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How to Kegel for Men Hi. My name’s Michelle Kenway, and welcome
to Pelvic Exercises. This exercise video is to teach men how to exercise their pelvic
floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles are very important for men, for support of the pelvic
floor, for sexual function, and also for bladder and bowel control. These exercises are important
for men on a lifelong basis. Now, to understand how to exercise your pelvic floor as a man,
you need to understand where your pelvic floor muscles are. First of all, I’m going to teach
you where the muscles are, how to find them, and then we’re going to go through how to
exercise them most effectively. So, let’s talk first about how to find your
pelvic floor muscles if you’re a guy at home. What you do to find your pelvic floor muscles:
you need to think about where they actually are positioned. If this is the pelvis: this
is the pubic bone at the front, this is the tail-bone at the back. Your pelvic floor muscles
run from your pubic bone to your tail-bone like a hammock. They also sling from side
to side, between your sit bones. They’re like a big trampoline of support in that pelvic
outlet area. The male genitals sit below the pelvic floor, so the penis and the scrotum
sit below the pelvic floor, but the pelvic floor muscles sit within the pelvis. To contract your floor muscles, what you can
do as a test is to try to stop the flow of urine next time you actually go to the toilet
(or bathroom.) See if you can slow the flow by lifting and
squeezing the muscles in and around the anal area, lifting and squeezing the muscles in
and around the urethra, so that you’re getting an inward lift and squeeze. If you look in
the mirror, what you’ll see is a lifting of the scrotum, and you’ll also see a slight
retraction of the penis with a correct pelvic floor contraction. Now that test I just told you about (emptying
your bladder and slowing the flow) can be used to monitor your strength gains over time
(you should become more effective at it,) but only practice it as a test. Once a week
and definitely not if you problems emptying your bladder. So that’s your technique. You can also try
to stop from passing wind. If you stop the sense of passing wind (if you imagine you’re
going to pass wind in a public place,) contracting the muscles around the anal area can also
cue you in to correctly contracting your pelvic floor. So, there are your cues for actually activating
those pelvic floor muscles. Now let’s talk about how to exercise them. Because to strengthen
those muscles, it’s just like exercising in the gym. You need repetitively lift and lower
them and contract them strongly just as you would if you were doing weight training in
a gym, to actually thicken the muscles and to improve the control and the strength of
those muscles. When you start, you might choose to start
lying on your side, or lying on your back. In those positions the pelvic floor muscles
don’t have to work against gravity. It becomes more challenging for the muscles to work against
gravity in the upright position. So if you’re a man and you have difficulty contracting
your pelvic floor muscles, perhaps start lying on your back or lying on your side. Now cue yourself in to the correct contraction
of those muscles I was teaching you about, in and around that anal area, in and around
the urethra. Try to get the correct technique. Try to lift and draw up inside that position.
You’re going to lift and squeeze inside. Lift and breathe and squeeze and hold. Keep lifting
and holding. Keep lifting and holding. Keep lifting and holding. And relax down slowly
and rest. Let’s go again. Strong contraction, lift and
squeeze, lift and breathe and squeeze. Lift. Lift. Lift…and slowly relax the pelvic floor
muscles back down, rest, and give yourself time to recover. Some men will find they can
do one or two contractions in a row. Some might find you can actually do multiple contractions
in a row. Ideally you try to get up to between eight to twelve repetitions, those strong
contractions in a row, lifting and lowering. Again, some men will find that they can only
contract their pelvic floor muscles for a couple of seconds in a row. What I want you
to try and do at home is as your strength improves, to try to contract your pelvic floor
muscles a little bit longer each time, so that you’re working up to eight to ten second
contractions each time you do it. Let’s just review that. You’re doing long
holds, slow lifts, and then lowering down slowly for up to eight to ten seconds and
you’re repeating that for eight to twelve times in a row if you can. Ideally, trying
to do twenty to thirty repetitions a day, and that is every day. So your tips are: lying on your side to start
so you’re not having to lift against gravity (lying on your side, lying on your back)
As you get better, progress to standing exercises. Also, as your technique improves, try to make
your contractions stronger. Voluntarily strong contractions are very important for strength
in those pelvic floor muscles. Well, I hope this information helps you strengthen
your pelvic floor muscles at home. To find the pelvic floor muscles, and to feel them,
and then to exercise them correctly. For more information on pelvic floor safe
exercises and pelvic floor strengthening, please visit us at
I’ll look forward to working with you again soon. Bye for now. We welcome your subscription and health-related
comments below.

