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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today I’m going to talk to you about how diet
soda makes you fat. How red meat is bad for you. How dietary fat makes you fat. How Splenda will absolutely kill you. How you shouldn’t eat carbs after 6 P.M. How you shouldn’t eat carbs. How you shouldn’t eat at least for more than
6 hours a day. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today, what I really want to talk to you about
is this word right behind me, ENOUGH. And when I mean Enough, I mean Enough Already with these extreme diet recommendations,
this demonizing of certain things that we do in our diet, things that are terrible, things that are
going to kill us, things that are going to make us fat, things that are going to make
us too skinny. Guys, ENOUGH. I get requests on here each and every week. Jeff, I want to know the secrets. What is it that you do 365 days of the year
to stay lean and ripped? And What Is It? I want to know the shortcuts. Give me the shortcuts. Alright, guys, do you know what I feel about
that? Bullshit! There are no shortcuts especially when it
comes to nutrition, and this is going to turn into a little bit of a Jeff Rant. But I think that that’s the thing we need
here when it comes to nutrition because some people still want to find that secret. They still want to find and believe in shortcuts
where they don’t exist. When it comes to nutrition, guys, we want
to have a healthy respect for the foods we eat and realize their power and their potential
to transform our bodies. When we talk about the effect of nutrition
being 70 percent of what we look like, it’s not just some arbitrary number that we throw. Sure, people will attach different values,
70 percent, 80 percent, 60 percent, 90 percent, but it’s important, right? We know it’s important. If it’s that important, then why aren’t we
treating it as importantly as it should be? Instead, we want to latch on to these fads
and creations. Like I said, diet soda is going to make you
fat. I’m not a big supporter of diet soda, but
come on, guys, I mean, seriously. The diet soda is the main problem? That’s what keeping you from your 6-Pack? Is it that, or is it the fact that you have
diet soda and rum? Right? A rum and diet coke. Is it because you have your diet soda, but
you’re eating your nachos and chicken wings at the same time? You know, we start to attach ourselves so
much to these concepts that we lose sight of what the big mistakes are that we’re making. Red meat is bad for you. Why? Why is red meat bad for you? Why? Now, they look and they do all these studies,
but then they’ll do studies that will conflict that. We develop as humans eating red meat. From the caveman times until now. Now, is it red meat every night? No. That brings us to the case of moderation. Everything in moderation, guys. That’s what your parents told you growing
up. Moderation is key. See, what happens is, there is never really
a black and white. I think black and white never explains what
it is we’re looking for when it comes to nutrition. Because the answer usually lies in the grey,
and the answer usually lies in a much more complex interaction amongst all the things
we’re doing. Red meat alone could be bad. Red meat supported by an adequate intake of
healthy fibers, vegetables every day could have a far different effect on the overall
outcome of what that does to you, right, it has a protective effect. You can’t just look at it that way. I’ve talked about nutrigenomics before. That concept is extremely powerful, very new,
something that we’re sort of dipping into now that’s going to hold a lot more of the answers
as we dig into this in the next few years. And it has a lot more about how we’re combining
things, and the power of individual nutrients, and what they can do to our bodies. So, to sit there and say Splenda will kill
you. Guys, you know, quickly on Splenda, they’ve
done studies on that. Splenda is made up of a filler-material, and
then sucralose. Sucralose is the ingredient that is supposed
to kill you. Ok, that’s the chlorine derivative. But they’ve done effective studies that show
that up to 500 mg per kg of bodyweight is still safe. Then they do it, and they’ll say, well, let’s
cut it down a hundred times and see what that does to us. A hundred times is only 5 mg per kg of bodyweight. So, what does that mean? That means you could be eating, when you do
all the math, about 30-60 packets, full packets, of Splenda everyday and still be 1/100th of the way to the safe dose
that they’ve shown. Now, I’m not supporting Splenda. I don’t care about Splenda. We put Stevia in our ATHLEANX products. I’d rather have the natural sweetener in our
products. But, to sit here and say that Splenda is going
to kill you because you eat a pack of it. And for guys to sit here, my videographers,
to make fun of me when I throw one pack of Splenda into a latte at Starbucks. When we go out to dinner, they’re eating French
Fries. So, we all have our things. And that’s not what’s preventing you from
getting your 6-Pack, is that one pack of Splenda. Hell, they show that the oxalic acid in spinach
can kill you. If you ate 10-20 pounds of spinach in one
sitting, which nobody in their right mind would. But if they did, it could kill you. It could shut your kidneys down. So, everything, guys, in moderation. The carb guys. Don’t eat carbs. Carbs are bad. Carbs make you fat. Fat makes you fat. Carbs after 6 make you fat. Guys, I eat carbs every single day. Complex carbohydrates, every single day, most
often because of the work I do. I don’t eat dinner until 9 o’clock at night. I eat carbs at night every single night. I look the same way here 365 days a year because
I have a respect for nutrition. I don’t look at it as an extreme. I don’t look at it as, Oh, you can’t eat this. You have to exclude that, and you have to… Guys, you have a respect for nutrition and
treat it like a drug that it is, because nutrition is extremely powerful. What you put in your body really does have
an effect on how you are. You are what you eat, is a true statement. So, why is it that we are always looking for
