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What’s going on, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here
at –, the question today is how to increase vascularity.
I got this question over on my twitter page which you can follow by clicking here and
the link is also in the description, but this something that I get asked pretty often, guys
want to know how to get veins that really popped out. In this video I’m going to outline
for you the most important factors that are involved. So, the focus here is going to be
on the things that will give you a permanent long lasting improvement in vascularity. There
are a lot of little quick fixes that you can use, but they’ll only last a very short
period of time and then they’ll just go back to normal. So, I will quickly mention
a few of those things at the end of the video but again the main focus here is going to
be on achieving healthy permanent results, which to be honest is actually pretty straight
forward as you’re going to see. So, the first factor is the one that most people don’t
really want to hear, which is that there is of pretty decent genetic component involved.
Some people are just veinier than others, period. And that’s caused by a lot of different
factors like, how dilated the veins naturally are, skin thickness, blood pressure, things
like that. For example, I have pretty decent vascularity myself but I had veins pretty
similar to this even before I started working out, even as a skinny 13 year old kid who
didn’t even lift I had a pretty noticeable veins back then and I get them from my Mom
and she gets them from my Grandpa, so a good portion of vascularity is really just a matter
of having the right parents, so to speak. And one other factor that is beyond your control
is actually age because as you get older your skin does tend to thin out a bit, which is
why you might have noticed that lifters who are a bit older tend to have more prominent
veins. Now, aside from genetics by far the most important and the most obvious step is
just lowering your overall bodyfat percentage, so veins are really no different than sixpack
abs in the sense that everybody has them but they aren’t going to be very visible if
you have a layer of fat that sitting on top and around them. So, easily the most effective
thing you can do to increase vascularity is to decrease your bodyfat and if you really
want those veins to stand out then you’ll probably need to be somewhere around 10% bodyfat.
Now, I don’t recommend that most people go much below that year round just for health
reasons, but somewhere around that 10% figure is going to be a good balance between being
impressively lean and having your vein show, but not going too low and having adverse health
effects. So, after the issue of bodyfat is subcutaneous water retention. That’s the
amount of water that is being stored directly beneath your skin. Just like with bodyfats,
the more water that you have sitting beneath the surface of your skin the less visible
your veins and your muscle definition are going to be. Now, I don’t recommend trying
to manipulate your body’s water levels on an ongoing basis with things like diuretics
or other supplements, I would just pay attention to a couple of basic things. Number one is
to make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water each day and that’s because when
you restrict water intake your body naturally holds on to more as an adaptive response.
So, drinking a lot of water is going to have a natural flushing effect. I don’t have
a set recommended figure for daily water intake, but your basic goal should just be to drink
enough so that your urine is relatively clear and odorless throughout most of the day. And
the second thing to reduce water retention is a maintaining a balanced ratio of sodium
to potassium, and that’s because doing that is going to help regulate your water balance.
Most people consume a lot more sodium than potassium, which not only encourage water
retention but it can also increase heart attack risk as well. And if you want more details
on that, I’ll link a previous video in the description box that I did to give you some
more information. And the last very simple thing you can do is just build more muscle.
When your muscle size increases it’s going to have, sort of, tightening effect between
the muscle and the skin which can make the veins more visible and on top of that a larger
muscle requires more oxygen and more nutrients and that can have an effect on visible vascularity
as well. Now, if you’re looking for more, sort of, a quick fix to temporarily increased
vascularity, maybe for getting photos taken or if you just want to look more vascular
for a certain event there are many possible things you can do but I’ll just mention
a few here really quickly. Number is pretty obvious and that’s go do a workout and get
a pump, that’s going to increase blood flow, of course, and increase vascularity and I
found too that if you combine it with high intensity cardio at the end that will also
increase the overall effect and make it last longer. The second thing is to increase your
body temperature. So you can take a bath, shower, sauna, hot tub, these will all work
fine and the reason is because when your core temperature increases your body is going to
push more blood to the surface of your skin as a way to prevent overheating. Again, that
will increase vascularity but only very temporarily. Another thing that might help are certain
foods that increase nitrate oxide production. So, beet, radishes or any sort of leafy green
vegetable because these foods are high in nitrates, which improved blood flowing. You’d
want to go for around 300 to 500 grams either in solid form or as a smoothie, whether that
would actually increase visible vascularity I can’t say for sure, but it is something
that you could try. And then lastly if you’re doing it for pictures is to use the valsava
maneuver, which basically means holding your breath and then pushing outward. That will
temporarily increase your blood pressure and make your veins popped out, but I would say
to be very cautious with that because if you use it too excessively it can definitely be
dangerous. So, if anything just do it lightly for a little bit of an extra effect, if you’re
trying to increase vascularity for photos. So, those are just some very temporary tips
that you can use, but the main thing just comes down to improving body composition by
losing fat and gaining muscle. And if you want to get all the tools that you need to
do that as effectively and efficiently as possible, the workouts, meal plans, supplement
guides and one-on-one coaching then you can download my Body Transformation Blueprint
by clicking here, or by going to using the link in the description box. So
thank for watching, guys. Make sure to follow me on social media here if you aren’t already.
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50 thoughts on “How To Increase Vascularity And Get Veins That “Pop”

  1. BTW while I was watching I couldn't help but notice right under your video your buddy Mike Chang's video on how to look more muscular 😜😂

  2. So things that need to be done for greater Vascularity and things that need to be done for lean face are very similar to each other. Lean face and vascularity go hand in hand.