100 thoughts on “How to Kegel for Men – Professional Guide to Effective Kegel Strength Exercises

  1. Hi Michelle hope you see this comment. I downloaded an app for kegel exercise and I set it to three times a day. But what I want to ask should i do the 3 exercises in quick succession or space them out during the day

  2. Hi Michelle
    Thank you for taking time to help
    I am about 2 and a half years out from radiccal prosstatectamy and salvage radiation
    I have had periods where I thought I was progressing but I currently feel totally defeated.
    If I can maintain your exercise regime do you think there is still some light at the end of the tunnel I am becoming more reclusive due to my level of incontenance.
    It seems I need to do these excersises every day without fail. Ive pretty much had enough at the moment so any helpful encouragement would be much appreciate. I am now 66 yrs old

  3. You mentioned just stopping urine flow as a test but is there a problem with stopping urine flow every time you urinate? That's what I have been doing but I wanted to make sure I wasn't possibly causing some problem. Thank you.

  4. Hmm, @Michelle Kenway, your video is a “how to…”, but it does not at all explain how to perform these exercises in the context of what body position to start and end with! I chuckled after watching this; surely that was a mistake, no? You’re very articulate and well versed on the subject, but how can someone who didn’t know what a kegel is attempt to perform one by watching this “how to”?

  5. Thanks. Been looking at your videos for both my wife and myself. First rate explanations of many great exercises. Subscribed.

  6. I don’t get it. If your shouldn’t move your ass at all your doing it wrong but if your holding the feeling of passing wind it your doing it right?? How is that possible if your moving ass or tightening it in the process?? Any answers be appreciated

  7. Grab a real man and perform the exercises, we all human we don’t need to hide anything haha good video thaaanks doctor

  8. Hey there Michelle, As you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for bowel incontinence do you still have to actively turn them on and off or will the muscles automatically work to prevent gas leakage.Please reply to this question. It's seriously the most important answer I'm looking for in my life 🙁

  9. Hi Michelle , Thanks for the video,
    It was indeed a full information about the pelvis muscles and the exercise.
    I have been searching for a complete info about the pelvic muscles and exercises now I found and got it.

    I am aged 44, male and understand that
    10 X3 seats daily are ok as a beginner.

    Thanks again

  10. I have a couple questions, would doing it sitting upright compare more in intensity to doing it standing than laying down? I can't stand long so if that's a possible alternative that would be fantastic. Also, I understand that control is also a factor, but I don't have any feeling of resistance, so I can't get a feel for doing it slowly, is this a problem? Is there a solution?

  11. So when you say “lift and squeeze” in the video while laying down you mean to contract the pelvic muscles for 8-12 seconds and then relax them and continue to do that 8-12 times ?Also once we progress to standing up would be doing the same thing just standing?

  12. How long before ya get some results I'm about two weeks in an no erections although I can feel and see the muscle working. Thankyou (if anyone else can advise with this it's appreciated)

  13. Nice Aussie lady, what is the Keyes exercise used for?
    Why should I be doing this? What are the benefits? Thanks

  14. I'm not able to hold a hard erection during the whole sexual act. Will this help? Another thing is that I want have more sexual intercourse sessions in one night and come more than 4 times with my girlfriend. Will this help get me stamina and endurance?

  15. That is some valuable information. I would like to know if having stronger pelvic muscles can help with premature ejaculation.
    Also, can trying holding your urine can be a good exercise? Would it be safe to do?

  16. I am confused…doing this exercise while actually urinating or imagine urinating and do the contractions?

  17. How many times a man should do this exercise in a day ?
    Thankyou for this informative video.
    Love From India

  18. Michelle, excuse me if this sounds like a foolish question but I was wondering if (to your knowledge) there are resistance exercises performed in gyms that are harmful to pelvic floor strength?

    I ask this because, after years of weight training, I now understand that some commonly performed exercises can cause problems due to muscle imbalances that may only present themselves years later on.

    BTW, thanks for this video presentation. It was crystal clear and right to the point.

  19. This is a really good explanation of pelvic floor muscles. I like the exercise routine as it is done laying down at first and only standing when the muscles get tighter. I will give it a go and I will report back here to let people know how I am getting on. I am a 66 year old Australian male. I do not drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, or use drugs and I am the right weight for my size.

    Day 3 update. Well I have been doing the exercises for 3 days now. I do 20 pelvic floor muscle clenches 5 times per day. I can feel the muscles getting stronger each day. My problem was with a dribbling penis after urination. No matter what I did I could not stop this happening. I was going to see my doctor to see what he had to say, when I stumbled across pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. A lot of video uploaders to youtube made the whole exercise thing much too complicated but I kept looking until I found this video by Michelle Kenway. This video is easy to do and can be followed with out needing a degree in physical fitness. As I said I have been doing the exercises for 3 days now and the difference that it has made in my life is just phenomenal. I can go to the toilet now without having to put up with the urine dribbling down my legs after urination or defecation. I am like a new man and I am just so surprised that it has worked just by doing some easy exercises. It just goes to show that these pelvic floor muscles do get weak with age. I am 66 years old and too young to be peeing in my pants. I will report back here when some more time has passed but for now I am in heaven..

