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StayLock Bump Top tiles are excellent for
home gym, aerobic and anti-fatigue flooring installations. Made of a soft PVC material with a raised
base, they are great for providing cushion and are safe for both wet and carpeted areas. These tiles are also durable and easy to clean. The installation process does not change whether
installing over concrete or carpeting, however the finished floor will have additional cushion
when installed over carpeting. The sturdy cushion tiles connect tightly together. No tools are required for obstacle free installations. For wall-to-wall installations, all you’ll
need is a tape measure, straight edge, pen and sharp utility knife. Start in a corner with the loop sides of the
tile facing out. Work your way out evenly from the corner,
keeping each tile facing the same direction. Press the tab connectors down over the loops
of the already laid tiles until the new tile locks into place. Once you can no longer fit any full tiles,
measure the distance from the remaining wall to the installed tiles and mark that distance
on the tile you’d like to cut. Keep in mind the direction of the tiles when
cutting. Place the cut tiles flush with the wall and
your installation is complete. Ramped border pieces are sold separately in
both black or yellow options. Border ramps connect in the same fashion as
the tiles, but keep in mind tab sides will require a different border strip than loop
sides. Corner border ramps have both the tab and
the loop connection. StayLock Bump Top Tiles are available in Brown,
Royal Blue, Black and Gray. Enjoy your new Staylock Bump Top Floor!

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