
times with this Gynecomastia condition. So whether it’s just naturally occuring to
you or whether it’s something that’s occurring to you because of your misdeeds, guys there’s not a lot of help for you here
unless we look at surgical means. However there’s a ton of help for you here
and here’s the great new. Most often it’s not this. Most often guys confuse what they’ve
got going on for this, when it’s actually this. And this I can help you a lot with and we’re
going to start with that now. A little attack plan for you. Ok, so assuming you fall into that latter
category here the guys that are just dealing with the fat chest, let’s see what we can
do to help you to start getting rid of that, fast. First and foremost guy as always when we’re
talking about having too much fat and excess fat, we need to work and concentrate on our
diet first and foremost. Banging away at pushup after pushup, is not
going to help you to get rid of the fat that’s covering that muscle that you’re trying to
develop. It’s just that simple guys. I don’t care what video you watch. If somebody
is telling you that’s possible, they’re not really telling you the truth. What you have to do is you have to really
concentrate on getting that diet. And I’m talking about guys, Diet as a noun and not
Diet as a verb. Because you know that I feel that Diets are
all temporary. It’s that whole mentality of I’m on a Diet.
Because being on a diet means you’re eventually going to be off of it. And that’s not going
to help you long term. So even if you get some short term results
in how your chest looks, it’s going to go back to looking as crappy as it did before
if you’re not having and following a nutrition plan that’s able to be followed forever. That’s what we do in ATHLEANX. That’s what
the X-FACTOR Meal Plan is all about. To get you on a meal plan that you can actually follow.
That’s first and foremost. Secondly, some guys make the mistake of avoiding
training their chest. Because they feel as if, if I train my chest, this big mass is
just going to get bigger and more unsightly. And that’s the wrong logic. Guys remember,
fat is way less dense of a tissue than muscle. Right, fat occupies way more space than muscle
tissue does. So if you’re able to train your chest you’re
actually going to make it much more dense. Make it smaller, smaller in a good way here. Because we’re actually taking some just unshaped
mass and bringing it into a shape pectoral region. That’s going to happen by training
the chest. So you don’t want to avoid doing that. You
just have to make sure you’re pairing it up with a good diet. Thirdly here guys. If you’re going to train
your chest then you’d better attack it from all angles. You know I’ve talked about this before. I’ve
even done videos on this showing how. Because of separate nerve innervation between upper
chest and lower chest. And because of the way that fibers, there’s
incomplete fibers that don’t span actually from attachment to attachment or into assertion. There are ways that we can actually preferentially
engage more fibers and muscle motor units by using different exercises. And you have to have a complete arsenal of
those in your chest workout, if you want to see the best results. I have a video that I did, that I showed you
just some of the examples from our programs. From our Bodyweight Only program, from our
AX-1 program. It’s called our Complete Chest Workout. I’ll
put the link up over here. And if for some reason I forget to hyperlink that guys, you’ll
be able to find it on youTube by typing in Complete Chest Workout from ATHLEANX. And you should be able to see an example of
the type of stuff that we do. And that being said guys, to not only show
you the type of stuff that we do but to inspire you guys that might be dealing with chest
fat and the uncomfortable feeling that you have from having it. Check out this one guy here, this is Ted.
This is one of the guys that followed ATHLEANX. He started here with a chest that he was unhappy
with. He was completely able to change the shape of that by getting rid of the fat. You can see visible six pack abs here by the
time he was done with the program. But not just there, he lost fat throughout his chest
as well. Obviously by decreasing his overall body fat.
He shaped his chest because he attacked it from all angles. He trained like an athlete. This is what we say all the time guys. It’s
possible. Alright, so if you’re dealing with it, if might be a guy that’s taking the ribbing
from some of your friends because of this. I understand how uncomfortable how it can
be but it’s not a lost cause. You have a shot to change what’s going on
in your upper body. If you start attacking it the right way with the right dedication. And as I always say guys, join me on Team
Athlean. Because I’d like to be able to coach you. I’d like to be able to take you, step by step,
day by day through a program that will help you to get to the chest that you want. And to get overall whole body that you’re
happy with. So if you haven’t already guys, head over
to ATHLEANX.COM right now, grab our 90 day training program. Let me be your coach. Let me inspire you to get into the best shape
of your life. Because I know it’s possible, especially if you start training the right
way. Guys in the meantime leave your comments below.
I got this video idea because of somebody that left a comment requesting that I do a
video on this. And whoever that is thank you for that suggestion.
If you see it, you’ll know who you are. If you have a suggestion, make sure you leave
it below and I’d be glad to try to get to that as well. Meantime guys, I’ll see you back here in a
few days. Hopefully you found this helpful. You’ve got at least a little attack plan here
to help you get over this and to never have to hear that again.

100 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of MAN BOOBS (Chest Fat Fix!)

  1. Good stuff. I'm more concerned with getting rid of door to door personal training salesmen, at the moment. Any advise?

  2. Some dude said I had man boobs and I stabbed him and did 2 years in prison. But now when he sees me he don't look my way. I guess I got the boobs but he's the bitch.

  3. 2.) donโ€™t avoid training chest โ€œsome guys make the mistake of avoiding chest because they think the mass is just gonna get bigger, well that is just false logicโ€ DAMN IT I THOUGHT THAT EXACT WAY MY LAST 5 CHEST DAYS

  4. I ran 12 miles 6 days a week, did 700 pushups, sit ups and dips along with being on a forced diet in the military. None of it helped my moobs, made it worse.
    It can be cured during puberty that is it.