the one thing, the one reason to say Oh, if I could just get that, that shortcut, then I’m going to have the
key to being lean and ripped 100 percent of the time. The thing is that we want to find something
to demonize because it makes it easier for us to say, I can’t do that. I can’t do that all the time. I’m not expected to be able to do that all
the time. That’s for only the guys like really you know,
the extreme guys. Like Jeff is just an extreme case. No. I’m not. I’m not an extreme case, guys. I’m really not. I just have a determination that I want to
make sure I look a certain way. I have to stand in front of you guys and be
believable 365 days of the year. Some other guys on youTube make come in and
look fat. Half the year, they’re credible half the time. I have to be credible to you in my head 100
percent of the time. I need to practice what I preach 100 percent
of the time because I feel like that’s the only way that I deserve your trust. Guys, I’m off on my little Jeff Rant, as I
said, but it’s key. I think it’s key that you guys understand
that when you want these videos on nutrition, I’m not sure what to bring you because if
I come and I give you all those juicy topics that you’ve probably heard and you might even
be subscribing to, I would just be bullshitting you and I would
be bullshitting myself, and that’s not the way it rolls. The way it rolls is, once you start to determine
‘I want to look a certain way, and I know that I gotta up my game, and I have to determine that there’s a certain
amount of sacrifice that I have to make to look that way’, you will unlock that key. And you will look better than ever, and here’s
the best part about that. You don’t have to go through pain to get there. It’s not painful. If it was painful, I couldn’t do this, guys,
every day of the year. What I eat, I love. The things I eat are healthy. There are so many great-tasting options within
that healthy food category that you can live on forever. And I don’t care what kind of food eater you
are right now. I grew up as the biggest junk food junkie
around. I’ve converted to a guy that doesn’t need
that much of it at all any more. Did I completely change my whole palette? No. I just started to realize that as I made better
and better choices, my physique got better and better, and I felt better and better. And I was able to perform better and better. The same exact thing can happen to you, and
you don’t have to make these incredible sacrifices to realize that Oh my God, I’m going to start eating nothing
but boiled chicken from now on. Guys, this is what the X-Factor Meal Plan
is all about. It’s literally peeking into exactly what I
do every single day. It gives you a sustainable option. Sustainable. Something that you can do forever. Not this 6 hour window that you can only do
for however long until it drives you mad or insane. Or not the guys who restricts his carbohydrates
and removes them from his diet, or the guy who goes completely low-fat and gets
rid of those from his diet. I’m talking about sustainable, reproducible,
enjoyable. That’s what the X-Factor Meal Plan is all
about. That’s what ATHLEANX is all about. So, here’s the secret. If you want the shortcut, guys, start having
respect for food. Start trying to stabilize your blood sugar
by eating frequently throughout the day. And when I mean frequently, at specific times
throughout the day. I don’t care what that interval is, but try
to make sure that you’re not allowing your blood sugar levels to crash. So, you’re looking for things that you wouldn’t
normally eat, or you’re craving things that you shouldn’t be eating. Increase your fibrous vegetable intake. They are some of the best things you can be
putting in your body. Again, for many reasons that we don’t even
know yet based on nutrigenomics. Increase your protein intake. Guys don’t eat enough protein. They really don’t. If that has to come from supplementation,
fine. Do it. You don’t have to use ATHLEAN-RX if you don’t
want to. Do it from a reputable brand, one that you
trust. But remember, I’ve already covered that issue. You should be doubting a lot of the supplements
that are out there for all the wrong reasons. If you trust in ATHLEAN-RX, then use the ATHLEAN-RX
Supplements, but try to increase the intake of your protein, and doing it through supplementation might be
the best way to do it. And start, again, having some responsibility
about the other things you’re doing. Do think drinking is going to get you a 6-Pack? Most likely, no. It’s just going to get you a 6-pack of beer. Do you think that eating pasta in portions
this big is going to be the perfect idea for you? Probably not. It’s not really a reasonable portion size. So, start thinking about more of the basics,
guys, when it comes to nutrition. And if you want a step-by-step plan for it,
I got it all laid out for you. I give you exactly what I do. I give you exactly how I eat, but if you don’t
want to go down that road, then at least stop looking for the shortcut and
the secret, because it’s not out there. Alright guys, thanks for letting me get that
off my chest. As you know, like I said, every week, ATHLEANX,
guys. This is a training system, so beyond the workouts,
beyond the nutrition, the workouts, too. Sustainable. Doable. 20-40 Minutes. High Intensity, as high as it gets, but doable
because you don’t have to sit there and commit to 90 minutes, 2 hours of training every day. Most guys quit that. We get you going, get you working hard, get
you keeping that short and keeping on meal plan that gets you ripped and allows you to build muscle
at the same time and does it in a sensible, sustainable way. That’s all over my ATHLEANX Training System,
and that’s all over at ATHLEANX.COM. Alright, guys, I’ll be back here next week. Remember, some of the shorter videos, this
one allows me to get off on a tangent here, but I think, sometimes you guys appreciate it when it comes
right from the heart to you guys, and this is exactly how I feel about this stuff. ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH. OK? Guys, I’ll be back here soon. Leave your comments below.

