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46 thoughts on “How to lift /Episode #1: Go back to the weightlifting basics // Torokhtiy’s training CAMP

  1. It'd be quite interesting to have a little more background on the athletes, do they compete? If so, what level? How long have they been training, etc.

  2. holy crap hes speaking amazing english now! I guess I won't be reading and pasusing so much during these videos wow

  3. super awesome guide lines for a better technique, It would be awesome to have a trining camp like this in mexico 🇲🇽 🇷🇺 cheers

  4. Надо было русский перевод наложить. Ну так тоже интересно!

  5. Во,во,во это прям круто круто
    Только меньше бы рекламы,а больше бы материала с практическими советами

  6. Хорошо что делаешь видео на английском! теперь могу учить английский ! РЕСПЕКТ ТЕБЕ

  7. Ya totally agree; your English skills are really improved. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your content. I hope I can attend the camp sometime! Looks amazing. Thank you again!

  8. I never doubted Oleksiy's weightlifting expertise, but his English has surprised me. He's gotten much better with it and can teach a serious class in English with ease. One thing needs to be fixed though: Subscribe TO my channel, not ON my channel (a common error for Russian speakers).
    Thanks for the video. Always a fan 🙂

  9. I want in on the next camp,,, when where and how??
    Big fan, thanks for all your videos, especially those CrossFit ones.

  10. Hello couch i have a big problem in clean.. I can't catch the bar so the bar crush me.. I asked alot of athletes and couches like kolokov, pitter alive. Hussin zaadeh.. And they can't help me
    I hope you can. I follow you and I trust that you can help me..

  11. This looks awesome top quality I have a question for the camp is it for absolute beginners with no strength training background that want to learn Olympic lifts from scratch

  12. Vladimir says he is from Bulgaria. Bulgaria was the number one country about weightlifting. it's very interesting to see a bulgarian seeks training tips abroad.

  13. Me: oly lifting doesn't seem bad… only two lifts to learn…

    Also Me: **learns 57 auxiliary exercises before being able to successfully snatch the first time**

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