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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today it’s all about vascularity and whether
or not there are things that you can do to improve yours. You see, first and foremost, vascularity is
something that makes your muscles look more muscular. The more vascular you are, the more you look
ripped, the more you look like you’re committed to what you’re doing. I will tell you this, though; commitment is
key. And if you’re not willing to get your nutrition
in check the rest of this video is irrelevant. I don’t want to chase viewers away, I just
want to underscore the importance of the fact that nutrition is going to get your body fat
levels down low enough to be able to see your vascularity. There’s only so much you can do to try and
bring them up when they’re buried underneath a layer of fat. That being said, in the summer do you ever
notice how your veins look a little bit more prominent? Maybe in the winter you can’t see them as
much? It’s not necessarily that you’ve added
a lot of body fat, it’s that just the exterior conditions, the temperature around you can
have your veins either seek the surface, or bury deep within. That’s because as you get really cold your
veins are going to try and keep the blood flow closer to the core to be able to keep
your tissue temperature up. They’ll sink down a little bit lower in
order to do that. In the summer as you get really hot, overheated,
they’ll try to get rid of some of that heat for you, and rise toward the surface. So, tissue temperature, and chaining in tissue
temperature is a really important way to getting better vascularity. That being said, you can actually train that
element. If you do it consistently you can actually
help improve the ability of your muscles to become more vascular because you can improve
the responsiveness of the smooth muscle in your veins to become a lot more alert. I have something called Reynaud’s Disease,
which actually gives me spasms in the capillaries that feed my hand. So, my hands, even in the summer, can be purple
and cold because they’re spasming. They’re not really good at opening up. By going into something called a Contrast
Bath I can dip my hands into cold, and then dip my hands into hot, and then dip my hands
in cold. I’m training the smooth muscle here to respond
better to dilate, and constrict. Dilate and constrict. Dilate and constrict. So over time, I’m getting better blood flow,
and profusion back and forth. I can actually help to treat that scenario
a little bit. We can do that in our training, too. You have to train super high reps at some
point in your training in order to increase your ability of your muscles to become fed
more easily by the increased blood flow that comes from doing it. So high reps, we know, will increase blood
flow, and we know it will increase pump. But are you doing it as a regular component
to your training? If not, here’s what you want to do. What you’re going to do is this circuit
here. 100 curls – we’re going to just have the
bar – 100 reverse curls, 100 spinouts, or rollouts with our wrists in one direction,
and 100 rollouts in the other direction. What you do is keep alternating as you go. By the way, take note of what I look like
now, in terms of vascularity, and about a few minutes from now as I go. Here we go. There you have it. A little bit more vascularity there in just
that one session. So the idea is, just like all four legs of
a table being important for the stability of that table, all rep ranges and all components
of training are important for your well-rounded training program. If you’re missing an element, if you’re
not doing super high reps we have all our athletes actually come in and do this at least
once every two weeks. As a matter of fact, we also have the ability
to then get into the contrast bath – hot, and cold, hot, and cold – to also improve
this. The idea is, you can’t just ignore it. If you want it to happen you’ve got to train
for it. At ATHLEANX I try to train for everything,
and this would answer your question. But remember – I’ll restate it again – if
you’re not willing to get your nutrition in check you’re not going to see your veins,
no matter what you do. All right, guys. If you’re looking for training programs
that don’t overlook anything – in fact, not even your nutrition because we know how
important it is. The exact same thing that allows me to stay
lean and ripped 365 days a year is in our ATHLEANX training system. It’s our ATHLEANX Factor Meal Plan. You can get that, as well as all our training
techniques in one spot. It’s over at In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful make sure to leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what you want to see here on this
channel and I’ll do my best to cover it here in the days, and weeks ahead. All right, guys. I’ll see you back here soon.

100 thoughts on “How to Get Vascular Arms (BIG & RIPPED!)

  1. I would not say I eat healthy. I eat oat meal like 2 times a day, shit ton of peanut butter and nutella. Chicken/beef and rice and 12 donuts or something good. And I'm still vascular af and weigh about 145 lbs. Working on gaining weight though.

  2. jeff love this video appriciat all your hard work jiji but i don't understand how you get a bigger & ripped lungs to make it llok more outside and sredded

  3. I am young about in mid teens will it be safe to squeeze my muscle to such high limits! And recommend some more exercises.

  4. And doing contrast baths as well as high reps is safe for me.As my parents say that your muscle still develop and you will develop injuries .And not able to achieve the ideal body shape that grown ups in 20's and 30's have. Pleas help and respond

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  6. Jeff doesn't look big, But trust me he is definitely a monster with that low body fat percentage in real life.

  7. Having great guns is a bit more practical, aesthetic-wise. Guys can walk around with sleeveless shirts or a tank top, versus trying to show off their abs w/ a halter top or no shirt.

  8. You did that with no weight, I did that with tons of weight and did 100 reps each, and did each twice, it burned like fucking hell

  9. Why can't I remember to do this. It works perfectly but my old mind forgets it by 2 weeks time. A younger training partner would help to remember.

  10. Genetic vein structure is different with everyone. We all have the "main" vains that are popular but other guys have veins were other guys dont and visversa. Low fat, temperature and a pump do help. Also a supplement called L citrulline or L argenine help blood flow and veins to expand. Also salt and water

  11. Thank u for this video but I need help I am skinny fat people think I am skinny but I have a little of belly around the belly buttton

  12. Hey jeff got a question my vains have become alot more visible and since then when i train and exercise i fell alot of pain before i dident have pain but now i do what do you think i should do

  13. Idk what's with me
    I am lean, Even my abs are visible
    There are guys I see with much more fat than me but they too have got maps on their arms, i have got almost no vascularity
    Can someonee helpp meeeee with this

  14. Nutrition is very important but hard to maintain. I can train a lot but eating healthy is a big challenge that I am going to achieve little by little. 🥦🥬🥑

  15. So should i do these super high reps maybe as a warm up ? Or maybe finish my workout with them ? I used ro be more vascular before I started gaining mass

  16. How do you decrease vascularity?
    Having swollen veins can be extremely painful and not the look everyone wants.
    Surely the fact that they are big and swollen is a sign that they are struggling to push blood through the vein?

  17. Hi there, i have visible veins almost at all bodyparts expect at biceps. Even at inner part of my arm i have visible veins but non at biceps… Do you think there is some genetic predisposition?

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