100 thoughts on “HOW TO GET RIPPED (And Stay Ripped 365 Days a Year!)

  1. I really want to know if Jeff cheats on his diet or how he keeps it up 😕 cause I eat very well throughout the week i.e chicken brown rice and sweet potato, but it gets really hard and that's when the term "cheat meal" and how it effects your progress has always been very difficult to comprehend. Like how are you (a normal human being) supposed to eat the foods i just listed 365 days a year and stay sane!? I do not even know how to really change it up using healthy alternatives such as different hot sauces etc for reasons such as budget and very minimal alternatives. There must be a way to make this easier …

  2. You've said before Jeff about abandoning cheat days and having a cheat meal and that it can be beneficial. can you please make a video on that topic? Cause unless you're literally a robot, I'm sure you yourself have gone out and gotten ice cream with the wife, or had a burger once in a while. or you're just a much better person than everyone else lol

  3. It is all about calories though bruh. That is why i like IF. Lets say i dont eat all day until 8:00 pm and eat a triple from wendy's and a large french fries and then drink a protein shake, i would not get fat because it would be like 1,700 calories.

    Sooo moderation. Like u said.

  4. Why not Nutritional Ketosis ?
    Search YouTube for
    "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living"
    "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance "
    Energy from Good Fats, moderate protein, <25g carbs a day.
    That's long term fat loss and healthier than carbs. Especially for athletes given that the body becomes for efficient with resources e.g oxygen.

  5. Last year around 10 month ago I was 28% bodyfat. Now going under 9%. I kept it very simple. Went high protein. Low carb. Steadily lost quite a lot of fat. Toned up. I went this diet for quite a long time. Went back on the carbs eventually. Had a bit of trouble getting the carb cravings down again after that. Lost weight but very slowly. This was when I hit around 13%. So the last four months I only lost 4%. Lately, the last few weeks I really became interested in low carb again, intermittent fasting and learning about insulin management/spiking. Was resistent to IF for a long time. Would never have done it in the past. Grew up since 14 when I started training reading bodybuilding magazines – protein, first thing in the morning, throughout the day every 2 – 3 hours. So had this way of thinking ground into me. Now 33, took the best part of a decade off and sat on my arse a lot. Have done low carb IF and bulked my protein into larger quantities in 2 – 3 meals a day. Fat is dropping off fairly quick again. Don't feel like I'm shrinking any muscle. I have a little though in reality according to bodyfat scan machine (whatever they're called) but I'm okay with it though, it's not much. The fat loss fraction is much higher. Strength has stayed the same. Not doing cardio. Still doing weights. Happiest I've been with results in a long time. Target is 6% BF. Just because the lowest I've ever been was 7% and that was a decade ago.

  6. I have told so many people about your channel and program, you are truly a godsend sir, prevention of injury, application of nutrition properly, I was at 255 at about 14 percent body fat, I have dropped 14 pounds in 3 weeks and have gotten stronger, I've used your general nutrition recommendations and come that far, haven't even used your meal plan or anything, just your ideas are enough to change lives, thank you very much

  7. I have a good friend who decided to make big life changes and start working out and eating right. I made the same decision around the same time. However, he went with the Kinobody aggressive fat loss program and I went with Ax1 and Ax2. Im in the thirsd week of the Ax2 program and I am jacked and he… well, he is not jacked. He's eating 1800 calories with a fasting window of 8 hours, Im eating 5 times a day whenever I want. So I sent him a picture of myself just last night to show him my progress. This morning he bought the Ax1 program. Hahaha… true story.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    Quick question regarding your train hard vs. train long theory – is it a bad thing to do functional movement related exercises before lifting heavy? I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and my conditioning days are usually 95 minutes long, but half of that is dedicated to functional exercises before my actual workout. The total time I spend lifting is usually around that 45 minute mark.


  9. its not so complicated, i got ripped and lost 8 percent body fat. with focusing on what not to eat basically.

  10. Moderation is key.. many people do not understand the concept of moderation.. for example

    Paleo = Low carb, extremely low carb or 0 carb. People think paleo or do paleo, they think they have to avoid carbs while not factoring in when taking them is important. Then people wonder why they start getting burned out with intense cravings.
    Ray Peat style diet = I can drink all the orange juice and milk I want. Sugar is king (though I'm sure he meant getting sugar from fruit). People chug 1-2L of both orange juice and milk daily, then wonder why fatty liver creeps up on them
    Bulking diet = Eat anything and everything, then wonder why their joints start aching, intense gas and bloating, lethargy, and insomnia set in

    You need to do Cardio = I need to start doing 60+ min of cardio 5+ days a week (think the new years resolutioners)
    You need to do weights = I need to start hitting the weights 5+ days a week even though my body is not acclimatized to it

    I understand people get motivated but there is a fine line between motivated and over motivated or eager. Does anyone even bother to think to listen to their own body and maybe just do a little bit of everything instead of too much of one thing?

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