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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

How to get your weight gain hormones under control. A lot of factors can influence body weight: your physical activity, genetics, eating habits and stresses. However, the most important role in this process still belongs to the hormones, which are responsible for the regulation of metabolism. Hormones command your body to store fat, or to stop gaining it. Watch the video end to learn what you should eat to lose weight and get your hormones under control. There is another surprise at the end of the video that will help you achieve the best results in no time. Do not miss out on it! First, let’s have a look at four chemicals that tell your body to store or burn fat. Insulin, cortisol, leptin, and thyroid hormones. Insulin. Glucose is a primary source of energy for your cells. After you eat food and your blood glucose level rises, your pancreas is signalled to release more insulin. It is the hormone that helps to deliver glucose into cells. Insulin is knocking on the door of your cells. The cells hear the knock, open up, and let in the glucose. Insulin provides us with energy, but it also collects and stores fat. If insulin is high, your body will store fat. Cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone. It is produced by the adrenal glands to prevent blood sugar levels from dropping below normal. That’s why when you’re stressed, you eat sugary products like ice cream, cake, chocolate and sweets. By doing so, you help your body to accumulate strength to handle stressful situations. Cortisol slows down the metabolism to preserve more energy. If you have high cortisol levels in your blood, you will gain weight. Leptin. Leptin is a satiety hormone. It is secreted by fat cells, and sends a signal to the brain that you are full. Leptin controls your metabolism, and helps cells figure out whether to store fat or burn it. When your leptin level is low, your appetite increases, and your body tends to store excess food as fat. Very often the level of this hormone becomes reduced because of sleep deprivation. That’s why getting enough sleep is so important. Thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones, T3 and T4, are produced by the thyroid gland, and their primary function is to induce lipolysis. They also play a significant role in regulating metabolic processes. If you have low thyroid hormones in your body, you are likely to gain weight. Now, let’s see what foods and eating habits can help you lose weight naturally. What should you eat? One – avoid strict diets. Recent studies show that the best eating frequently [sic] for sustained weight loss is three meals per day. Remember that sticking to an extremely strict diet isn’t healthy. By doing so, you may become slimmer, but the results won’t last for long. The thing is, when you don’t eat regularly, your body thinks it is starving and takes energy from muscle and tissue while trying to conserve fat. As a result, you can gain weight even if you eat only once a day. Two – lose weight gradually. Losing weight slowly is much better for your body, and far more sustainable in the long haul. If you want to become slimmer, maintain a small calorie deficient [sic]. For example, if your normal calorie intake is 1,900 Kcal per day, reduce this amount to 1,700 per day. Keep in mind that your exact daily caloric needs should be calculated based on your height, weight, age and activity level. If you follow this simple rule, your body won’t store food for a rainy day. Three – eat foods with a low glycemic index. So, you should eat foods that are less likely to contribute to elevated levels of insulin in your body. These are products which have a low glycemic index, GT [sic], a number that indicates the food’s effect on a person’s blood glucose level. You can easily find a list of GI foods online, and choose your favorite ones. Four – avoid fast carbs. Avoid fast carbohydrates, and eat foods rich in proteins and fiber instead. They help you feel full quicker, and thus you won’t overeat. Protein helps build muscle mass, and muscle tissue burns more calories than body fat, even when you’re at rest. Here is the bonus. To get your weight gain hormones under control, and achieve various health benefits, you should also know how to exercise properly. How should you exercise? When you exercise, your muscles work harder and need more glucose to burn as energy. So if you’re a physically active person, you need to replenish your sugar supply every day. Studies have shown that high intensity interval training is the most efficient at enhancing insulin sensitivity. If you prefer training with moderate reps and loads, then you’ll need to spend 1-1.5 hours in a gym. However, when it comes to high intensity interval workouts, twenty minutes will be enough. When you finish exercising, your body will continue to burn extra calories throughout the day, even when you sleep. It is also a good idea to consume a shake containing carbs and proteins during your workout. This will help you bring your cortisol back under control much faster than usual. If you find this information beneficial to you, then do us a favor. Hit the like button below and share the video with others. Don’t forget to click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life.

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  1. by the way this is wrong.
    If you stop eating for more than 10 hours your body runs out of insulin so it will start Burning fats, not conserve them!
    it's called kitosis.
    3 meals a day are not healthy for a person that is staying in a chair or on bed or just not doing good amount of exercise.
    a well balanced 1 meal a day Will be best, but anything will do you fine.
    that's why anorexic people starve.
    that's why obese people that are not in meds can just starve and drink water with salt and some vitamin supplements (if it's a long period starve) to be thinner again and not have all that loose skin.