  5. I hate having gyno. Iโ€™m 17 and Iโ€™ve never taken steroids but my father has. Idk if it works like this but I get mad at him a lot because I wonder if I have gyno because of him. I didnโ€™t have it as a kid and then poof I started going through puberty and it never went away. I hate it it makes me so self conscious

  6. I have extra tissue in my chest. I can get lean (which I am) but it wonโ€™t completely go away.
    I have gyno. Always been my problem.

  7. I changed my diet from 10 pints a night and 4 Curries a week to less than half that…
    It really works …
    Now I have only ONE man BooB instead of Two … ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Who knows if youll see this but I watch your videos a lot their helpful but the diet thing I eat school food twice a day and a dinner usjally a veggie with meat or poultry then a grain or potatoe and its hard to diet when im from a low income family from the projects so how do I at least try to fix this

  9. Man boobs didn't exist 500 yrs ago unless you were rich … We all have it to damn good…. Fast from everything once and awhile simple as that.. diet and excercises should be your life especially if your a man ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’ช

  10. How do you feel about those air fryers I bought one you get the same texture as deep-fried just without all the fat although you do have to use a little bit of oil on it I use peanut oil 1-2 tablespoons worth per two chicken breasts(really each breast is 1/2 not a whole I went to culinary by the way) I set it for no more than 13 to 15 minutes best machine I ever bought.

  11. For Gyno I recommend DIM for men. For loosing weight & getting in shape I recommend becoming a volunteer fire fighter, that training will force you to breathe properly due to the breathing apparatus. And most or all volunteer fire departments will take ppl in at any age & I know ppl at 50 & 60 years old that successfully went through the training. & the 50 year old was extremely over weight.

  12. Damm man, i got that gyno shit, not as bad as the guy on the pic, but i have them swollen nipples.. it's really embarrassing

  13. I honestly can't diet… I hate healthy foods. I won't eat vegetables… unless he's in a coma. My main problem has been eating out of boredom. So I just cut my intake in half. Besides, the main thing I eat is chicken.

  14. Can anyone suggest how to get rid of excess skin after losing weight. I've lost about 30lbs this month, but their is now excess skin at the under arms. I joined a gym and have been building up biceps and triceps… but will that be enough? Also, one bicep is roughly 1/3 larger than the other… how do I fix that?

  15. I work my chest every 48 hours.. incline dumbbell, chest press machine and butterflies on the pulley machine, in two weeks my chest is taking shape and is hard to the touch.. it means I'm neglecting my back, legs and shoulders but I just really want a chizzled chest, I do arms and squats the other day. I do the occasional back and shoulders lol. In two weeks though my body has changed loads

  16. Consuming Soya milk and Soy products will increase risk of estrogen in men, especially over 40 years old.

  17. Iv been wrking out for years I got 15% body these tits say they ainโ€™t going anywhere ๐Ÿคฃ

  18. Thought I had Gyno.. Now I think it may just be fat collected.
    I eat measured food, 28 meals per week as clean as I ever could, But every 28th meal I don't count the calories and enjoy it with my wife. Grd beef Nacho's and icecream. It is planned, not a moment of weakness.
    All other 27 meals are 250-450 cals 60-80% protein ea/, No sugars.
    I Train 2 times a day, 6.5 days a week and struggling to make progress beyond the progress I made the last 3 months. Yes I need a coach. I look in the mirror and see potential for much better!
    I have zero difficulty sticking to my healthy eating, LOVE lifting, and so what if I'm hungry, or tired.. I have a goal.
    I'm 50 !

  19. What if I was overweight and have been working out to lose said weight and still seem to have this problem?

  20. Jeff I have a question I know there's so much bogus material out there on YouTube I recently viewed a video of a guy explaining why are most guys chests will not grow in this video he said that you're only supposed to train one of the three tech-heads / chest workout in the other words one chest workout upper chest that's it, second chest day middle chest, that's it Third Day the abdominal head and that's it and other words never hit all three of your muscles in your chest in 1 chest workout otherwise your chest will not grow please give me some advice on this I am so confused I've never heard of anything like this in my life perhaps you could shed some of your advice would be much appreciated Big Fan Tampa Florida… TS thanks Jeff that's my axe Jeff question

  21. Hey Jeff, I've got a slap tear in my left arm now and I was wondering if you had a program that is built around specific injuries? Its painful to bench or do pushups

  22. Can anyone answer me this… Before I lifted i didnt have no visible chest fat where since lifting ive had comments from mates saying do you workout? As i can see your chest definition. Thats nice to hear but when i feel it, its not firm its fat. So as lifting brought muscle to my chest but also made the fat more prominent? So now i need to burn this fat

  23. The only guy to tell it straight. To get rid of gyno you have to do surgery. Too expensive? Go overseas and find a doctor who is board certified and has done it more than once. Way cheaper.
    Only get it if it is hindering your life or you have enough disposable income.
    I had gyno and just changed how I exercised and ate. Some of the exercises I got from Jeff's videos.

    No my gyno did not disappear but you could barely notice it anymore. It was mild from the start because a history of working out, but put on a regular cheap shirt, and I was high-beaming everyone.
    No more of that anymore and if I have enough time and money to blow, I'll go get surgery, but hasn't been bothering me much so far. I have a blog dedicated to gyno here: travelerinfohub dot com

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