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What’s going on Hermanation? We’re here at the Life Fitness cable machine, and I’ll show you guys how to do hanging leg lifts, okay? We’re going to do them using the pull-up bars. So what you first want to do is if you’re not tall enough get a stool, okay? There’s no shame in that what you want is to be able to jump up to here once you’re up here you want to hold on nice and tight the arms are a little bit wider than shoulder length, okay? what you’re going to do is get a nice tight grip bring your feet together like this Now what you want to do is keep your core nice and tight So you want to flex your abs and what you’re going to do is simply lift your knees up like this as high as you can your feet together bring your legs back down and then go back up again breathe out on the way up As you can see it’s really engaging my lower abs you can see all the muscles kind of tensing on the way up and down It’s a really great exercise Now if you want to get some speed into this exercise and still have it work really well you can kind of get a motion going, okay? What you’re going to do is get a little swing okay. Get a little swing like this And then on the way back you’re going to lift your legs up lift your knees to your chest and on the way forward bring them down, let me show you And see how I’m bringing my feet up in front my body Hits your abs a little differently this way And still taking a lot of core to get my legs up this high And that’s how you do hanging leg lifts for more great information if you’re free subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. Later guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Hanging Leg-Lift

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  2. I'm straight, but I have to say, he looks good. I will Hopefully have a body like that by the end of the year. Going to the gym nearly every day, and have been doing workouts at home. As well as Improving my diet as much as I can. Almost there… Almost there… !

  3. I know. Quality strength is hard to achieve. As for working out at home, I go to the gym usually with limited time. And usually go to one of two places. Most of the time, I don't get to exercise all the groups I wish to do in the day, so I do some at home.

  4. Um, ¨lower abs¨??? This is an Iliopsoas exercise. And this muscle is waaay more important for athletes than the pretty much useless rectus abdominis muscle that you so proudly exhibit.

  5. scott, i know you probably already know this by now, but i gotta say it. a full hanging leg raise has you keeping your knees locked out, and with as little momentum as possible, bringing your legs all the way up so that your feet/shins touch the bar. keep training hard bro!

  6. Do you also train your back with this exercise? Yesterday I did the hanging leg lift but beside the muscaler pain at the abs I also felt muscaler pain at my back (latissimus dorsi). Do you need to tension your back too? It doesn't felt bad though.

  7. JAKASS ! it's not good scott herman it's not good the legs up to your face for extrem contraction not just midel !!!! you are not a personal trainer

  8. He's using this exercise because it is obvious that most viewers won't be able to do the more advanced movements.

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  10. Awesome clip. Youtube is great for this sort of content.

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  11. I've been doing these at home… but im not too sure what my glutes are meant to be doing…
    Should they be going up with the leg raise until my lumber is curved and then come back down to the natural posture?

  12. When I do this exercise I feel it in my thighs too. I think I am doing it wrong. Can you help Scott?

  13. Why is it gay when a man says to other man he has a great body? Don't be so lame and conservative please. And yes this guy has great body.

  14. yes i mean it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. btw!but ye One of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. if you are serious go for it now

  15. personally hate these because I always get a swing and I hate hanging, I just lock my computer chair and use it like a captains chair to do leg lifts.

  16. i didnt really feel it on my abs. the only thing this kinda did for me was give me a blister on both my hands and make them ace lol!

  17. Do NOT swing. You want to be as stationary as possible so you are forcing more of your abs to do the work. When you swing, you are recruiting other muscles and momentum doesn't allow you to focus on your core muscles as much.

  18. For any fitness YT search, SH is the first result every time.. Dude has strong tag game or something lol.

  19. Hey Scott! I tried these today and had some shoulder pain half way through my first set that got worse at the end of my first set. Am I doing something wrong?

  20. Yeah I was hoping to hear a tip on how high you need to at least raise the knees. I guess my assumption of at least to the belly button is good enough, but could be better based on this video.

  21. Ive been doing this exercise and while I feel my core has gotten stronger it also seems to be making my stomach stick out and look bigger?


    Try adding 3-4 sets of these to your next workout.. it's going to hurt, but it's worth it 🙂

  23. I fucking hate hanging leg lifts lol… I feel it more in my forearms and my lower back before my abs are anywhere near getting tired. Sure there are ab straps but still feel it in my lower back.

    I'll just sprint, those are pretty much leg lifts lol always lifting up your leg and stuf =D

  24. I find these much easier than I should (no humble brag) – I have to wonder if I'm doing something wrong. This video has made me want to scrutinise my form to make sure I'm not swinging. Thanks Scott!

  25. Scott that was all swinging momentum in those leg lifts.

    Time under tension baby

    like you're actually going to read this anyway..

  26. When i do this or the straight leg version, my abs round drastically. I have done tva exercises to help but it just doesn't seem to be doing anything. Is there something i am getting wrong??

  27. in gymnastics, we started in an L position (straight legs obviously lol) and touched our toes to the bar, that's the only thing that counted as a leg lift to our Russian coaches.

  28. Scott, you just gained a new sub. Your videos are by far the easiest to understand and the most recommended gym videos I get!

  29. thanks for the videoo have a examn tomorrow for my fitness certificate need to do 8 sixpack exercise i choose your video for it thanks bud

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