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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Assalamu alaikum guys, welcome to my channel train with hussain today’s video is for men who is it for? for men yes for men the video i made today will make everyone go crazy the people who are weak men who think they are weak look at that bicep this video is madness so what’s the purpose of this video i want to talk about men trigger point one trigger point which need to be fixed if that is fixed then your body will grow it will grow your body, lower your stress your blood pressure will be low and you will feel strong that’s the most important thing you will feel strong testosterone level is your trigger point the higher it is the more you will feel Manly showing my power….. that’s how you going to feel testosterone is the hormone in your body in men higher than woman we are not talking about women here today’s video is for men body building bodybuilding and for people who don’t go to the gym your body produces testosterone naturally for under 18 you don’t need to do anything you don’t need it after 18 your testosterone level starts to go higher your testo starts to get on it’s peak after this age 18 to 30 18 age to 30 your testosterone level is on high level but how are you going to know if your testosterone level is high or low you go to the doctors for testosterone level test make an appointment and they will give you the report if your testosterone level is low then this video will benefit you if it is high then you keep doing what your doing if it is high then it is because of your diet, your sleep i tell you now can you see this EGG eat it daily in breakfast 3 to 4 whole eggs not just egg whites this is the biggest bodybuilding myth that only eat egg whites and remove the yolk,
Don’t do that people who are competing it’s for them but you can eat 3 to 4 whole eggs daily with no problem at all you can eat 3 to 4 dates but you complain when its about eggs? whole eggs increase your testosterone level eggs are amazing eat eggs daily in breakfast and don’t put it in too much oil don’t eat it like that you can boil eggs you can use oil spray(olive oil) which you can also get from pakistan spray it on frying pan and cook the egg never use too much oil dont do that there is a way to eat eggs i would recommend boil it easy peasy second thing is vitamin d check the food listed above you can also ask doctor for vitamin d test, if it is low, it can lower your testosterone i take vitamin d tablets on daily basis one tablet daily because here (uk) , you barely see sunshine you can get it from diet but this tiny tablet will give you good amount of vitamin d you take loads of medicines and capsules from doctor they have more side effects but you don’t take supplement so if you want to increase testosterone level then your sleep needs to be good your diet needs to be good, vitamin d, zinc chicken, fish, spinach eat those and your test level will increase ok? so good sleep 8 hours, 9 hours, 7 hours, some people get good sleep in 7 hours so now i tell you something very important don’t sleep one night whole night, have no sleep and next day you go to the doctor and check your testosterone level then your testosterone level will be so low because you didn’t have sleep all night lack of sleep makes your testosterone level very low there is one more thing that makes your testosterone level low and that is so many people do smoking in pakistan you have people asking for ciggerettes every where your testosterone level goes down alcohol, beer all this makes your testosterone level very low so stop smoking you still won’t understand every pack of cigarette says smoking kills,
but you still smoke so how your going to increase testosterone eggs daily, chikcen east fruits too your body will react good vitamin d, zinc, good sleep another thing you can add into your workout leg workout is very very important coughing many people do chest, shoulder, biceps but skip leg day why ? leg day can increase testosterone level do leg workout and you will obviously feel the pain but the next day your going to feel very strong leg workout will make you stronger it will increase your test level if i tell you to do bodyweight squats now would you be able to do it? do 50 body weight squats after watching this video then i see what you can do some people start shaking in 10 bodyweight squats i challenge you guys to do it la haula wala kuwat these things i am telling you they are very important even doctors don’t tell you these things you take your kids to hakeem that my child is so weak hakeem will give you different kind of herbs what’s the point of all that cook nice food at home don’t do these kind of things which i used to do but this will not benefit you the only thing benefit you will be this man telling you to you guys don’t know how i used to look like i will make a transformation video too so you will know that i started from the bottom and people used to make fun of me i will tell you everything now only thing i want to do is help you guys things i have done, i want to stop you from that testosterone is very important in bodybuilding ok so there is one more supplement for testosterone best supplement Gokshura ( tribulus terrestris) it comes from india i ordered it from india as you can see here so this supplement here is the pure form of tribulus terrestris this is not for under 18 you guys don’t need it its for people over the age of 18 and age of 30 or 30 plus you have to make sure your test level is high after 30 it starts to go down so in that case you will need this supplement i use it daily 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 but on beginner level you should only take 1 to 2 tablets then you can increase it to 3 with this supplement you will feel strong , stress relief you will feel good and strong inside we see men who say we are weak 26 years of age saying they are old now a man never gets old remember that your brain has become weaker not you you are young if you think you are young increase your testostrone level increase it ( i command you ) so guys test level is so important in bodybuilding if your testosterone level is low then you can also make you become fat example : you see fat people you can check their estrogen level will be higher than their testosterone level estrogen level is suppose to be higher in women if your estrogen level is higher then it’s a problem fat people have high estrogen and low testosterone level so guys follow these things you don’t have to go to doctors or hakeem many people age of 30 plus they are weak sexually so you need to increase testosterone level (my parcel came) wait a minute i will be back soooooo yeaa testosterone level you have to fix your test level in pakistan and india there are so many people (men) who don’t know what the problem is with them no matter you are 20 , 25 or 30 whatever your age is this video is important for you all,
to get the physique of your dreams your diet needs to be on point and testosterone level is your trigger point trigger point for men one thing only which is testosterone the higher it is the more manly you will feel the strong feeling you need that’s how you need to feel so guys i think i have covered everything in this video there is no side effect of anything we discussed it only has benefits so take it to high level and it will help you in bodybuilding
this muscle mass will increase insha’Allah you will grow so i am going to end this video here i will also add my transformation video so you guys will know how i was people who know me they have seen how weak i was but now after started going to the gym i feel so strong i can’t even explain how i feel subscribe my channel please guys if you want to see more videos in future then subscribe my channel write in the comments if you guys have any question thanks for watching my video,
Allah Hafiz

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