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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] [Music] [Music] this is easily one of my favorite pre-workout snacks the right amount of carbs from the rice cakes and then filled with protein there is about 50 grams of protein in this bowl so now that I’ve explained the science that goes behind it the science of fat loss I’m gonna tell you guys every single detail of how I went from this physique to this physique no I want this to be the number-one stuff for anyone thinking of how they should target their belly fat so do you give the video thumbs up guys so people can find the video it does so much for the channel so if you could just take a second right now leave the video thumbs up so you don’t forget but there’s four different topics cardio training nutrition and the last I’m going to leave for last and tell you guys but for now let’s get into the cardio so let me talk to you guys about cardio the kardia I’m doing right now walking to the gym is the first form light intensity steady-state cardio also known as list so this is a good way of doing cardio and being able to track it and being consistent with this type of cardio so a brisk walk and being able to track that amount of cardio is one of the options you have for burning that stubborn belly fat but for the second variant I’ll find you guys in the gym so as you guys can see I did the second form of running high-intensity interval training and what that means is you have to sprint for about a minute and then you jog for another minute and I did this for about 20 minutes and this is what I did this was my former cardio for my stubborn belly fat and another important pro tip is that I did it fast it was no foot in my stomach so it’s advised to do it in the morning when you haven’t eaten anything the idea behind it is that if you have no food in your stomach for your body D uses an energy resource where else is it going to get it from foot force your body of fats that you have in your system as a source of energy we’re gonna continue a cardio that’s for kua training you now that cardio is done that’s gone on to training [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I just finished with my boy GZ here finish training and as you guys saw that was my entire training program so why is lifting weight so ideal for losing weight the advantage of weightlifting is that you’re still able to burn calories while you’re resting when you’re training you’re damaging your muscle fibers and when you’re sleeping at night your body’s repairing them that’s that’s still burning calories for you to repair all those muscle fibers you damaged that’s why weight training is absolutely fantastic for burning weight for ladies as well the idea of getting toned you need to lift weights you will not look like a guy but you will get that desired body that you want and then the second thing that you have to think consider is the ab workout that workout you guys so I do four sets of ten of leg raises and you saw me do as well crunches on a decline bench and you saw me doing twisting oblique curls and I do them that’s absolutely great so training and cardio that is 30 percent of losing all that stubborn belly fat so let’s go onto the next section and that is 70 percent of losing all that belly fat and then I’ll go on to the last and final fault and as you guys can see we’re back in my kitchen and as people say that abs are made in the kitchen and that is the honest truth guys if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my years is that abs are made in the kitchen so you guys can see I have a chicken breast in the back and some mixed version I’ll show you guys what I have but the most important idea is for your diet is that you are in a caloric deficit you’re eating less than what your body needs and your body is going to compensate with that by going after your fat and over time it’s going to direct different parts of your body and eventually it will get to your belly fat and that is the biggest thing that I learned and losing the belly fat so I’m going to show you a few the meals that I prepare but I have plenty full day reading videos on the channel show you guys all the meals like each step-by-step and how I got shredded but 70% in the kitchen enjoy the edit of the food [Music] so as you guys saw I have prepared my food as you guys can see here I have my big meal here and then you know to be honestly you guys that like we don’t live in a perfect world and this does fit my macros I have one packet of Oreos here and Coke Zero on my dad I had this draw my prep and I’m not saying at a bragging way I’m just saying that moderation in anything that you eat is always okay so if you’re eating anything in moderation it’s fine so also another pro tip I know many of you guys know this already but the app I use to track all my foods to make sure that I’m hitting my goals every day is an app called MyFitnessPal as you guys can see hopefully it will focus let us see if it does MyFitnessPal right there boom I click on that and you’re able to focus and you’re able to track all the foods that you put in there and you scan it you add all the Fuji ate their daily and I’m going to come to the conclusion the video so I said there were four topics I started with cardio I talked about high intensity interval training that’s just what I did and then I talked about training my training program that I use guys I trained with high intensity my trained hard like I said link in Facebook my description to Facebook is there just message me all emailing my program number three was my diet guys so hit your diet every day you need to hit your diet every day and you need to make sure that you’re in a caloric deficit if you see you’re stepping on the scale every day your body weight isn’t dropping it should be a good indication to you that maybe you need to eat a bit lower but you know that’s for another video and I said there was a fourth topic and that is consistency if you’re not training consistently and if you’re not eating your foods hitting your macros every day consistently no you will not lose all that belly fat and sometimes for you to get from point A to point B it’s going to take a lot of consistency in those two videos I showed you guys in reality we don’t live in a perfect world and I messed up throughout my diet like anybody does and in that time it took me five months to lose all that belly fat and that is the reality sometimes it take consistent work overtime you know a goal isn’t achieved overnight losing all that belly fat isn’t overnight I see all these videos on here and they’re like lose it in seven days etc etc I’m real reality is it takes a while some people it takes fast some people it takes longer but end of my rant guys if you did enjoy the video get a thumbs up subscribe if you’re new watch the previous video here subscribe here and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace

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  1. Yo Mike. Great Video thank you. If I'm on defecit with calories. Can I loose fat and gain muscle? (ofcourse with workout and whey protein)

  2. Great presentation and obviously a great guy. I hate to see that thug demeanor that some black dudes masquerade on when making tutorials. This guy is obviously a decent, educated, and knowledgeable in this topic. Great job! Keep it on!

  3. Your body always has enough glycogen to function unless you are starving for days. You wouldn't be able to think about running yet doing a HIIT session. It is not that fasted cardio doesn't work however lack of food in your stomach does not equal to no carbs available in your body.

  4. "Sprint for a minute and then jog for a minute"
    I'm fit but there is no way I can high intensity sprint for 60 seconds.

  5. Great video! I just subscribed and I've been on my fitness journey for only a month after decades of no fitness so these videos are great for keeping up my motivation, thanks for sharing!

  6. this is bullshit im doing all kinda crunches and sit ups different variants and my belly fat almost gone lost like 10KG (eating healthy too) and I keep the muscle mass.

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  10. There are many videos on youtube regarding this subject. I really enjoyed your form of presenting everything. It is pleasure to listen to you, you have this natural positivity and calmness. You smile when you speak all the time, your face shows joy. Normally I don't make comments like that, but I think you should know;). And of course, the information you are providing, in my opinion, is definitely helpful and make sense. Thanks!

  11. all night, no food, and then this without food is to pass out in the threadmill… but awesome inspiration

  12. @Mike Diamonds
    What is your experience with doing Cardio before Weight Training? I have heard it is detrimental to your body and that you should do Weight Training first and then do Cardio after. I am referring to doing these in the same day, one after the other

  13. Where is this place where you make this video? It's look like European area,when you walking outside in the begining in this video.

  14. Mike, in another video you talked about doing your workouts on an empty stomach in order to burn fat. In this video you talk about having a pre-workout protein snack. Can you please explain the conflicting information?

  15. I don't get why most fucking people always have to bag people to like their video and subscribe, like stop begging, we arnt retarded, the button is visible, if we want to like it and subscribe we will, stop being money hungry hoes, fuck people just want to nag all the time

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  19. I want to ask about weight training
    For weight loss should you do weight training on empty stomach or pre workout protein

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