    Day 7 update. I have continued to do the exercises and I am still urine drip free. I can feel that my pelvic muscles are now much stronger than when I started. When I first started I could feel that my pelvic muscles were really slack and felt to me like old rubber bands that have perished. Now when I do the exercises I can feel that the muscles are so much tighter. As I say I am still urine drip and dribble free. I now know that if I continue to do the exercises that I will be ok. I have found that 20 pelvic floor muscle clenches 3 times per day is enough to keep my pelvic floor muscles taunt and in good shape. I will be doing this every day for the rest of my life as it is easy to do and I do not want to ever have Mr Drippy Dribbly Penis come back again. I do 20 muscle clenches before getting out of bed in the morning and another 20 sitting in my chair at lunch time and the last 20 when I go to bed at night. Some times I do a few extra when I am driving my car or sitting watching television.

    Thanks to these simple exercises I have my life back again.

  20. Stronger and longer sustained erections essentially 🙂 Please correct me if I'm incorrect

  21. Hello
    I have problem in ejaculation it takes me just seconds only😔. It’s exercise can help me to improve my pelvic floor and become stonger. How many time I have to do everyday and for how long I have to do

  22. There is one thing about kegel that seems so wrong…I think that's the wrong muscles exercise why cuz it's the same muscles that contrasts when ejaculation occurs and some people doing kegel have complained they can't even last long like they did before, so what's the correction- Don't use the same muscles u use to stop urine rather it's the anus muscles that you should target its different from PC muscles… the most important thing I'm looking forward to while practicing this exercise is to stop wet dreams and I don't know why no one is concerned about wet dreams

  23. My problem is weak and pain when peeing. And even worse very painful orgasim. Worse. At the end of orgasim. Please help

  24. I am the male of the species, I had my prostate removed some years ago that left me with bladder problems, I found that the Kegal stuff did not help, I have used pads every day, but I had a wonderful surprise, for some time my feet had been hurting making me limp, I went on line and found out I was not walking correctly, flat footed, I started walking heel and toe, rolling my foot as I walked, it worked well no more limping, but I had a massive bonus, it also worked on my pelvic floor muscles, very quickly I noticed my pads were dry or not as wet, when I went to urinate I was not leaking before I got there, a massive difference, this was only about two weeks ago and it must get better, finally I’m 79.

  25. The words you used to describe in this video were so hard to understand for myself. I appreciate you're dedication tho.

  26. correct me if im wrong,but if i try to stop the flow when im urinating, wouldn't that cause a infection ? and many other problems ?

  27. Quite a clear explanation. Located the pelvic muscles within seconds. Gonna implement these exercises starting now.

  28. Doing this on my back, raising my pelvis leaves my stomach in agony. No, I'm not tensing my stomach while I'm raising.

  29. Yay I'm your no 101 subscriber! Thanks this is fab for some of my men, they can watch it at home once being taught in clinic.

  30. I do some while walking, like little push ups ever time a step with the left foot, is this bad ???

  31. Should the penis be erect at all. I found that trying these. I was only able to do this while partially erect

  32. Also, will kegel help release internal trigger points. Kegel worsens my chronic pelvic pain. Can you please suggest something?

  33. I have a question, to people more experiment in this . Now that i able to hold to something like 30 seconds relatively strong I fell my hand tingling, and a funny felling, like lower pressure, i am assume that my blood is on the kegel muscles area, is this normal anyone had a similar experience to this ?

  34. is kegel the only way of strengthening the anal sphinctor for incontinence? I've heard they make it worse if you have pelvic floor tension, is reverse kegel more suited for this issue? thanks

  35. Hey I have begun with these exercises but I feel there is slight pain in my penis and tingling sensation. Is this normal? The pain is slight not much. These sensations and pain is not continuous.

