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7 Tips to check 100% original ON GOLD WHEY PROTEIN 1. Check for spelling mistakes. 2. Neck bands. Gold hologram seal on black plastic neck band. Gold seal should not be a sticker. 3. Vacuum barriers. Round disk is not glued. 4. Gold spoon. Spoon is golden and has ON logo 5. Date and batch codes. Both should be at the bottom of the tub. Text is with blue inkjet printing. Includes manufacture, expiry date and batch code. Dates should be 2 years apart. 6. Tub design. Mold mark should be same on every tub. 7. Servings. Servings depends on the flavor & tub size. i.e. 5lb tub Double Rich Chocolate has 74 servings. Scanning QR code should redirect to product website

28 thoughts on “How to identify original Optimum Nutrition whey protein

  1. is it possible for them to send fake products if you order from them online?
    also what's the official website for this product brand?

  2. Thanks for such effort… In india there are so many fake products on name supplements, now i guess we can verify few. please keep on sharing such helpful videos.

  3. sir please kindly be honestly suggest me which is the best and fast weight gain protien powder i have alredy use 2 products but my money is lose. am not rich i already lose my money . and my salery already is so low please tell me which is the best weight gainer . and which is the best orignal online shop.

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  5. That's a gold scoop does that look like a spoon to u wtf… When does any protein powder comes with a spoon… It's a scoop not a spoon

  6. hi, should all tubs have a qr code? my 2lbs banana cream has a bar code but no qr code, is mine fake?

  7. my on whey has written whey protein isolate on it.. instead of isolates… is this genuine? I ordered it from amazon cloudtail india

  8. I just got the fake one fucking kiding me.. at the botom there is nothing saying… and its like a black smal hole and they fixed it.. im syre they put out the good and put the bad inside…

  9. I ordered 4.5 kg (double chocolate flavour) bag from amazon UK. It tastes horrible. The gold colour scoop doesn't have 'ON' logo on it. Is it fake?

  10. honestly speaking, all of these things seem to be pretty easy to be implemented by a counterfeit manufacturer as well

  11. mine has the golden seal on it's neck and the qr code directs me to the official website but it has not a vacum chamber, the scoop is golden but no on on it and the expritaion dtae is green and on the side of bottle

  12. Hi, in this video i can see a sticker on top of lid which says "ON 100% whey" in white color but i havent seen it on the genuine container's lid.

  13. Regarding the date which should be bottom of tube is not right,ON has many updates for their products,i had original one 2LB the date printed under the neck of tube

  14. My on whey protein has 2 scoops one is golden with on logo and other is red scoop with nothing on it….why is it so?

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