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100 thoughts on “How to Juice and Smoothie with John Joseph

  1. This guy is actually on point, I never call myself a vegan either, just eat healthy and enjoy your life. Don't get too carried away with these juices and smoothies though, he puts way too much stuff in them, and rightfully so he's running iron mans like crazy but for a regular person, you don't need that much supplementation in your smoothies and juices.

  2. Wouldn't eating all those veggies be better for you since you get 100% of the nutrients and actually get the fiber? Seems like its kind of wasteful too.

  3. how good is that (smoothie) ? Wel John It looks freaking amazing but I dont really have the option to taste do I? 😛

  4. props to the guy for being so healthy, but man he must piss away a lot of money on those supplements. also, i learned in my class, from a registered dietician, that omega 3s as a supplement are digested by the body properly and are essentially useless. getting them in fish is a way, way better way to get them

  5. Getting a high speed blender really makes a difference when trying to crush nuts and some hard vegetables. It also make tastier blends.

  6. Top 5 Munchies hosts/presenters
    1. Frank from Pizza Show
    2. Matty the wyld chef
    3. Action Bronson (though he doesn't appear much
    4. John Joseph
    5.( still vacant to the next awesome Munchies host/ presenter)

  7. You will spend a fortune on all those smoothie ingredients. I've done it.
    Bananas, frozen berries, and kale or spinach is good enough to get the job done. Also flax seeds are good addition and affordable. High in lignans which scientifically fight cancer.

  8. "If you can't pronounce something you shouldn't be eating it". That is one of the dumbest and most ignorant remarks I've ever heard.

  9. I love you John. Been listenin to cro-mags over 15 years. But the Master Cleanse was made for people with severe ulsers, cancer, on the brink of death type shit. But specifically for ulsers… Some dumbasses just decided that giving your body only enough nutes to be alive would be a great way to lose weight! Even though brains run on carbs…

  10. Whopper vids as always but that amount of Brazil nuts is a no no….no more than 2 a day or the selenium can build up to toxic levels in body tissues……….

  11. What is the thing on Johns neck, it looks like a cloth top of a pantyhose, I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while, please for the love of god someone please enlighten me what it is

  12. John reminds me of Jack LaLanne. Great attitude, great message, great personality, except Jack never said f*ck on TV.

  13. Smoothie your vegetables eat your fruit whole.
    And if you can't pronounce what's on the label its definately shit

  14. can't afford that right now. while i agree with everything he said i'd like to know what the bill for those groceries and blender/juicer was. $'s tight for me but hopefully i can get there some day. i do follow jj on social media and am a new fan of his as of recently

  15. John u are fuckin crazy. Lmao. Busting a couple of nuts then drink juic. Wish i knew that before i have. No Had CA. So i have to stop smokeing and the suds. I guess i became sloppy. But still john ur the man. God bless ya.

  16. I love what you're doing, I've been down the same road, now I've turned my life around too. You're such an inspiration, a hero. Love you bro!

  17. I swear that everytime I watch John Joseph, I stare in bewilderment. I will buy whatever shit he preaches. Like really, since I turned to plant based diet my run improves a looottt like who would have thought that. I used to think I'm not gonna get enough protein to recover my body goes like "uh nah we like all these veggies you digest everyday. We are pumped for more runs!"

  18. If there was ever a person to sell me on a plant based diet it’s this man. Plus, I’m a big Cro-Mag fan

  19. I know they’re supposedly not on good terms, and Johns awesome, but Harley Flanagan’s impression of him is Hilarious

  20. "Guys if you want to have sex all night then celery is the food to replenish " now we know the secret of the porn industry.

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