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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I wanted to make a video to show you
guys how to get that more developed V cut line. At the risk of making sure this stays a “G”
video, that line right here. We can see that leads down toward the junk. Now look; it’s important that we understand
the anatomy, which we’re going to get into because when you understand the anatomy it
will guide how you train. We always talk about following the fibers
and understanding it. But it’s always got to start – whenever
we talk about anything abdominal, in terms of revealing what we’re going to see here,
and what we’re trying to get that V-cut area – it has to start with this good news, bad
news, good news situation. The good news is, is that you guys know on
this channel I’m never going to bullshit you. I’m going to give you the actual, real advice
that you need so you can start to make the improvements you need to make. That’s the good news. The second thing is, the bad news is that
it’s going to take quite a commitment on your part through your nutrition to make this area
visible. Especially because we know that when men lose
body fat, especially from around the waist, they tend to lose the up top first and it
starts to come down here, and the last area to go is going to be that lower abdominal
area. The most stubborn is going to be that lower
abdominal area. Meaning, your level of consistency is going
to have to be very high. You can’t just do something for two weeks
– a crash diet for two weeks – and think you’re going to reveal this area down here. You’re going to need to be consistent with
your nutrition to the point where you can lower your bodyfat levels significantly enough
to get down where those lower abdominal areas are lower in bodyfat. So, you’re going to need to make sure you
do that. If you’re looking for something to help guide
you, I did a whole video on a very simple plate technique that I want you guys to use. It’s going to simplify the nutrition process. Again, simplification will lead to consistency. If you’d rather have a step by step plan,
I have my entire meal plan, exactly what I eat included in all our ATHLEANX programs
over at Now, the good news – because there is good
news – even though you have to do that, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to
start training the muscles that feed this V-cut. Namely, the obliques. We know that the obliques have the visibility
far up the chain here. They’re not just visible down here at that
line. They’re not just down in here. They’re all up in here. The external oblique is feeding this area
here. We know, as we said, as we start to lose bodyfat
at a higher level of the torso, so we can start to see some of the tapering benefits
of training the obliques. So, it’s good that you can start to focus
on those things now even while you’re still working on the nutrition. Now lets talk about the anatomy. For the anatomy here, we’re always going to
break out the muscle markers. When we’re talking about the V-cut, we’re
literally talking about the obliques. I did this in the video before I showed you
and you can see here, this is what that “v-cut” area looks like when covered with fat, and
this is the same area when the bodyfat is stripped off. What’s the difference? Nothing. Just the bodyfat. The level of development of the obliques is
what stands out because the bodyfat is removed. So, we want to make sure we’re focusing on
the right area because there are two different obliques. We have the obliques that come in this direction
here. We know those are the external obliques. They feed through their tendinous attachment
into this thickened area here. It’s called aponeurosis. The thickening, where the muscle leads into
a tendinous sheath. In the bottom border of that is this inguinal
ligament. Just the bottom border. That feeds that bottom border. But the bulk of this here, this whole thickening
here, is all coming from external oblique that’s feeding down into that. Now, we also have the internal oblique that
goes in the opposite direction. It feeds this way. Interestingly, what it does is feeds perpendicularly
into that aponeurosis, that thickening that’s down into that inguinal ligament. The benefit of that, and knowing that, is
that we talk about all time the importance of following the fibers. Shortening of fiber in that direction, along
its direction here, is going to help to develop that muscle. We know that when a muscle contracts it transmits
force through the tendon that it blends into. So, if we can have an impact on the tendon
that it blends into, we know we can feed into this aponeurosis and start to help to develop
that more. How do we do that? We focus on that internal oblique. Why we can’t see this – because it’s deep
to the external oblique – we can activate it fairly easily. There are three components to doing this. The first thing you want to do is lie down
on the floor like you’re seeing me do and you want to flatten that belly out. More importantly, you want to activate the
transverse abdominus. The transverse abdominus is going to flatten
the entire midsection. You can see that as soon as I do this, I immediately
see that v-cut line pop more prominently. Why? Because the transverse abdominus has its own
tendinous sheath that blends with the internal obliques’ tendinous sheath to attach right
into this area that we’re trying to impact. We know if we can flatten the stomach by pulling
the belly button down – you see me here. Again, to activate the transverse I’m here
and I draw in. You can see, once I draw in this becomes more
prominent. Again, out and relaxed, draw down, and in,
and it becomes more prominent here. So, the first part is that. The second part is getting basic abdominal
activation. We can do that with a posterior pelvic tilt. If I’m on the ground here – you can see
me now on my back, I get that transverse abdominus activation and I pull up with the posterior
pelvic tilt. Getting the trunk to curl, getting more abdominal
contraction. Now here comes the most important part. Rotation in the same direction of the side
that you’re trying to get to contract. Why? Because if you follow those fibers, guys,
you realize that rotation in this direction, down in this direction following the fibers,
is going to make that internal oblique contract. If we can get contraction through that muscle,
realizing that the force will transmit through that tendon, we can get and activation in
this exact are that we’re trying to target. Now, we’re going to go one side at a time. To do that, we’re going to do this exercise
here. It’s more of just a contraction drill. I’m going to do the three parts I said. I do the flattening, I do the trunk curl,
and then I rotate in that direction. You can see and feel how intense of a contraction
that is right on that line. Right on that v-cut area. What I want you to do is use this as a neuromuscular
drill. I want you to include it with whatever ab
training you’re doing. If you’re on our ATHLEANX programs, we train
abs every, single day. You can incorporate the additional work just
with a couple extra sets of, let’s say, six to seven second contractions, 10 good quality
ones. The fact is, if you do what I’m showing you
here in conjunction with the nutrition and getting you nutrition in check as you drop
those bodyfat levels; this v-cut line will become much more prominent. Again, you can see here that when I make that
turn, in that direction – here, and then in – I get that v-cut line becoming more
established, and again, more visible. That’s what you’re trying to do, guys. That’s your attack plan for making it work. I promise you, you’re going to get better
control of it. A lot of it is that guys just don’t have
good control over the area and don’t even know how to contract their abs, let alone
put a more creative pelvic tilt, let alone get these areas to actually contract when
we’re talking about the obliques. But this is your attack plan for doing that. Hopefully you’ve found the video helpful,
guys. If you’re looking for more science-based training
and advice, you want to make sure you head over to and get one of our training
programs. Again, we put the science back in everything
we do because it matters. In the meantime, if you found the video helpful
leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do my best to do that for you. If you haven’t already done so, make sure
you click ‘subscribe’ and turn on your notifications, so you never miss a new video when we put
one out. All right, guys. I’ll see you soon.

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