  36. I am a man in the United States about 6 months ago I woke up look in the mirror and I'm kind of a lean guy but my stomach look like I have been 8 months pregnant. Went to doctor I got told I have a weak abdominal wall and a weak abdominal floor. This is from 10 years of sedentary after a terrible car accident I had to have my leg reattached. So now I'm getting around and this comes up. I watched a lot of videos with women they all recommend pelvic tilts which are really difficult for men to do but it took me two months and I figured it out, we are just not built that way but it can be done. However recently I started getting hemorrhoids quite badly and I don't want that surgery I know people who have had it and the old regret it. Please make more videos for men I know they're mostly for women but men don't talk about this stuff like women do and almost no men know what diastasis recti is. So if you could do a couple of more videos actually showing men how to lay on your side and how long to hold a Kegel would be greatly appreciated. I have watched so many videos that don't explain anything. When I was told I had weak pelvic floor they suggested kegels but my wife did not have to do that after she had babies, she did not have diastasis recti. So I never knew what it was and most men don't but the combination of having diastasis recti which means my six-pack separated because of the week abdominal muscles. problem is we'll get taught to work on our six pack. I'm 62 I don't have a six pack but I've been doing the pelvic tilts and some mild exercises that the women show me but you would be my hero if you would make but you would be my hero if you would make for 5 but you would be my hero if you would make four or five videos just for men. Most men are totally in the dark when it comes to this. and I am not doing the surgery no way. I was hoping that maybe kegels could help pull the hemorrhoid tissue back in where they belong but I don't know that really works. please let me know if kegels help with hemorrhoids that is if you actually know. you seem smart educated and compassionate. I tend to trust people like that. there's a lot of bad and the contradictory info on YouTube. I know what an acetabulum is because mine was broken in a car accident. my leg was reattached with titanium. so you know what you're talkin about what you showed above is excellent. sorry for the long post hope you have some ideas for men. I have weak pelvic floor and weak pelvic wall. not good at my age but I have the time to repair it if I know what to do. And again I hope you can tell me if kegels would help with hemorrhoids or not. thank you for this wonderful video. looking forward to your answers thank you Glen

  37. PS I just watched your video. Right now I don't have the strength in the pelvic muscles to do what you're teaching. I have to kind of go backwards and strengthen the muscles so that I can do the brilliant exercises you're showing. In order to have that kind of control as you say you have to have a strong pelvic floor and pelvic wall. But I'm open to anything you can come up with. So sorry about the extra long comments but I've been searching for this for years. Also even though I'm from New York I lived in Darlinghurst and Gold Coast for almost 20 years. And my wife was from New Zealand. She was the best person I have ever met. As you will understand when she got upset with me rarely, her accent would get so thick I couldn't tell what she was saying are we just collapsed in laughter. I love your country very very much. Some of the kindest human beings I've ever met. if I can put the money together someday I will move back there and live out the rest of my life. But meanwhile it would be so kind of you help with all the core problems I wrote you about. Glad I found you. Cheers and thank you

  38. I am male age 62, some fat pouch developed in the groin area, due o which I am feeling uncomfortable most of the time that area gets hidden. Hope you understand what I mean, please give your expert advice and show exercises to reduce the fat and that area visible clear and unhidden groin portion part

    Please I request you first explain the reason for the fats deposited in groin area.

    Please help me to get relieve and my groin part looks visible

  39. I'm confused, are there two exercises being mentioned or just one? Because I've read that there is squeeze and push, you seem to only be mentioning the squeeze, where the scrotum goes up. Bringing them down isn't an exercise since they go back down on their own. Should we do push too? I'd describe push as if you're in a hurry to pee faster, if that is correct?

    Also, my abdominal muscles seem to contract however I go about it, is this bad?

  40. Michelle, You are now my hero. I have been to your wonderful page on pelvic exercises. Your wealth of knowledge is a true gift. Most men read Men's journal, get a six-pack, uggghh. Not the point. Have a healthy core to keep your stomach working as it should, and keep your back and your posture in alignment, which stretches everything. The problem is most, if not almost all men, don't realize that they have these problems until they are suffering from them. I would like to post a few video's geared towards men and talk about the difference in how women learn and what men learn about the pelvic floor, wall, core muscles, etc. Most men don't know what a kegel is. Or pelvic tilts, and the many gentle core exercises that men with weak core's never learn. Women get a much much better education. But it's got to start somewhere. I think you are amazing. Men are taught to think 'strong, tough".. If your pelvic floor or pelvic wall are weak, you will not be tough, it won't matter. Gentle is good, not a negative. I know you have advanced exercised and maybe in a year I'll get to them. Right now I am starting with your gentlest exercises, and as a result of my weak pelvic floor, I turns out I do have to have surgery. But I found a lovely and successful surgeon who treated a friend of mine and he was 'back to normal' in 2 to 3 weeks. So these exercises are vital to my recovery. If I strengthen my core, the really deep core, then hemorrhoids won't come back. If I let the core stay weak, they will come back. I have searched hundreds of videos and there are tons of women who give some basic help, but again it's all geared towards women. I am going to do this and explain it as bluntly as possible to men. I shall stay in touch and again, thanks for the help and encouragement. I feel hopeful from your kind disposition and your wealth of information on healing deep core and pelvic floor issues. Thank you my kind friend.

  41. I was trying to perform this, hoping you might shed the pants and rotate so I might see what you are trying to do, when something you said helped me understand why I can’t maintain an erection. I just realized I haven’t tried to restrain a fart for 20 years.

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