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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey my Pretties, Yass! It’s your favorite or soon to be favorite youtuber and for those of you aren’t my Pretties you need to subscribe now. Why? Because I help you shed fat to get your tummy flat! these are seven easy steps for you to follow and you must do them all. How to lose stomach fat for teenagers fast in seven days are you ready? let’s go! *PrettyKeli Theme Song* don’t forget to hit that notification bell and subscribe to be notified as soon as my videos are released. Take the quiz to decide which teen video I release next. Step 1 get a tape measure, measure four fingers up from your belly button straight across the front, obviously right? Then I want you to measure straight across your belly button and then four fingers below your belly button. Write down all of these measurements. Did you like that give this video a thumbs up and let’s move on because you’re gonna love what I show you next! Step two suck it in, tuck it in, do it all again. I like that! Suck it in, tuck it in, do it all again! Okay I’ll explain exactly what I’m talking about are y’all ready? okay pick two times throughout the day when you travel short distances and one time throughout the day where you travel a relatively long distance to like medium distance. Take slow, deep breaths in and out while you travel to your location. Make sure that you’re sucking your stomach in and you keep it in the entire time. So I want you guys to actually try this. So in a minute I’m going to ask you to pause the video you’re going to walk to the kitchen and walk to the bathroom wherever you’re at you’re just going to walk a short distance suck in your stomach as tight as you possibly can breathe in deep through your nose and out through your mouth nice and slowly come back comment below and let me know how it felt. Ready? Go! we’re back we’re going to get into the rest ladies which is so much better but first comment below and let me know, how did it feel well you sucked it in, tucked it in, and did it all again? and which three places are you going to do it on a daily basis? Now let’s move on. step 3 so you’re going to want to get you a small belt or a ribbon and wrap it around your stomach comfortably. you’re going to wear this throughout the day. Why? because it’s going to let you know when you’re full when it becomes uncomfortable stop eating this will prevent you from overeating because your stomach takes 20 minutes to let your brain known that is full. So by doing this method you’ll know almost instantly, you can stop much faster, and see incredible results. now let’s move on. step 4 no sugar, no salt, no beef, no pork and water you can have water hot or cold, room temperature, whatever. But I don’t want you to have anything besides water. No juice no nothing. If you really want to add flavor to your water you can add mint leaves or you can add acv and that’s it that’s all I want you to make sure that you’re drinking at least a gallon of water every single day, okay? Also, I want you to stop eating at 3 p.m. or 7 p.m the latest. Let me explain because I got a lot of really ridiculous comments on this before if you’re waking up like a lot of my pretties which y’all are soldiers I don’t know how you do it but see you! If You’re waking up at four in the morning 4:30 or 5 a.m? Realistically, you can have five to six meals before you hit 3 p.m. therefore you stop eating and have your last meal around that time. See? It makes sense. But if you’re waking up at like ten, eleven o’clock no I don’t expect you to stop eating at 3pm then you could push it to like seven you see what I’m saying? but I would rather you guys up start your day super early like four or five whatever you know whatever your regular time is and if it’s realistic stop, cut off your time at 3pm. Please! you’re going to see amazing results when you cut off your time at 3pm or you know of it’s more realistic for 4 etc, just at minimum stop before seven and make sure that your active about an hour to 2 after your last meal do not go straight to sleep or you’re going to see horrible results. Moving on, step 5. High intensity interval training. Yes ladies, I’m going to give you some cardio examples in the description below that will help you and I might even link you to some videos that will help you okay? but yes you definitely want to do this. now, if y’all don’t want to go through the whole video thing and ya’ll just want something really easy to do that’ll get you similar results? I got you! find you a relatively short hill. Okay? I don’t want you guys running for like a mile. Find a hill and I want you to sprint up that hill as fast as you possibly can, okay? once you get to the top turn around and walk back down slowly it’s like a turtle, yes! as low as you possibly can turn around and do it again. you want to do this about five to ten times but listen to your body ladies. it’ll let you know when enough is enough you feel me? and I would prefer you guys did this every day of the seven days. it’s cardio, you’re fine, you can keep doing it, okay? so yes if you don’t want to try the exercises that i have in the description? you can simply do that and see great results. Make sure you do my ab workout, daily! so you’re going to want to do a 1-minute plank a one-minute ball pass and then a 30-second crunch with hold. Repeat this entire thing five times do this every day you want to take it up another level do it morning and evening two times a day. Ba bam and watch them results honey yassss! Okay, step 6 you’re going to want to take a contrast shower or an ice bath at least once a day, please consult your doctor before you do this. A lot of my ladies out there are already like athletes and you’ve taken ice baths before so this isn’t foreign to you. It’ll help you recover a lot faster and it’s gonna boost your metabolism ridiculously! Now, I will read up instructions on how to do this properly. I’m not asking you to fill up a tub with cold water and just throw a bunch of ice in there and just jump, relax I want you to talk to your doctor first before you try this and if this is something that you ladies already do or you have the option to do because your athletes? Definitely take your coach up on it, talk to your doctor about it, make sure it’s good and go for it! You’ll see amazing results take a ice bath and if you don’t want to do that that’s too extreme for you ladies take a contrast shower remember start out hot like the normal temperature you guys would normally do and slowly go cold cold cold until you can’t take it for like two minutes and then go back and forth like that. You’ll see amazing results. Step 7 set an alarm ladies and sleep for eight hours not more and not less and remember the same thing applies on the weekend do not oversleep or you’ll see the difference. get rid of all distractions any little stupid alarms, any little stupid little brothers. No I’m just kidding. Get rid of all distractions. Why because if you wake up throughout the night and it takes you 20 minutes to fall back to sleep? You’re really not getting eight hours you feel me? So you’ll probably be getting like six hours of quality rest so I want you guys to try to get rid of all distractions keep it as quiet as possible if you sleep better with noise keep a consistent noise playing whatever it takes? I want you guys to get a restful sleep all right? Then, don’t forget to take your measurements again after seven days. You want to take it up a notch? You could take before and after shots. If you ladies want me to continue to continue this teen weight loss series, please share this video and give it a thumbs up I love you all so much don’t forget to check out this video if you missed it and subscribe. Awkward moment… Yass!

100 thoughts on “How to Lose Stomach Fat for Teenagers FAST in a week

  1. I felt dumb and awkward. But it kinda feels like i just did a minor workout… I just feel bad cus while I was in the kitchen i grabbed me some icecream…😬 #ohwell #IDeserveIt

  2. 2:48 You say this like I can follow this. I’m a teen, I don’t shop for the house! And younger siblings in elementary school really don’t help with healthy meals.

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  15. Wow I just had my school prom. I saw this video two weeks ago and I got skinny.
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  17. – measurement
    – suck it in when walking 3x
    – put a belt on comfortably
    – when belt gets uncomfortable stop eating
    – no sugar,salt ,beef ,pork
    -only water with mint or ac
    -stop eating at 3-7
    -10-7 4-3 wake up – stop eating
    -active 1-2 hours after eatinf
    -high intesti training/cardio
    -hill running up walking slow 5-10 times
    -ab workout daily 1m plank 1 min ball pass
    -contrast shower or ice bath
    – alarm to sleep for 8 hours
    – get rid if distractions
    – measurements agian

    good luck ps lemon water normaly helps boost your motabalism x

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  21. if you don't have a hill, or get bored doing exercises, you can watch something really funny. as long as you laugh till your sides hurt for a few minutes it's technically a workout just burns fewer calories. I HIGHLY recommend Shaun the sheep. it's bleeping hilarious. 🐑

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