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Hi, everyone! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women,
and today I want to provide you guys with some exercises for your inner thighs. Let’s get started! So remind yourself that the inner thigh – yes
– has muscles there that contract as you adduct. So bringing together is called adduction,
but also remind yourself that you can accumulate body fat in that area as well. So reducing body fat is number one. Training them will strengthen them and make
it appear stronger, tighter, but to reduce cellulite, or fat pockets you have to reduce
your body fat through nutrition. So the first exercise I’m going to show you
guys is with the resistant band. So you’re going to pop the resistant band
around your knees, and we’re going to do some inner thigh exercise. So coming up with the inner thigh, straighten
the legs out, and you’re kicking like you’re kicking a soccer ball up to the ceiling. We’re going to do about 15 of these. You want to think ‘heel goes to the ceiling’. Up, and squeeze. So the resistance comes from the band and
that back foot. So if I want to spread my legs out further
and continue, that makes it more difficult. So the tighter the band, the harder the exercise. Five more. Four, three, two, and one. So you want to kick that heel, inner foot
up to the ceiling. Other leg. We’re going 15. Ten, nine, eight, seven. Up, and squeeze. Six. Remember, think about the muscle group you’re
working. Four, three, two, and one. Great. Then I’m going to keep the band around my
knees and use the stability ball. So I’m resisting in multiple directions around
my legs. Inner thigh is being contracted because I’m
squeezing the ball together. So like we talked about in the beginning,
it’s called adduction. When you’re contracting your knees in is when
the inner thigh is resisting. So right here I’m going to lower, and raise. All the way up. Contracting, and squeezing the ball as tight
as I can. And I you release your feet off the ball it
makes it more challenging. If you want to close in your toes that makes
it a little easier, but spreading your feet out, adds more challenge to the inner thighs. We’ll do five more. Five, four. Squeeze hard. Three, two. Last one. And one. Great. Then take the band off, and the next exercise
is using the bench. So my one foot is placed on – toe is pointed
up. Then my other leg is here. I’m going to side lunge, and then press up. Sitting down through the heel, this toe is
still pointing up, not curled down. You don’t want to injure your knee. We’re going to do 10 on each side. Five more. Four, and three, and two. Last one. Good. Let’s switch. Other leg. Toes pointed up, sit down in it, and press
up. Good. So those other two exercises are great to
start with. This is a great third one to add in. Deep as you can. Four, three, two. Last one. Good. One. Then the last one, using a dumbbell, or a
kettle bell, you can add in doing plie squats. So make it nice, and heavy. Chest is lifted, and you’re going to go plie,
and pulse for two. Plie, come down, and pulse for two. Adding variations really challenges the muscle
groups in a different way. Rather than just going through a set of 10
in regular form – and then pulse. Let’s do five more. Full range, and pulse it. Full range, pulse. Hits those inner thighs. Full range, pulse. Three more. Good. And two more. Sit in it. Pulse, pulse. Last one. Down, up, and pulse, pulse for two. There you have it. Four great exercises for the inner thigh. First and foremost, reduce body fat, then
remind yourself you can tighten, strengthen the inner thigh with these four, great exercises. Leave us a thumbs up, comment below if you
guys have any further ideas. Let’s communicate. Let’s share. Share the wealth. ATHLEANXX for Women also has great programs
that can help you guys get in the best shape of your lives. Check them out, and we’ll see you guys here
next time. Bye!

20 thoughts on “How To Lose Inner Thigh Fat? (4 BEST TONING EXERCISES!!)

  1. thanks, A-Jo ! Always love seeing more options for band exercises. Could you maybe do one with the other longer athlean elastX? From what I've seen there has only been one video so far from Jess. Just an idea since you guys are always asking for some 🙂

  2. Thanks, Amy Joe. These are great variations. 🙂 Also, should anyone be in the market for bands, I found some great ones on They have all sizes, and I really like the set I bought. 🙂

  3. I have a question about the ball exercise. My hips pop when I try this. Is there something about my position that I could be doing wrong? (I should note that I did stop when I noticed this happening.)

  4. Show out of shape women completing your exersice, I mean women that can't touch their toes cuz they are not flexible enough, then maybe you will convince me you aren't just a bunch of starved, muscle painted on women

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