  3. Yay for vascularity!
    Extreme vascularity like that of Frank McGrath is cuz of the roids, how the fuck can you just ignore that.

  4. my veins have always showed wither I was fat, thin, or building muscle. Easily genetic for me it comes from my dad, my dads veins literally looks like they will pop at any time.

  5. Dudes that never lifted a pound of weight in their life have a ton more vascularity than me after years of training and sub-10% bf lol. Great info Sean!

  6. Thanks Sean! I do see the veins on the top of my hand but unfortunately not so much on my forearm. Oh well, can't have everything :'( lol

  7. I don't know if they still sell them, but back in the 80's they used to sell what were referred to as "pump up pills". They were just Nicotinamide capsules that had 1100% of the RDA of Niacin. Having that much in a single dose is probably not a good idea all the time, but being a water soluble vitamin, it won't stay in the body too long anyway, so there is little risk of overdose. You could probably get a similar effect by having a large amount of yeast extract, but then you'd also have the sodium content working against you.

    Another genetic problem apart from size and quantity of veins is their depth. Some people's veins are closer to the surface than others even with the same body fat and water levels. My wife, who is in no way overweight, has such deep veins that, even skilled phlebotomists struggle to find them.

  8. Once I win the lottery, I will donate some money for your channel, Sean. Thank you for another great video!

  9. Hey there Sean I was wondering if you could make a video of the best ways to log your workouts and progress in a journal or app etc?? I'm having a lot of problem in this subject.

  10. Here's a natural NO booster: natural unsweetened cocoa powder. (don't buy the dutch processed). Use a Tablespoon or a little more on your oatmeal, in smoothies, etc. Secondary health benefit: added flavoniods & antioxidants. Third, its high in arginine. Fourth: it tastes good, if you like chocolate that is. Remember its unsweetened, so alone its a little bitter, but add a ripe banana, or some other sweet fruit… amazing. A great healthy snack: chopped whole fresh juicey fruit with a little cocoa powder, & mix: a good for you fat free, sodium free, taste good snack. Lastly, its cheap.

  11. I literally has same genetics as you. My veins always popped up when i was young. Now after working out for a year, it looks like hungry bulls lmao.

  12. "all them damn crea gains, all them damn beta gains, all them damn whey gains and all them damn dick pills"….

  13. anyone know if Sean takes steroids? Finding it hard to find any youtubers that don't, therefore hard to find any naturally obtainable physiques to use as a somewhat realistic goal

  14. reminding people of the fact that bodybuilding is, profoundly, a science to understand before it is a series of mechanical routines to follow..
    love the vids brother, keep it up!

  15. which body part contains lowest amount of fat? is it arms?
    because fats are not equally distribute everywhere.

  16. Sean keep grinding for that cheque at 100,000 subscribers get yours bro I'm with you from the start 💪💪

  17. my veins in my arms pop after a work out quite prominently but when I haven't worked out you don't really see them at all does that mean over time through strenuous training and maintaining my already low body fat (4.5%) I should see permanent veins in the future?

  18. I'm crazy veiny when I cut. Like even fasting my veins pop like fuck. It's kinda gross but at the same time I'm blessed

  19. it's genetics and low body fat , I have veins on my abs and all over my chest , my girl friends kiss it like crazy, girl love veins and my legs I have veins like a beast , my advice is , do intense cardio once a week , use cyann pepper capsules after each meal , get at least 5000mg of l arginine , when you work out focus on inhaling oxygen in to your muscles as much as you can , drink tons of water with apple cider vinegar, one tea spoon 5 times a day , try these methods , I do of it ,viens are a game changer.

  20. it's genetics and low body fat , I have veins on my abs and all over my chest , my girl friends kiss it like crazy, girls love veins like crazy and on my legs I have veins like a beast , my advice is , do intense cardio once a week , use cyann pepper capsules after each meal , get at least 5000mg of l arginine , when you work out focus on inhaling oxygen in to your muscles as much as you can , drink tons of water with apple cider vinegar, one tea spoon 5 times a day , try these methods , I do of it ,viens are a game changer.

  21. Some supps actually work with this. I've used sample packs of Vasogen (sp?) before and that supplement actually worked. I took it before a workout idk if u can just take it and make your veins pop but its a solid.

  22. Note: Not everybosy has a six-pack. Some people have a four-pack and they are pretty low on body fat percentage. It's all about the genetics.

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