  2. No, your body won't think it's starving until day 4. We're not supposed to eat three times per day, that's the problem, people eat more than they should or need.

  3. I have high thyroid with normal T4 and T3 so i have no chance on loosing weight and I don't know what to do

  4. I'm 16
    And weigh 93 pounds and I still feel fat but I don't have an eating disorder bc I already have stomach and nausea problems and don't need side effects from eating disorders
    Plussss I love food too much?😂

  5. If you have low thyroid hormones like T3 and T4 you have hypothyroidism which is a disease… and you need to go to your doctor and get medication like Levaxin

  6. This is the first video like this i have ever seen that was actually true and helpful.

    and to all you saying everyone is perfect, you are right as long as the person is not owerweigh to the point where it is unhealty. this video also focused on staying healthy and is actually quite good. this video is for those who wish to be thinner, and need help doing so.

  7. But guys, if you store fat..

  8. girls you look way better with meat on your body. ………. some girls that are skinny do not look good. ………. I h8 it when some girls try to be skinny it doesn't look good. ….

  9. My weight is one of my biggest problems ever. It goes up and down. When everyone sees me, they say I'm skinny as a toothpick even if I gained weight. But I just see myself as fat everyday. In the mirror and the scale. It's so frustrating. No matter what I do to make me appear skinny to myself…I still see fat. Is anyone else going through the same thing?

  10. To be honest everyone is different and there is no one perfect diet or way of eating or living for everyone. eating once a day makes me happier and more energized.and I m not gaining weight like a pig and have a normal bowel movement . Well , this maybe not work for everyone,just like what the video teaches does not work for me.

  11. AND SOME PEOPLE SAY "OH YOUR SO FAT U MUST BE EATING LIKE A MONSTER" ya right I'm the one that forget to eat duh! (Thyroid problems since birth)

  12. I really dont like that you use a perfectly skinny women as the "symbol" of fat…i just lost my confidence

  13. I tried these workouts for my thighs once everyday and lost an inch around each of my thighs in a week! I really recommend it!!
    1. Squats for 30 sec
    2. Side lunges (30 sec for each side
    3. Squat and kick 1 minute
    4. Seater hops 30 sec
    5. Inner leg lifts(ground) 30 seconds per side
    6. Leg circles 30 seconds per side, (circles forward then backwards)
    7. Outer leg lift 30 sec
    8. Fire hydrants 30 sec
    9. Fire hydrant kicks 30 sec

  14. My brother eats french fries everyday and doesn't do any sports yet his weight doesn't change and he looks really skinny

  15. thank you very very much for yelling the title of the video before i plug my headphones to the computer
    i was afraid that people weren't going to know my interests.-_-

  16. Having a diet does not equal eating less, in fact, your diet consists on what you eat. A healthy diet consists of balanced meals eaten throughout the day, preferably small/moderate portions as in Breakfast, lunch, lunch, lunch, dinner; so that you do not get hungry and get enough energy and nutrients to get through the day!! Also, counting calories is important, since there's a number to lose, maintain and gain weight.

  17. Information about hormones are almost true.

    But if you want to really loose weight in the long term, don't eat your three meals.

    Only take lunch and diner. You can eat your breakfast during your lunch or your diner.

    With this method, I lost 6kg.

  18. Last part of this video was superb plz make a video on "HOW TO EXERCISE CORRECTLY", your videos are more scientific yet easy to understand. Thank you

  19. some of the info in this video are quire inaccurate. perhaps u should check with a metabolic specialist before you publish certain information.

  20. What is six pack for get a free family pack in which you can store your family , in six pack only six members can come
    Eat and sleep
    – Thank , hope it works for all of you

  21. Actually, Before your body gets into your fat reserves, you need to deplete your sugar reserves.

    So it is best to save the carbs for your last meal of the day.

  22. I'm here cause I gotta lose weight. I don't do these though cause I'm lazy and can't seem to make it a habit of excersising 😂

  23. I've been having a piece of fruit for breakfast and lunch and then eat only dinner. I've lost three pounds in four days. I've also been doing exercises about an hour or two after I wake up. It's helped me a lot.

  24. Me: Great video.
    Also me: Takes out container of ice cream and a bag of lays to watch another video.

  25. Actually if you don’t eat at least 2,000 calories a day you’re metabolism will slow down and you won’t lose weight it slows down cause it thinks your starving

  26. I did everything she mentioned in this video plus added cortisol and serotlnin balancing nutritional supplements from and in less than 30 days of their risk free money back guarantee trial..I waa seeing amazing results in weight loss, belly loss especially…sleeping and eating well…it seems too good to be true because this is the first time anything have worked for me at age 57 and in full blown menopause

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